2005-04-24-Same Thing, Different Results?

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Topic: Same Thing, Different Results

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Demetrius

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean (T/R): I think Tomas went to sleep.


UNIDENTIFIED TEACHER: [Without habit or familiar pattern on which to ride, our format] has to be reconstructed from the new paradigm of reality. And yet it is apparent that while we oppress you to assume a yearning for a cosmic association, a need for, a hunger, a reaching and striving for that new paradigm, you will remain where you are, even yet and as you loudly lament the stressors inherent therein.

There is a saying about … how does it go? You keep doing the same thing, expecting different results, and it is not possible for different results to come about unless and until and as you change the way you go about doing things. You – I mean singularly, each one of you individually, as an agent of self will choice -- can appreciate what it is you stand for, and you stand down on it. In the jargon of the material world, it would be "the buck stops here" in this ascent pattern.

It might be "let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." Where does one find that peace within? Where does one derive the strength to stand down? When does a world – when do you – stop? But you see, stopping a way of life, in particular this way of life that you lament is consuming you, you are taught that to stand down is to quit … is to be a quitter . .. a failure . .. and less than their standard of success. This is why it is said that some men are entirely too great to be merely successful.

The world needs greatness, such as you have, inherent within you as you are able to represent it, and in the representation of it, you represent what is most beneficial for yourself as well as others. For it is in genuinely caring for the human condition, for the effective harmony of the systems that are in existence to provide order and progress, not for control or greed, that you discern your will matters. You wait for others to show you how it’s done or what organization to join but you will not find it in these means and ways of yore. You cannot keep doing the same thing, expecting different results.

You are called upon to be a teacher of a greater truth. Your opportunities are indeed plentiful. However, you will not see them if you are not looking for them, if you are on such a treadmill that all you can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other in an increasingly faster pace. By this method you lose all that you are and all that you can become. You must remain conscious. Be superconscious! If you are super-conscious about your assignment, it will help you see your path more clearly, and you will see more clearly how you can avoid being absorbed into the cyclonic milieu of your world.

All this discourse about the Goddess re-entering as a way to bring balance is a means of correcting time from going too fast to be able to appreciate and enjoy and take care of yourselves, your relationships, your earth, your air, your cultures, minds and abilities. You (women) will need to learn to be your Divine Minister as the men are called upon to be Sons of God.

Stick to your work, womenfolk. Let the men do what they do. But you set the pace. You determine the pace. There is no justice and true satisfaction unless this balance is attained -- it is inevitable! And in turn, it brings about the new paradigm of reality which you seek: the easier, softer way … or a kinder, gentler means of being about the Father’s business of caring for each other as members of the divine family ~ whose family ideals are merely methods of demonstrating your own godliness, in godlikeness appropriate for you.

Are there questions?


Elena: Well, tons! But one thing is your comment about letting men do what they do, and women doing what we do, it’s gotten to a point where I’m kind of confused about what that is. And then you went on to say that was to find the softer way or the kinder way, so that kind of helped elaborate on that, but part of the problem is that’s all just – it’s very unclear. It seems like women have to do Everything! So, "what we’re supposed to do best" … I’ve lost track of what that is! I guess that is one comment or question. In the time of changing, well, what is that? And how do we stick to that?

Teacher: Women provide a station of stability and nurturance. I am not saying women are to stay in the kitchen or in the home, I am saying women are the home. Whether that has four walls really does not matter in the context I mean. The male is the adventurer, and the female is the anchor, and that’s about as simple as it gets … except, by determining the pace of the action, (which, you will recall, is woman’s realm – ‘action’), she controls how fast he can go. And the challenge then is to get him to slow down, to get off the treadmill, to get off the panic attack or the greed mobile and "be still!"

Elena: I suppose this would apply to elements within ourselves, rather than just applying it to the "male" and the "female" but one could apply it internally to those male and female parts within yourself, and apply it in that manner.

Teacher: Oh, you are so right! Correct! 100%. Well done, to personalize the value lesson, as well as see it in the greater evolutionary context. And somewhere in the middle there is the social arena, where these dramas are played out, but the ideal and the concept is applicable inwardly as well as upwardly.

And this is indeed also a key to understanding the truth of the saying that ‘the path to perfection is inward and upward’ and yet the adventurous nature of the masculine energy if you will, that side of the yin/yang equation, is forever exploring deeper into the unknown.

Elena: Well, I feel totally surrounded by things that are unknown, that is for darned sure.

Teacher: That is not for you to be intimidated by. That others don’t know and therefore that you don’t know is like the blind leading the blind. Eliminate all concern for that. Anxiety must be abandoned. Only focus on that which you know to be your responsibility, in being true to yourself, superconsciously.

Superconsciousness can frighten people. It can be seen as particularly intense and intimidating. Most people are tender, easily intimidated, frightened. As you learn how to be true to your nature, and bring that strength into the mix, that will garner you a sort of awe. If you are true to yourself, rather than affecting a stance that is expected of you by someone who has no idea of your capacities (which are much more than anyone bargained for – even you!) … if they are unleashed appropriately in due awe of this Divine Minister within (which is the Goddess, the Daughter of the Divine, just as surely as the men enjoy being Sons of God … or would if they knew how), it is the greatest gift.

"Father, forgive them they know not what they do!" [because] we haven’t shown them yet! We haven’t enough workers in the field to send in there and show them the way. They have not yet learned that God dwells within them in that real and personal way, which Jesus came to reveal when he taught that God is love and love is the desire to do good to others. The correcting time is this time wherein all things are turning inside out to reveal a new paradigm. All things are becoming new, but not altogether without a little help from you who are our co-workers in the flesh.

Elena: Well, how should we feel? I guess this is one of the things that might be good to have some feedback on. During this time of change, it’s very frustrating and one does get to feel like that - through all the difficulties - that one becomes a kind of complainer, or getting set up for-- I don’t want to go on and on about that, but I hope I’ve given you enough to kind of get the idea of what I’m saying. It’s that it is very frustrating, and yet that in itself is even frustrating, because I don’t like myself being disgruntled with everything.

Teacher: This is where you need emotional support, where you can find common ground in the human condition - the vulnerable, feeling part of the human being; not the thinking, rational, reasoning, justifying person, but the reacting, responding, needing, feeling, weeping kind of person. This is also where you would do well to have instructors in your organizations, either a part of the staff or scheduled regularly throughout the year, that will provide retreats, where you can all step off that treadmill and throw it in reverse, to redirect and realign the system, to inject in it a farther, deeper need than merely rubbing brain cells in mutual company.

It has always been a practice in war to keep the enemy at arms length and impersonal, for when you begin to see the enemy as a human being, with the same kinds of needs as you have – wives, children, family problems and longings that are universal to all creation – you take away that impersonal, calculating ability to run ramrod over the tender feelings and sensibilities that would be construed as soft or weak. And while there are times when regimen needs improved and modified to meet current needs or systems need upgraded to keep up with the times, it is also important to balance that with the opposite end of the spectrum so that the pendulum keeps time with the universe, so that it does not become out of synch, crippled in some areas and steely-hard perfect in others.

Having the occasion to vent, fully and completely and regularly, is a healthy means of taking out the trash, whether it is in your digestive track, from what you take in, or from your psyche, from what you take in. Purging yourself daily as you intake all this psychic, physical, mental, emotional food and barrage of stimuli, commands and demands - noises, smells and so forth – compels you, even more than normal, to be sure and keep up with these essential elements of self-maintenance. It may be this is the reason you are obsessively attending to the bacteria in your environment, Elena.

Elena: Any advice in that area you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Teacher: If you quit depending upon your animals to provide for you the excuse to have a vested self-interest, they will quit responding to your dominion over them by becoming needy. You are creating many of the situations that come about because you are leaning on them to be something for you that you must learn to be for yourself. This is a common practice in humans, to use other people, places and things as an excuse to do things and to be someone that alleviates the necessity of being all that you can be.

Elena: So, stop worrying about it and it will be all right, basically, or what? I mean, I’m trying to understand that.

Teacher: Shift your energy focus up so that they (the cat and dog) know you have it together. Not in a commanding way, but in a confident way, so that they can feel assured of your mental frame of mind, your emotional frame of being. Therein they will relax and find their way back to being their healthy selves. They will adjust and adapt to your growth. You may need to cosmetically counsel them as you change and grow.

Elena: Cosmetically?

Teacher: All animal beings resist change, as when your boss or anyone who has any authority over you alters their behavior. It is the job of your survival instincts to ascertain what your standing is now, and so, you adapt. If you provide the attitude that you know who you are and they can find that solid nurturing base that you hold within your core, they will adjust, just as we all adjust to those who know better or have greater wisdom, as is a part of the healthy paradigm of the universe.

We learn to grow by following those we admire, those who want to teach us, those who want you to be the best you can be within the environment where you thrive. Thus, provide a place for your animals to thrive, within their own parameters of reality, and things will settle down, just as your life will settle down when you find yourself within your rightful paradigm of reality, and not feel the need to adapt constantly to the changing whims of those who supervise you or wield influence over you.

And that includes these of us, your supernal teachers. How we influence you is strictly as your greatest cheering section. You know how much cheer you need, and any more than that is energy that is being unnecessarily expended that could be directed elsewhere to better use. In this way you no longer have to concern yourself about whether or not you get enough credit or whether you work too hard. You will have found your niche, and within that you can function, at peace with yourself, and in this way you provide that cornucopia on top of the table that promises stability and nurturance, for all.

Elena: Wow. Thank you.

Teacher: I embrace you in the fullest sense of the word, daughter, and give you Mother’s strength. I will leave now.

TOMAS: This is Tomas. That was not me. It was Demetrius [Elena’s personal teacher].

Group: Hello, Tomas! -

TOMAS: I have been resting. I did not fall asleep. I merely subsided for another today and this has been good for us all. I didn’t have to prepare a lesson. It is always good to learn how to pass on the torch … or the baton … to the next generation, or the class just behind you. This way you can relinquish your claim to your place in carving out history, allowing and trusting that the youth who are being brought forward to relay your message to their children and the next class coming up, will be accomplished. This is a means of bringing continuity to change. Give the changes some kind of value, eternal value. If you just change for change sake, or exchange laterally, just to keep moving around, you are not progressing. You are not learning and you are not teaching. You are just indulging in an experiential orgy.

I’ve found that certain words I use cause a cool silence, such as the first time I used the word "intercourse" in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1994. It was as though intercourse was a word you did not use in polite company. We’ve come a long way since then in this Teaching Mission, even though there are thousands who are uninformed as to how it is that we are marching on. I find this, too, to be oddly comforting, for I don’t need to know everything that’s going on in the universe, as I know full well there are others competent to that task, and if that task is not met according to my expectations, it means nothing if in the end all is well.

I trust the comfort of the Divine Minister … the Universal Mind … our Mother in Paradise … the Eternal Son. All this gender matter will also soon be unimportant. Or it will take on a new importance and not be the simple dimensions your limited cultural exposure has represented to you. You will enjoy seeing and experiencing the concept of family as it is lived in the ideal and as it is taught on the first mansion world.

There is no hurry to reach Paradise, in particular since you carry a piece of it around with you and can visit it at will. But this urgency to evolve up through the mansion worlds and reach Paradise quickly, so that you can hurry up and go out (giggles) and create a new universe, that you can run and manage and organize and hire and fire, (laughter) is only a reproduction of the current treadmill of your existence.

Set the pace. Set the pace in such a way as it is gracious. Jesus was never in a hurry. Can you see the Divine Minister hustling Michael around the house in Salvington, telling him, "Hurry up, Mike. I told ya, I needed that done this morning!"? (Group laughter.) I think not. (Sustained giggles.)

Elena: Tomas, that is one of the funniest things you’ve said. (Cracking up again.) Ever.

TOMAS: I had the advantage of allowing another to teach for me. I can, like you, sit back and enjoy life. (Still a lot of chuckling going on.)

Thoroah: Whose idea was the "experiential orgy"? Because that really had me thinking about the fact that, you know, that we’re here to experience, but perhaps we just get caught up in the experience and it turns into an experiential orgy and we don’t necessarily gain any ground or something. But that was a very picturesque phrase.

Group: Rather than stop and learn from it. Yeah. That was good, too.

TOMAS: I am glad you enjoyed that.

Renault: And I liked your way of telling us how lateral moves are not necessarily progressive moves, because I know I’ve been … I want to change what I do, but I’ve been hesitant to just make any old change and just jump off the boat and go anywhere just to make a change. So I’m sort of like beyond that. It’s not the change I need; it’s what I do, and how I do it, rather than just going somewhere else and doing the same old thing, differently. You know.

TOMAS: Yes. This is wisdom.

Renault: Well, this is age. (Laughter)

TOMAS: Experiential wisdom only comes with age!

Renault: And so I know I’m not going to just jump off the boat to have another experience, but I do wish that change would kind of like hurry up and come! But I know in being patient with it, I see all these other opportunities that keep -- like flowers in the field -- cropping up, so … I don’t want to just go pick them all. I’m sure there’s a special job for me out there somewhere that will hopefully come my way. But I am sort of the kind of person that has to just like sit back and say, "Well, would you please do this for me? Because I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in order to…"

TOMAS: Yes, well look at it this way: the answer is wrapped up in the parable of the seed sower. Some fall on fertile soil, some fall on barren ground, some are eaten by the birds or carried on the wind, far away, some become hybrid over time and some become extinct. You can sow your seeds from the table where you stand. Find the excitement within the seasons of growth. Not your own so much as others, for if you are the stable nurturer, the others will come to you to be still and to be fed. This is surely easier than chasing after those you would serve, saying, "Wait! Wait!"

Renault: "I’m here to help!"

TOMAS: "I won’t hurt you!"

Renault: "Gimme a job!"

TOMAS: Are we making ready, then, in the psychic realms? Are we preparing ourselves now by stepping outside our problems, as Jesus did, in going apart from his fellows to spend time with the Father taking in energy, as we have done this afternoon in stepping aside from the world as it is, in order to place our self in the direct line of Source, so that we are comforted, confirmed and counseled on our next approach into the arena? Daily. This is essential maintenance. Take care of yourself first, so that you can then take care of others. This is not a surface assignment. It is on a deep mind, soul level. It is your very being. It is our reality, in faith.

I am very heartened to hear the news of the Father entering into the American Medical Association.

Renault: Oh, good.

TOMAS: I am very heartened by many things the Father has been able to bring about through his agents, even as the headlines continue to point out the tragedies of life.

Renault: Is this part of the increasing awareness of people around the world -- of their own spirituality – this awakening that’s happening is now becoming more and more manifest? Is that why we’re seeing Father’s business in the AMA?

TOMAS: It is time.

Renault: Mm-hmm.

TOMAS: A new era is upon us, and it is time for new evolutionary changes to take place. It is as though these evolutionary changes were written into the original pattern and the time has come for them to be realized.

Renault: Sort of a biological turning on?

TOMAS: You could think of it as a biological turning on, and then utilize that example, such as a seed becoming a plant, producing a bud, flowering and ultimately losing its petals, yes, however, it is also an era of time – not limited to one year but to one age.

Renault: The Age of Aquarius, as a saying from the 60s.

TOMAS: In that context, yes. Just like the renaissance, culturally speaking.

Renault: Um-hum.


TOMAS: All right. I think I’ve almost outstayed my welcome. I am going to sign off here and take my entourage onto another architectural sphere for awhile. I’ll be back when you next agree to meet. I will watch you on the monitor.

Elena: It’s wonderful to be around you all. And thank you so much.

Esmarelda: Thank you for coming, Tomas.

Renault: And your entourage.

Elena: And Demetrius. Thank you, thank you.

TOMAS: Bye for now.