2005-05-05-You Will Find Joy Waiting For You

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Topic: You Will Find Joy Waiting For You

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown

Session 1

  • You Will Find Joy Waiting for You.
  • May 29, 2005.
  • Joy


Life is a journey; a journey towards greater understanding; a search for greater consciousness; a quest for greater awareness of the universe in which you live. It is a being-led-deeper-and-deeper within your self to gain enhanced insights.

Probing questions arise as to what life is really about, what the purpose of life really is, why you are alive, and your purpose and role in all of this. These are all truly worthy thoughts for you to ponder. Also what the purpose of joy is, and of fear, for with these two, you decide which one you will experience the most, by feeding either the one, or the other.

True Joy is of Heaven, while fear keeps you earthbound. Fear desires to hold you in its grip. Fear is the enemy of joy. Fight fear by coming into the Stillness, for I give you peace, because I am Joy. I am the Joy of heaven, and I reside right within you. Seek Me, and you will find Joy waiting for you. This is the true journey in life. Entertain more thoughts of this Joy, for these are uplifting and are the prayers of heaven.

You yourself decide whether to make your life joyful or miserable. Either grasp this decision-making power to take charge of your life, or let life’s circumstances decide for you. It is ever thus: A soul deeply rooted in faith and trust in Me can already have a foretaste of Heaven’s Joys.

This is the way the Creator God desires for you to live. Without fear, as fear is the robber and defrauder of joy. Therefore, turn fear out at all cost and with all your might. I perceive you thinking that that is not always easy. However, you need to remember and truly realize that it is your desire and willingness, and your growing faith and trust in Me, which are your tools to overcome this tendency to fear.

Do come more often into the Stillness of your heart to spend more time with Me, and so I can feed you more joy.

Think of Me more often.


The receiver of these messages is truly world class, and for a number of reasons. Receipt of these transmissions (1) has been a daily occurrence for almost two years. The receiver is (2) unwilling to take credit for the work and chooses to remain anonymous. As well (3), the frequent question that is posed, "Why me?", is always answered with, "Why not?"

From my humble viewpoint, this ongoing Thought Adjuster contact is no less than a most suitable reward for a lifetime spent in the care of others—a hard act to follow. We are extraordinarily blessed to be able to bring you these… George.

Session 2

  • Always Seek Harmony and Enlightenment.
  • May 30, 2004.
  • Listening


Dear one, your supplications to the All that Is are always heard, but do you really take the time to listen for an answer? In doing so, you sharpen your own listening skills, and these can always stand improvement, not just towards Me, but also towards all others you are engaged in conversation with.

True listening skills are extremely rare. Humans usually already formulate an answer in their mind while listening to the other speak, so that they loose more than half of what is really being said, which is the intent expressed between the words, for therein lies the true conversational meaning.

Think about the soul, which desires to express itself, and gets drowned out by the clamor of the world; the thoughts of the other, and the mundane and often profane conversations.

If you can master this part of conversation and communication, and really be present for the other participant, you will have been of loving service to that person, as she or he will sense your total acceptance and dedication as a true listener.

Mind you, most conversations are just surface babble, but with true listening skills—an art that is only to be learned through practice—the conversation can be guided to a higher level, which usually takes only a few words.

The best conversations to be had are those in which you allow Me to participate; meaning that you silently invite Me to be part of this. And, of course, you need to remember, that I am only a thought away. In remembering My Presence within you, and within the other person, the conversation can truly go to a much higher level, and to the greater satisfaction of both your souls.

Of course, you would always seek harmony and enlightenment, and not to lord it over the other with your supposed superior knowledge. The secret lies in the discovery of hidden needs, and where you can best be of service. In doing so, you yourself are also served, and both souls will resonate towards the Creator God in splendid harmony, which ripples out into the environment.

Session 3

  • An End To All Confusion.
  • May 31, 2004.
  • Practice


Dear one, the way of all Love, all Patience, all Understanding is through practice, practice, practice. I know that you crave these values for yourself, but these can only be gained through experiencing these values, and many more times on the road to Perfection. For this is the ultimate goal and destiny each soul craves and reaches for, must reach for. There is no other way.

The easiest way to attain these is to, at all times, practice unconditional love and forgiveness, not only with the ‘lovely’ ones, but especially with the ‘unlovely’ ones, who need forgiveness even more. So no more harboring of grudges or resentment towards anyone, for this only retards the soul’s progress.

It is especially important to pray for those, whom you perceive to have ‘black’ souls. In this manner, you open a doorway for healing light to come unto the planet. God and humans need each other. Much healing can be accomplished when mortals wake up to the fact that they are active participants in the human drama as it is played out against the purity of eternity.

The only way to pour more healing light onto the planet is to have more ‘good’ people wake up and be willing to become the human torchbearers that the healing light can come through. To accomplish this, means that you need to cleanse yourself of all selfish tendencies and hidden agendas. There is no favoritism in Heaven. God is no respecter of persons.

Nevertheless, they are the humans here on this tiny orb—so threatened to be engulfed by the so-called ‘powers of darkness’—that need to wake up and see the Light of the eternal God all around them.

They need to put all divisive philosophies, opinions and belief systems behind them, and grow into the realization of the One Creator God, in whom all things exist and consist.

This would put an end to all the confusion that reigns on this planet.

Session 4

  • The Pieces of Our Puzzle.
  • June 1, 2004
  • Fusion


Dear one let us compare life to a giant jigsaw puzzle. This analogy is helpful for you to see the broad outlines of your eternal life. You know the beginning, your birth and mortal life, and the ending, which is the surety of the eventual completion as a perfected being.

That is when you shall stand in the Presence of the Universal God of All Creation, and hear these words: "Well done, My beloved child, I always knew that you could do it. I allowed you to slot your pieces of the puzzle of life into place, and now you can look back over the rich and beautiful tapestry you have made of it."

This, My beloved, is what you and I have set out to do together. We are God and man, man and God. In God’s eyes exists no gender, so do not fret about being either male or female. Both are completely equal in His sight, for they are meant to be counterparts, and never ought one to lord it over the other.

This puzzle idea is a useful one, because it gets the imagination going. As in the weaving of the tapestry of life, as long as you realize that you form the beginning strands here, although humans tend to look upon all of their mortal life here on earth as having a definite ending.

The total opposite is true. This life is the foundation building for eternal life. Unless you do not want to carry on, which, of course, is always the choice you have. However, once you make up your mind, totally and completely and without a shadow of a doubt, we then decide together to become as one.

Yes, we do this together as equal partners, and then there will be no turning back. As yet, fusion is still a rarity on this planet, and practically all mortals enter the sleep of death with a belief and hope of life after death, but we are not dwelling on this now.

We are discussing how we will fit the pieces of our puzzle together, while I give you of My gifts as soon as you show a readiness therefore. In this way I can grow you more into My likeness as I become your personality and refine your character, as we, together, build an eternal reflection of the Creator God. Does this sound like a wonderful plan to you, an eternal plan towards perfection?

Ponder these words in your heart and build on your connection with Me.

Session 5

  • A Reason For Everything.
  • June 2, 2004.
  • Gratitude


Dear one, when you begin increasingly to count your blessings, spontaneous feelings of Love and Praise to the Giver of All will rise up more and more in your heart. This opens the heart for further gifts, which in turn lead to more prayers of praise and thanksgiving. Thus your heart is being transformed into Love. Love for each one you meet, not just for those nearest and dearest to you, but a Love that transcends the earth-plane.

True thanksgiving is spontaneous. It is never a formality. With this thanksgiving develops a joyful heart that will grow so powerful with Love towards the Creator that despair and depression will flee.

Therefore, open your inner and outer eyes every new day, and find something to be thankful for. It can be a situation in which you have learned a lesson, which you could not have learned otherwise.

Remember that circumstances in which you find yourself are also there to teach you. Every situation and circumstance contains a lesson. It is up to you to decide if you are having an easy time or a difficult time.

When you come from an open, grateful heart, you will have an easy time, but if your heart is closed, grumbling, being critical, or finding fault, you will be having a difficult time, indeed. And you will stay in that situation until you remedy yourself, and show Me that you have learned this lesson.

Children with the greatest promise sometimes endure the hardest lessons, so they become strong and resilient.

So be ever thankful and praise God. There is a reason for everything, and even if you land yourself in situations by your own unwise choices and decisions, God ultimately makes everything come out right. Just give God a chance, and thank Him for all the good He holds in store for you.

In this manner, you will never be bereft, and you will build your faith and trust in Him. Be like a little one, feeling secure and well cared for.