2005-04-16-Way Of The Universe, Way Of Love

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Topic: Way of the Universe, Way of Love

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Sondjah

TR: Daniel Raphael



SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be here with you once more. This will be the last time I transmit through Daniel in Pueblo. That does not preclude that I may speak through another at another time. The training that I have received here has been invaluable, as some of the students from two centuries ago on your planet are beginning to pass through the classes [with] which I am associated. We will be much better prepared for their arrival and their education, as your world has been in immense flux and change in the last two centuries. This has not been an easy world to manage or to assist, as humans on your planet are so headstrong, particularly those of the western civilization. As my closing lesson, I wish to speak to you about the way of the universe, the way of love.


This is well echoed, well provided in the book that Daniel has been reading recently, ["Love Without End" by Glenda Green Spiritis Publishing. ISBN: 0-9666623-1-8] This is an accurate portrayal of love as it exists in the universe, and it is this: The way of the universe is a reflection of the Creator, and the Creator’s imprint upon the whole of the universe, for the infinity of all time. I teach this class today to assist you to keep in mind through all your many lives, until you are a finaliter, that this is the way of the universe, and that is the way of love. This way is not that of emotional love as you feel; it is not of the adoration that you provide to one another in your intimate relationships; it is not that which is portrayed in your movies or in your romantic books. Neither is it physical. The way of love is the way of order, the way of pattern, the way of oneness, the way of all. These are depicted in some ways, partially, through the ancient religions, and you have studied many of them, I know.

You will know the way when your life comes into order. You call spontaneous incidence of good fortune coincidences, where two events occur serendipitously that support and enhance each other for an unexpectedly good outcome. This is the reflection of you being in the way of love, where you gain by being in the flow of order, the way of pattern throughout the universe. You are beginning to experience your participation in the larger universe when these begin to appear in your life. These are a reflection of you being part of the pattern of love. So too, you will know when others are in the same flow as well, by the occurrences that develop in their life, that order of development as though it was all scripted for you.

The Teaching Mission has as its whole mission, to teach you how to live in rightness, how to live with one another, how to live with yourself, how to be at peace and not judgmental about others or yourself, but accepting of others and accepting of yourself, where you are. When your life is not in order, when there is chaos and where there is a mix of events that seem not to fit in your life, this is a reflection of a lack of peace in your mind, in your life, in your decisions. You are making decisions that do not contribute to your wholeness, to your great goodness, that do not contribute to the order of relationships with others. You are a very unique individual, and you are hallowed, you are revered, you are valuable, you are loved, you "are" just by your being, part of the flow of the universe.

You do not have to strive, you do not have to do anything — it is unconditional, this goodness that comes to you, that is available to you. All you must do is slow down, smell the roses and enjoy life. Watch around you for those signs, symbols, and omens that lead you to where you need to be. Yes, I know — we all know — that the very beginnings of your accepting the path of oneness, the path of love, is very difficult to discern. You first must make an intention for yourself and your life, how you will live your life, how you will be in relationship with others. This is essential; this is part of the beginning.

Second, you must as well will to do the Creator’s will, God’s will—will to do that will; will yourself to fulfill that will of God, that God has for you in your life; will to develop your life plan; will to be in agreement and to make decisions to be in alignment with it. Ask, my friends, ask to be shown the way. Ask to know which way to go, which options are available for your decisions — these will be provided to you in subtle ways. Once you are able to TR, to speak with spirit — and many of you do already — you may not be aware of it but many of you do speak with spirit and many of you hear. This is good. When you do hear, when you ask for options, you will be given many options with explanations as to why one option is different from another. Your capability to make right decisions will grow immensely, when you begin this process.

You call love a relationship of affection, a relationship where two people—or you and others—are bonded together, such as a family—parents, children, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces and cousins. You love each other; this means that you are in agreement with them, that you are in alignment with their highest good, and they with your highest good. Oftentimes in relationships there are difficulties, which throw you off and you say you no longer love someone and that is most unfortunate. It is important that you learn to love the person, not the action or their words.

Oftentimes individual words are a reflection of the pain that they feel within themselves, or their position of self-importance or lack thereof. These are all learning environments for your growth. It is a learning environment to learn to be in alignment, to be in oneness. Oneness of discord? Certainly not! Oneness of conniving? No, not that either. It is the oneness of good, the oneness of support, the oneness of appreciation, the oneness of forgiveness. The golden rule—those reflections of Christ’s sermon on the Mount—are all operations, all directives and guidance for your right living, making right choices—do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is very simple, and this is the primary guidance for making right decisions.

This lesson I am teaching you today will be useful to you all through your infinite career. It will be manifest in many ways for you. It, too, will assist you as a creator in training, to know how to set up your creative experience, to create love and relationships where there was none before. You have many experiences ahead of you, which you cannot possibly understand now, in your childhood of your spiritual career. You will learn how to be in love, in agreement, in pattern, in harmony with others; and you will learn how they will be in alignment with yourself, as well.

Your test is one with yourself alone; no one tests you, no one asks you to do more than you are able to. Forgiveness is a primary action for moving ahead. Spite, grudges, resentments—these hold you back. Negative thoughts about old hurts hold you back like so many anchor chains tied to your waist, arms, knees, legs, and ankles. Negative thoughts hold you back from moving ahead. You must release these, my friends; you must let these go. Those are all historic. Your position now is "now," in the "now," in a place of love, in a place of order. When you drop away all of your old memories of hurts and injuries, you truly live in the now and there is only love here—there is only order. Start now, this moment, to make decisions about your future, and begin to express and demonstrate your intention through your life, thoughts, words, and in your relationships.

You will take the mystery out of the word "love" when you begin to live harmoniously with yourself. If you are still beating yourself up for injuring others, if you are still beating yourself up for not achieving goals that you have set, if you are beating yourself up over your thoughts, your words and your emotions, this my friends, is your "backyard." You must clean it up first before you can move into the "front yard" to greet others from a position of love. Many of you were programmed as children in erroneous ways. This is most unfortunate, but typical to almost all the inhabitants on your planet. You must now make decisions about what to believe and what not to believe, what to hold of value and what to let go. Do not accept what you were given as a child, as these are old hand-me-down codes of ethics and morality. Make your own, my friends. Try to examine in your thinking how you are making your decisions, who helped you make that decision in the past. Make your own decisions. Choose your attitudes. Choose your intentions. Choose how you will be in harmony with others and yourself.

As mortals becoming morontial, you are in the initial steps and phases of your spiritual career. You will have thousands of years to work on the issues that you have learned here on your planet. You will not need to reckon time, as time is really not a factor, as you will not age and there are no prescribed rules or goals for you to achieve on a day-by-day basis. There is no production of goods or services that you have to surrender your freedom to, but to realize this is on your time, day after day, and each day will be a much different one than the previous one, as you grow through your many lives as a morontial being.

Take care of these phases, my friends – do not take this life for granted. Neither should you be burdened by the gravity of all your decisions, but to live life light heartedly, joyfully, peacefully, in reflection of yourself being a child of God, and that you are among others as the brother and sister of all others on this planet. Eventually, you will see yourself too, as a brother or sister of all creation in the universe. You are most unique, and you have an opportunity throughout the duration of your existence to provide a wonderful contribution to the universe, to God the Supreme, by your decisions and how you live your life. Live your live in love; see your life in love as a way of making right decisions, and you will find that it will reflect back upon yourself grandly, in harmony and in order. You will live a life of great benefit; there will be beneficial developments in your life, one after another.

I, Sondjah, so much appreciate your joy at having me here, to listen to these lessons. I have striven to give you the best of my experience as a Melchizedek Trainer/Teacher, on the mansion worlds. These are yet only the most superficial, basic, sets of instructions that I provide to you that you will understand. Yet, the depth and meaning of them is immense, for they can help you shape your life forevermore. I am also in great gratitude to my supervisors, to Christ Michael, to Machiventa and the Most Highs for allowing me to be here. It has been a wonderful opportunity for growth on my part, and a most unique experience. If you have questions, I would be glad to address them at this time.


Student: I believe you said we are to live for ourselves. Should we not be living for God? Would you comment on that?

SONDJAH: Certainly. Should you live for yourself, or should you live for God? You really must live both, simultaneously. You must be in conscious service to your own life, in order to serve God well. When you are selfish or self-centered, and you think only of yourself, then you neither serve yourself, nor do you serve God. You must — and I say the word "must" — must serve yourself as a being who is growing, conscious that you are a child of God, and in doing so, you will serve God most effectively, through the service of your life. Be conscious of your decisions, be conscious of your words, be conscious of your relationships with others as a reflection of that child of God that you are. Doing so, you will have provided the best service to God, other than being in worship with your Creator. Thank you for your question—it is most appropriate.

Student: I have another question I would like you to comment on. The I AM, of Its own volition, deciding to divest himself of all limitations of infinity or eternity and to share this love with all of us creatures—is this an accurate statement?

SONDJAH: No, it is not. The Creator did not have to divest itself of anything, for the I AM "IS" in the eternal now, perfect and whole. The Creator knows no difference in its being, for what it IS, from what it was. It is the eternal I AM existent in the eternal "now." It exists always as it is. It created the universe and all that is "becoming" in it as a way of knowing itself, a way of experiencing itself. And you, dear friends, most certainly get to enjoy this experience first hand through the Creator Fragment that is within you, though not within me. You are becoming," and in this becoming, you are able to experience and appreciate the perfection of God, as you become perfected.

The Creator gets the wonderful co-creative experience of experiencing living, of being in oneness with you, through your experience. And when you live your life consciously, co-creatively, in conscious awareness of your oneness, your partnership with the Creator, you provide an outstanding, remarkable opportunity for the Creator to experience its universe and its perfection.

Student: Can we say that all love originates from the Universal Father?

SONDJAH: All order, all patterns of eternity and infinity in this universe originate from the Creator, the Father/Mother/Spirit God, the "Three in One," the "One" of all. Love is the order of the day eternal; love is the order that IS and which will always be. That which is not order will cease to exist when the universe is settled in the Days of Light and Life. Love is not external to God. Love is not external to the Universe; it is inherent in the very "being-ness" of the universe. There is order that is becoming more perfect all the time. Even the crashing of nebulae together is not a symptom or sign of disorder, but the aligning of the physical forces of the universe in its immature state. These events in time will cease to occur as the universe becomes more settled, as it becomes more mature. Love is order. Love is harmony. Love is pattern. Love is what you would call the Divine Order and development of events, so that perfection approaches you. In life, that perfection approaches the universe. Does this help? (Student: Yes, it does.)

Student: I have a thought that used to run around in my head. As I was going to a church that talked about the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, all present, all powerful, all knowingness of God, if God is the original Creator, and the all knowing and the all powerful, then everything comes from God. Man is the individual expression of God, and as such, is ever one with this perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance. And where did all this other crap come from, the murders, and so forth? And I used to think there is something there—God must have created all this too, in some way. It’s like what the little teenage gals thought, "Maybe this is just God playing games, looking to see what’s going to happen. Maybe that’s all we are. Put all this stuff in the pot, stir it and see what comes out."

SONDJAH: There is no pot and God has no spoon. Your lives are divinity in the making. It is the choice of humans that causes the travesties of individuals in your society. It is not the Creator, for the Creator created the universe and that which is love, that which is order, that which is goodness, that which is all. The travesties of murders, of robberies, and crimes of passion are the crimes of individuals, not the crimes of the Creator. These are not symbols or signs of order but of disordered minds, of disordered minds making erroneous decisions for selfish reasons. These do not contribute to the settlement of your world, or to the settlement of the universe.

Do not confuse the anthropomorphism of your thinking towards your Creator. God is not human; God is not mortal. God is infinite and the presence of order is and exists in your universe and is visible to you in many ways.

Student: Then I have a question: If God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent then God is "in" our errors, because there is no other place to be, except in God.

SONDJAH: No, this is not accurate. God is not in error; God is not in your erroneous decisions. God respects you as an individual and has provided you with a free mind, one that God does not dominate, one that God does not manipulate, one that God does not control. You are totally in control of your own mind. You have the choice to make decisions that are in agreement with the goodness of the universe, and decisions that are not.

God is not present in its fullness in you; God is not in its fullness in its presence in the coffee table before us. God is order; God is present as the essence of all. God does not dominate you, does not dominate your life. This is dualistic thinking when you think God is "out there" and God is "in here and God is everywhere." The presence of God is omnipresent — this is true. God is omnipotent — that is true. God limits itself in its presence and its power so that others may act individually, and potently to become like the Creator in time.

Student: But isn’t that where God is omnipresent, because I think every time I thought I’ve made a mistake, when I get far enough away from it and look at it, I really grew from that. So maybe that was God in my activity after all? I really got stronger as a result.

SONDJAH: It is good to grow.

Student: Sondjah, I want to express my appreciation of you teaching us all these months and you mentioned that this is the last time for you to be here. We will miss you. Is there a plan for another of the Melchizedeks to be teaching us?


SONDJAH: There is a plan for this group, and what I said was that this would be the last time that I will speak through Daniel at this location. It may be that I may speak through others, if they are willing. You will not be left without a teacher, and you will not be left alone. You are hungry and you desire companionship that is immediate and present and with regular lessons given to you. And you can be assured that you will receive a teacher who will provide these to you.

I wish you well my friends in all that you do. I look forward to meeting you on the mansion worlds and greeting you. You will carry your history with you and I will know you. We will be able to embrace in that realm, at that time. Remember that you are becoming; you are a little" I AM" becoming greater. Learn your lessons well and appreciate your life and your decisions. Blessings to you my friends. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)