2005-04-04-Realm of Wisdom

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Topic: Realm of Wisdom

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Folks, Once again I am reminded these Monday night sessions are not always so much lessons to impart information, but, as Michael and Mother Spirit call them, spiritual exercises or experiences - this one, one of rest and healing. Michael's presence was very large and provided a palpable stillness He would shape with just a few words - so every phrase could have its three little dots to indicate the pauses were two or three times as long as the words... So, maybe read a sentence, then close your eyes and feel His presence welcoming you home? Jerry.]


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Thank You for these wonderful evenings, and for this series of lessons on the connection between creativity and freedom. We know our Urantia Book defines human beings as God’s creatures of will dignity. We have the dignity of being able to exercise our will, and achieve a spiritual status by choosing. We ask for Your help in enabling us to choose to love – powerfully, wisely, and unselfishly. Amen.

Michael: Good evening, My children, this is Michael. Just rest awhile and feel My love in the beating of your hearts. This life is the gift of our Father that transcends us all, yet supports us all. Rest on His bosom as on a soft pillow floating on a calm sea. As often as it occurs to you, exercise this freedom, the dignity of your will to choose to rest and absorb energy from the cosmos on all the different levels of your complex existences.


Let your bodies rest thoroughly. Let all the physical energies flow everywhere without any impediments, without any knots or cramps anywhere. Deeply relax so every cell of your bodies can find its natural position - its free, wiggling relationship to all its brother and sister cells. Feel all the teeming fantastic life within you. Feel yourselves to be gigantic. Feel how infinite you are to yourselves. Do not fear this expansion. See if you can detect the life all throughout this unbounded inner space.

Now, without even realizing it, you have glided over into the dimension of mind, of awareness - self-awareness - consciousness of being conscious. Here is all your past and present. See how enormous you are in this dimension. See if you can let it be still. Just let it twinkle and sparkle - receptive, but in no hurry - so supple and able to engage, but so appreciative too that you just notice it and love all it does for you. So let your mind rest. Let it just…do nothing for awhile – ever so consciously.

This is also the realm of your Mother. Here you can feel Her love as a deep worship, a profound thankfulness for life itself. Here Her Holy Spirit welcomes you, loves you, and joins you in thanking our Father for this life you have. Now feel the enormity of Her presence, Her embrace, providing a kind of living summation of your life. See how generally unconscious you are of this summation, that you call wisdom. See how it informs all of your regular activities; yet you are seldom cognizant of its source. This is a dimension of Her Holy Spirit, helping you make use of this life you have experienced – this unique gift of God’s – that has no match anywhere else.

Ask yourself: What is wisdom? Why is it sometimes there? Why does it sometimes seem to be missing? What within you determines its coming and going? How can you be open to this dimension? How can you make all your, so hard-earned wisdom feel welcome? How can you open the present moment - to feel, to enjoy all this complexity of being a living being without fear of being overwhelmed, but rather trusting in an innate ability to grow to encompass everything? How can you recognize this is your true home in the universe? And so, be able to feel at home, without needing to shut anything down, or off, or away.

Ever so effortlessly, as you continue to rest deeper, and keep expanding, you find yourself in the realm of spirit. Here is that bubbling, soaring fountain that Mother introduced you to. Those of you who are artists, and you all are to some degree, have personally experienced the mystery of creativity. Where do ideas come from? I can’t tell you. No one can. This is a personal experience that each of us knows for ourselves and, in a sense, we each share this singularly with God. The wonder at this real phenomena can be your most wonder-full worship, your profound thankfulness for this marvel of creation. God’s absoluteness and infinity and creativity will forever wrap Him in an impenetrable mystery, yet it is a fact that He chooses to share as much of His nature with you as you can stand. So sharing this ability to create, with Him, will be the major dimension in which you will continue to grow, to be more and more like Him.

I encourage you to revisit this experience often. Wonder where the new ideas come from. Enjoy living right in this lively fountain of creativity bursting into time and space, swelling the body and the memories of the Supreme Being, expanding the cosmos without end. We are all in for quite a ride, My children, and since it is God’s doing, this is one journey we do not have to brace ourselves for, but rather, relax to feel it happening. Welcome it. Trust it. Be One with it. And enjoy it. Give it your whole-hearted will. Add to it, for all your brothers and sisters as well. Join Me in thanking our Father for your own marvelous and unfathomable natures in this journey beyond the stars, to meeting Him some day. Amen.


I invite you to just…rest in peace awhile, My children. Don’t be concerned with questions or comments this evening. Just feel the peacefulness in being deeply at home…