2005-03-22-Universe Reflectivity

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Topic: Universe Reflectivity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: "I greet you, my dear brother and soldier-at-arms for the cause of Michael of Nebadon, assistant to our Prince Machiventa, etcetera, etcetera, you can fill in the further details if you so desire. I see we have a worthy, humorous response here, so let us be about an exchange of information between our species, and to the best of our ability considering the difficulties we encounter regarding human languages, their inherent conceptual poverty, and the ensuing misinterpretations these may likely present.


"Far above what you can grasp, or imagine, we are constantly (learning) about updates of the many languages we are familiar with, in the system and in the local universe, as well as the myriad languages and tongues of our mother earth, and in the latter we must bridge the greatest gap in conveying our understanding of universe truths, matters, realities in words that are relatively primitive in their construction and comparatively deficient in their conceptual reach and clarity.

"The lesson for today is about bringing you a better and more profound understanding of Universe Reflectivity. So often do you, as much as do some others, interchange the term reflectivity with reflection. They are not one and the same, hardly so, and they have little in common but for the element of time-delay at the mechanical human brain/mind realization.

"You may spot the reflection of a delightful landscape in a lake, or see yourself reflected in a darkened shop window, a shiny metal surface, a still, dark pond, or a conventional mirror. This is true reflection, with the shiny surface seemingly projecting an image back at you, instantly available to the viewer, but for the moments that are taken up by the light to travel, and the electro-chemical workings of your brain to bring the image to realization. It is a natural phenomenon understood by man and some few intelligent animals.

"Universe Reflectivity, however, is a process, not a natural phenomenon. It is activated in one place, and instantly duplicated in another, entirely at a mindal level, and although it may well be at short range, the distance between sender and receiver may be an inconceivable number of light years, even from Paradise to the furthest regions of occupied space. And, besides, there are no limits to vocal expressions and to sounds, to feel, to images and movements, to concepts, smells, tastes of past, present and even future, and indeed, of love, and countless other positive emotions unknown to humankind.

"Specifically, these feelings are soul-felt, not always mind-realized, but you are well familiar with taste and smell, sight and sound, even the feel of objects, and myriad emotions from other places, and this without your soul needing to leave your body. And, yet, this does not explain all such phenomena.

"Always bear in mind, however, that self-acting Thought Adjusters have the capacity to store endless information in all manner of forms, and can likewise "release" information as to leave you guessing wherefrom it arrived. As well, your Destiny Guardians can achieve this in the dream state.

"Suffice to say that it is your God Fragment that will initiate, at least agree to, and even validate much of what is made to come your way, for in the end analysis we, the Midwayers, your Destiny Guardians, and all others you call your Teachers and Friends, are here to be at Their service by serving you.


"I leave you with the thoughts of how well you are cared for. This is Midwayer Chief ABC-22, suggesting you make the best of this rainy day. Adieu."