2005-05-29-Short Survey of World Condition

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Topic: Short Survey of World Condition

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Zarath, Ambrose, AhmaNiden

TR: Jerry Evans, JoiLin Johnson



Jerry: Thank you, Heavenly Father; thank you for all of your blessings; thank you for sharing our lives with us, in us and all around us, for Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, and the wonderful teachers that Michael has prepared for us and sent to us each. Help us to rededicate our efforts in every way, to living your will. Now as we prepare ourselves for our teachers, feel them around us, in back of us and among us. Help us to go deeper into our consciousness that we may be with Thee. Amen.

ZARATH (TR, Jerry): Good afternoon, this is Zarath. (Group welcomes him.) I am so happy to be here with you again. I have been noticing your conversations and your passing thoughts and I am so interested in seeing what you might be doing and thinking next, when I complete the message I have brought to you today.


I have been able to make a survey of the world in its condition, a survey that I think you may find most interesting. I am approved to tell you some of these results and bring to you the good news that I have observed.

We have talked before of the Middle East and its condition and its progress. It is continuing to move toward more cooperation among the disparate groups. This is most heartening, and one of the early signs of rational, caring behavior, starting to spread across the Middle East. The negative elements are increasing their volatility in desperation now, as they see their time waning, their power disappearing.

In other spots on the earth, the trouble spots will continue and some may cause much stronger difficulties in the future. And yet, the overall pressure from Christ Michael will eventually have its way, to bring more love and consideration and respect among the various religious groups, until they learn mutual understanding and make allowance for each, though they maintain their own belief systems. Such is the way of the future.

On a different note, we have heard that Monjoronson has been making more dramatic plans for his participation, and we are waiting to hear more of the details of this, as it is presented to all of us. We will be glad to pass to you, that which we can, as soon as we can. This is all that I have prepared to talk to you today, but I am certainly open for questions and would be happy to give you the best answer that I can.


Student: Zarath, could we have an update, please, on the progress for the Second Revelatory commission? Are the mortals staying with the task, or is it kind of being forgotten?

ZARATH: Thankfully, there are dedicated mortals who are continuing with this task, though a few have reduced their efforts. We continue to encourage those of you who have been involved, to continue this effort, for it is judged to be most essential in the future. Does that suffice for now? (Yes, thank you.)

Student: Another question—it sounds like there are some interesting things going on with the Teaching Mission in Brazil. The group down there was interested to have Rayson come and speak to them. Was that able to be arranged?

ZARATH: I believe that request will be honored.

Student: Wonderful! Do you have any more to add on that subject?

ZARATH: The effort to broaden the Teaching Mission continues, and those areas that are in need of more senior teachers have been given a higher priority for the teacher’s time. Senior teachers are able to share their time quite ably across the continents, and specific requests can often be honored almost immediately. (Thank you.) You are welcome.

If there are no other questions at this time, let us open the floor to those other teachers that may have insights to bring to this group.

AMBROSE (TR, JoiLin): Good evening students, friends, it is I, Ambrose, he who loves you. (Group welcome.) Thank you. It is most wonderful to be able to participate within a group, such as yours. I have not had such an opportunity for some time now, and so I relish it, truly. This is the time of much change, both on your planet and within yourselves. Be open to this change and recognize that ofttimes you will struggle, and yet understand that within that struggle lie the seeds of gifts that have yet to germinate and unfold within your life/your lives.

Do not worry so much about the future, but rather chose to live in the moment, for it is only within this precious moment, that you can truly live a life in concert with the will of the Father. At no other point in your day, can you do this. When you find yourselves looking back at the past, either with joy or sorrow, makes no difference for you are then living in that past. Choose instead, to move back into the moment, for when you find yourselves thinking of the future, whether it be a future of five minutes from now, or the future five years from now, again it makes no difference, for both the future and the past are periods of time that have no…[JL: I’m hearing two words and I don’t use the words myself, so I’m not sure that they are right] …viability, efficacy …we will change this. The past and the future are periods of time that are for all intents and purposes, dead—there is no life that can affect you here and now, for it is only in the present that your connection, your living connection with your Father within, can be expressed.

This connection, when you open yourselves to his love, to his over care, becomes charged—it is as if you plugged the plug into the wall socket. If you pull the plug out, not much can happen, and so remember when you go into your stillness, that it is in this time, this space of stillness, of oneness, with your Father within, that so much can happen, via that connection that would not happen otherwise, for you would not be open to it.

Also remember, dear ones, that those who stand about you, those helpers that have been sent to work in and through the fabric of your lives, can only do so when you open yourselves to their ministrations, so begin each day, if you will, with stillness, or if there is no time, to opening your mind and your heart to that connection with the Father and extend outward and bring in those who stand about you to help. Recognize their presence, bless them for their willingness to serve you on the levels that they do.

This time of the year—spring—is a time of rebirth, a time of flowering and coming into maturity. Allow this to happen within your own hearts, within your own minds, for as you open, you will begin to recognize the changes that are being wrought both in you and through you. I send you my blessings, to each and every one of you, for your willingness to participate in Michael’s Correcting Time. Go now, with a light heart and the knowledge that you are both held within the embrace of your Creator Parents, and the heart of the Father. Shalom. (Thank you.) You are most welcome.

AHMANIDEN (TR, JoiLin): Greetings, students. I find that I cannot resist the opportunity to speak with you, since this one here has been so reticent of late. She is now open and willing, and I must accept this time as a gift to interact with you. It is I, AhmaNiden Melchizedek, and I will not take much of your time, however I would like to address the topic that is one that will serve you well, if you incorporate what I am about to say, into your daily lives.

The time that you live in, this era, if you will, is one that is ripe with many fruits of the spirit. Michael has increased his spiritual pressure on this world, and there are many ways that this pressure can be received, many ways that it is being felt and experienced. One is the receptivity within your own minds to those of the spiritual realm. Anyone, at this time who wishes to interact with their celestial teachers, will find it much easier to do so, through the enhanced circuits.

Another way is your ability to recognize that certain levels of psychic ability may be being up stepped. Think of times in the recent past perhaps, when you may have had what you might term an "intuitive hit." A brief scenario might be in a grocery store, and you think to yourself, "I might need ketchup." (This is rather crude, but bear with me.) And yet you override that, and you finish your shopping and you go home. And lo and behold, you discover you did need ketchup. This is but one example.

You may think to yourself upon leaving the house that you would do well to bring an umbrella, or a jacket. And again, you override this, thinking the sun is shining, there is not going to be rain; the temperature is warm, it is not going to get cold. And once again, you discover, to your dismay, that it did rain or it did get colder.

Open yourselves, dear students, to the possibility that within you, there is working psychic levels that are being enhanced. Like anything that is new to one’s experience, the beginnings may be more subtle than not, but once you open yourselves to the possibility that this may be part of your living experience, you will feel this and receive it and understand it on deeper and deeper levels. I would leave you with these thoughts in hope that you will allow them to germinate and enhance your lives forthwith. Stay in this light and know always, how loved and supported and cherished you are, each and every one. Shalom. (Group: Shalom and thank you.) You are quite welcome.


Jerry: If there are no other teachers wishing to enter this discussion this afternoon, we will close the current session with much thanks to all who have participated.

Student: I’m thinking up a question. I am wondering if the time is right to initiate a discussion with one of our older readers, who in the past been quite opposed to the channeling and I have a desire to initiate some communication, and perhaps share some of how I feel this has been of value to me personally, as well as perhaps, a sharing of a couple of what I consider to be well chosen transmissions. Could I get some feedback about that, please? Some guidance?

JoiLin: To whom are you addressing the question?

Student: Well, either Zarath or a Melchizedek. …(Inaudible)… Since Zarath has been our personal teacher, he is probably aware of what has been going on in my head.

JoiLin: That would make sense.

ZARATH: I will try to address your question. It is similar to one that you have asked in the past, regarding people with fixed ideas, ideas that are more crystallized and closed, and therefore unable to, from their own experience, bridge the gap or open themselves to new possibilities. Sometimes that is due to a fear reaction, unsettling thoughts that they will lose something by being open to other possibilities and ideas, to the point of actually [not] trying to experience them. I see no ready answer to that situation you are discussing. I am sorry; I have no more to say on that subject.

JoiLin: Would you mind if I added a bit more? (Student: Not at all; please do!) This is AhmaNiden. I would remind you that always, while the acts may be yours, the consequences belong to the Father. And at the same time, when you are dealing with people, with whom you have a knowledge of their closed minds, when the opportunity presents itself, if you simply plant seeds by way of sharing your own inner life, by way of sharing your own personal life experiences, that is not putting undue pressure upon them, for you are simply sharing what is important to you, and leaving it at that. When you do so, it is received in a much more kindly fashion, than were you to come at them with a sledgehammer, perhaps, and it would be planting seeds. This is a time when so much is in flux on your planet; there are so many changes, there are openings on all levels; there are openings within the minds and hearts of those who previously had closed minds and closed hearts. I do not know the particulars, so it did make sense to speak with your personal teacher, however, I could not resist the temptation of suggesting that you might speak by using a softer approach. That is all.

Student: Thank you. What you say makes sense to me, and that it is not my responsibility to change this person’s outlook, but rather to share where I can. Thank you for that reminder.

JoiLin: Will was here, but I wouldn’t let her come through. She said she would come back another time.

Jerry: We will certainly be open when she does.

JoiLin: You may be open, but I’m not! (Laughter.)


Jerry: Does anybody else want to ask a question of our teacher group? Then we will close our session and thank our teachers with all our hearts.