2005-04-24-Biological & Mental Diversity

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Topic: Biological & Mental Diversity

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I enter our circle and give you my words of love and peace.


Here upon your world there is taking place a great experiment, one wherein life modifications have been enacted in order that there may be a new variation in life manifestation. Each time such a change of procedure occurs there is revealed a new expression of God's power and of God's vastness. You have encountered unique life forms on Urantia, each quite beautiful when understood in the context of that form's integration with your planetary ecology.

While yet such life modifications have been promoted on Urantia, it is remarkable to note that even still there rise from that energy of life human beings who awaken to spiritual consciousness and realize the Creator Father of all, their personal Parent as well.

But this is not the only alteration that is undertaken upon a world, for on top of and along with biological adjustments and changes, there are also modifications in mind circuit, a sort of frequency adjustment, causing an evolution of mind pattern that is different from a previous chapter of mind modification. Urantia is first in a new series of mental change. If you were to look from the perspective of any collective body of planets, systems, or constellations you would view a diversity of mind application. This too reveals the vastness of God and the depths of His creative variability. Any given world benefits from diversity biologically, and such is the case with the level of mind. So it is true in the system, in the constellation, and on up the universe scale of planets and creatures. The only constant is the presence of spirit given equally and freely to all forms of life physical and mental. This is the bestowal of the Father whereby it can be truly said that He is no respecter of persons, for all receive spirit equally and fully.

In your episodes of life you encounter much diversity in thought and emotion, in concept and in desire with other people, and yet you have also discovered the ability to love and to love in a twofold manner; one, in the recognition of your spiritual commonality, and, two, in the recognition of the refreshing qualities of your diversity.

There is an attractive quality in contrast, in difference, just as your symphonies create music more beautifully through the assembly of many different instruments and through the skills of many musicians. So, in the ongoing effort you each make to develop spiritually, your greatest changes and accomplishments are made not so much in a spiritual sense, as they are on the level of mind and in the field of the physical world, for here among the great variable manifestations of God's creatures you develop your skills, talents, and gifts, and you realize the same in others, and you recognize over and over the common source of every one. The desire to be of service to others coexists with the ability to be served by another, to share in support. Deficiencies of experience are counterbalanced by another's accumulated experience.

Each one of you contributes in an aggregate to another revelation of Father's creativity in the universe, for not only is each one of you different, in congregation each assembly is different from another. The beautiful vision of this diversity is that, when you look from ever higher universe perspectives, larger and larger bodies are just as diverse as other large bodies of creatures and planetary systems. Yet in the whole is discovered the one Spirit, the True Source, the foundational meaning that all have. If you were to place tiny, minuscule dots of color upon a huge white board infinitely varying the color constantly, there would be present every imaginable color achievable, and they would be viewed white.

Michael walked upon your world enjoying the diversity of his fellows and welcomed the twelve close apostles each for his own unique ability to partake in his mission in their own ways, by their own skills. Never once did he require any one of them to act as him, but he did ask them to minister for him, for he would not take away their unique differences, for it is the Father's will to live anew in every creature by way of your variable manifestations. While every creature in Nebadon aspires to become like Michael, we truly are becoming more spiritually our own selves -- and that is like Michael, for that is what he did in his development to become Sovereign Son. I say these words today that you may further your acceptance of yourselves and others for your common spirit and the diversity of your minds and your physical environments. I am willing to receive questions or comments if you have them at this time.

[long pause with no comments]


Thank you, my friends, for receiving my thoughts today. You have Father within always. You are ever able to shine the light of spirit unfailingly. Let peace be your poise and love be your energy. Farewell.