2005-03-14-World On Binge To Escape Pain

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Topic: World On Binge To Escape Pain

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always touched by your ministry to one another. Your willingness to be there for each other and the Mission is a wonderful sight to behold. I am honored to be your friend and teacher. Your willingness to remain steadfast in our Correcting Time is always renewing hope for me, as well others who have involvement. Life happens, things change, people come and go, and you continue to stay the course, to remain faithful and continue on with the good works. Well done.


You each are open-minded and accepting to life’s hard lessons. As you mature in spirit, you are finding more courage to face what life has in store, instead of seeking escape. You do well to reach for the divine and still understand that natural man or the animal, still clamors for attention. While we are seeking to be more spiritual, we cannot simply run through the motions and avoid the animal or the ego.

It would appear that today’s world is all encompassing of self-gratification or temporary solutions to everyday problems. On the planet now it seems that any sort of pain is to be avoided at all costs. You can see many relationships as being disposable. Certainly the ego does not want to be caught up in self-doubt or feeling lesser than others. So many individuals are inclined to flee painful situations without having made every effort toward lasting remedy.

It seems today’s motto is, ‘if life is painful—seek escape. If relationships are painful—then dispose of them.’ Many individuals never find that soul connection with one another, because they have not put forth effort into making sense out of the relationship. Many become slaves to their feelings and inconsiderate of others because they are not willing to endure a little pain to find lasting peace.

We can look back over history and find that natural evolution has worked well--allowing life circumstances to move in a natural flow opens up the mind for further possibilities. It has become a world of competition, always striving, pushing for more, always feeling driven to be the best and some can only feel this when observing others flaws or shortcomings. Pain is a natural part of life and I mean pain of all kinds, physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual.

Those beings who live on worlds settled in Light and Life view pain as opportunities or new openings in the circuits or cosmic mind. These beings would dive into pain head first, instead of rushing to avoid it. Therein lies their blossoming possibilities for new lessons or opportunities to grow spiritually and even mentally. Anything painful is best handled through natural avenues. To force oneself toward obtaining understanding of any kind is practically creating further problems. I mean not to speak of life as simply about pain, no. I mean to bring attention to the temptations of escape and the spiritual regression that may lead to. It is through honest effort that one finds healing to draw the wisdom therefrom.

Let us look at a small child, who has been given somewhat of a large task. The child is inclined to find escape for many reasons. The task is not the child’s desire; perhaps the child is with very little confidence in his ability. The child sees no value in the task or he simply wants to play. It is with maturity that the child learns the value of his hard work, but he cannot simply force himself to do the seemingly impossible. The child must break the task down into small workable solutions. It must come through natural evolution, not by force. Are you not more naturally inclined to go with the flow when you are in a relaxed state?


We are in agreement that the less the ego is involved—the more the spirit can direct. This week let us think about forms of unhealthy escape versus possibilities of clearing the mind to receive guidance. There are many things one can do to relieve stress, to naturally face pain and be challenged instead of intimidated. That is all for this evening. Again, I thank you for your vigilance. It is always an honor for me to serve with you. My affection is ever growing for you. Until next week, shalom.