2005-06-20-You Can Feel Us As Subtle Pressure In Your Mind

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Topic: You Can Feel Us As Subtle Pressure In Your Mind

Group: Marin TeaM


Teacher: Michael




[Dear Folks, Here's another invitation from Michael to visit with Him - right where you're sitting. Enjoy. Jerry - (Nytrayn@msn.com)]

Prayer: Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, How wonderful it is becoming to have You so near us all through the day. We welcome You into our lives, but in a greater sense You are welcoming us into Yours. You are introducing us to Your greater realm of spirit - introducing us, then reminding us this is a dimension of our own, and though it was always there as part of us, given to us by God, our Father, still it is so wonderful to be conscious of it, to realize we extend into this dimension far beyond what we yet know. Thank You for your gentle teasing us to stretch. Amen.

  • Soul [Part Of Your Soul Recognizes Me]

Michael: Good evening, My children, this is your Father, Michael. What a wonderful response I get from your souls! The essence of the Father that lives within you recognizes Me. There is a part of your soul, part of whom you have always been in this journal of your human experiences, that recognizes Me.

  • Presence [You Can Feel Us As Pressure In The Mind]

Just pause a moment and realize alongside Me, your spiritual Mother, Nebadonia. You can feel Us as a very subtle kind of pressure in your mind, so subtle it is hard to describe so that you can isolate it. It’s almost a physical tingling, a cottony feeling of ten thousand tiny needles. But it is not a physical sensation as such. It is a density of Our presence. To feel this you must be very spiritually still, yet so long as you are awake there will be some mental activity in your stillness. You will be able to feel Our presence right alongside, or you might think of it as a deeper background to, the thoughts or the memories or the wondering that crosses your mind.

This sensation is nevertheless very still in itself. As Mother recommended last week, through a process of relaxing you let your mind still of itself, rather than trying to hold your mind a blank. It’s easiest to receive Us and other messages from your spiritual teachers by just relaxing any kind of effort you may be tempted to make. Your human curiosity is a wonderfully tenacious aspect of your mind; it’s been such a factor in your survival as a species. It may kill a cat from time to time, but in your human life is a wonderful blessing, an innate wondering that pops up on its own, looking around and trying things. So as you practice your stillness, your curiosity will come up with things, little mental exercises trying to get a grasp on the ineffable, and anticipate what’s next. So as various things come up - one might be trying to focus to a pinpoint in your mind, another might be trying to anticipate what you think you need to hear - just be patient. Give yourselves time to settle down and realize the importance of what your are striving to do. You have all the other hours and minutes of your life to go about your busy and needful activities. But all these are based on your personality, what you realize as your being-ness, your spiritual existence prior to any of these activities. You have to value this essence of yourself in itself. Once you do this, and begin to sense who, and more profoundly – what - you are, this becomes a doorway to Us. This is how you welcome Us into your life. And true enough - in your prayer this evening, this is how We tease you into Our realm.

  • Joy [Tears of Gladness]

In My last lesson dealing more specifically with prayer, I mentioned you can start with worship, with feeling your heart beating and marveling at this gift of our Father of life itself. If you want to enumerate all the things and people you have to be thankful for in your life, this is always welcome and gives Us great joy too, but it is not necessary. It is when your feelings come to be moved, My children: this is the reward of worship We invite you to experience. You give yourselves to Us and to our Father by setting aside this time and dedication, and We return this with affection. This is something you can feel. This is what brings the tears of gladness if you will but allow yourselves to feel it.

Many resist this experience because it can feel initially like a inner breaking down: in other words, can you trust it? And so for you it may be, but this is nothing to fear. Consider this very carefully, My children. Whatever within your heart and your mind needs to be surrendered to feel the love of your Spiritual Parents can only lead to the most nourishing experience imaginable for your soul. This is another choice that is yours to make. Most of what you feel as a breaking down will be your own unconscious defenses, however righteously or erroneously set up sometime in the past. When you come to Us and your Father, there is no need for them.

  • Surrender [We Give You A Break From Defensiveness]

What we offer you, and what you are offering yourself in accepting, is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from any kind of defensiveness, and with courage open yourself to the unknown. There will be time enough for defenses later, but here you have a choice to let this defensiveness go for good, seeing if it is no longer needed.

This is the power of spirit. This is what spirit can do in renewing you. It can give you a perception, a realization of automatic reactions - what you call knee-jerk reactions - which are based on years and years of habit, and sometimes deliberate schooling or training in ways to react defensively in situations long past. You can see there is a kind of paradox here, yet also the solution to it. How can you become aware of what you are doing unconsciously, so you can have this freedom of choice?

This is the power and gift of spirit. This is another reward of your stillness. You relax and let these old habits come up and be recognized, usually with the pure memory of the events that gave rise to them in the first place. Now you can see and understand how you came to be the way you are. Now you are in the spontaneous, creative realm of spirit, really feeling all the power of now, and you can choose to continue these defenses, or not. Your consciousness will be approaching your soul, the true spiritual journal of what has happened to you. You can feel and realize – now - you truly have had these past events, whereas just a few minutes before, they unconsciously had you.

This is how you renew yourself. This is how you use the peace and the love you find in Us. You open to it, you welcome it, you accept it, you joyously let it break down what it will, and you keep finding a larger peace.

Here in our meetings this is a little easier. There is a kind of group consciousness here, more correctly a group super-consciousness. You find it easier to relax and feel My presence all around My words. Hopefully when you are on your way home this evening, you will be enjoying a feeling of rebirth. You can remember these moments as you fall asleep tonight. But then as you go through your days, tomorrow and the next, you need not rely on any memory of this evening. It could become merely a haze of nostalgia. The trick is to rediscover what is happening now in your little mini-meditations, your small stillness moments all through your days, so they will each be somewhat unique unto themselves. It will only be My peace - down on the bedrock of your being where you allow yourselves to rest - that will be somewhat the same, growing stronger. It’s like an ever clearer lens. My peace and Mother Spirit’s love will be cleansing your perceptions so as you come through these moments of stillness, the world around you, and your own feelings and understandings within you, both will be growing ever clearer.

  • Growth [True Growth Is In Spirit]

This is the wonderful marvel of spirit. True growth in spirit is not other-worldly. It permeates every aspect of your life. It transforms your physical and mental dimensions and helps your personality unite all these various aspects of your being. And so you find yourself ever more in the world, ever more capable of dealing with it, ever more capable of loving and becoming lovable.

Welcome to Our realm, My children. Our arms are always open for you. Come join Us. If you have any questions or comments this evening, it’s always My joy to hear them. (There followed a long period of stillness and presence)

Michael: (Later) Well, I see no one wants to break the stillness, and it is not necessary. Either way the peacefulness is always here - you can begin to sense, in a way still almost unimaginable to you - nothing really affects it. This is what I meant by spirit permeating all the dimensions of your human lives. The larger you experience this, the more you will be able to feel it no matter what you are doing.

  • Love [Love Affects The Molecular Level of the Human Body]

Student: Father Michael, I understand, I’ve been told rather, that we are designed to experience Your love and Nebadonia’s love down to the molecular level of our bodies. Is what You explained tonight - how to do that? I believe sometimes I am doing that. Michael: Yes, My son, you are correct on both counts. This is what happens very naturally through the mechanisms of your body’s own wisdom. This is the result of what you know of as physiological evolution down to the DNA, and back, following a divine pattern and continuous creation. So just by profoundly relaxing, you allow your body to heal itself. Actually you are mostly getting yourself out of the way, especially by allowing this breaking down of defenses and inner tension and stress - the feelings you must always be on guard - when there may be no real need for this.

  • Gratitude [The Tears of Gratitude]

The tears of gratitude you feel and shed during your moments of worship when you allow Our love to pour over you: nothing is more healing. At the same time it is also true that you may focus this healing power of your and Our combined spirit. First, allow into your stillness anything that is unhealthy or ill at ease to come to the surface and catch your attention. This might be some old wound grown a little too familiar, or some unhealthy condition you long ago too readily accepted, perhaps. Now with your greater understanding of physical healing and spiritual creativity, you can allow this old wound to come to the surface of your attention, and then direct our combined love and care to that spot.

As I advised once with respect to mental processes, it’s so wise not to assume you know what’s going on within you. Approach yourselves with your marvelous curiosity and truly wonder: who and – what – am I? What’s going on in here? This is the attitude. Does this answer your question, My son?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank You. I’ve spent a lot of time avoiding those injuries and things in the past that I didn’t want to look at, and now it’s time to look at them. So thank You very much once again.

Michael: Yes, similar to allowing past events to reoccur to you in all their fullness before your judgments about them were made, so too it’s helpful to allow these old injuries to come up and remind you of the adventures - and misadventures - you’ve had. Don’t assume they can’t be healed. Approach them with freshness. Above all, direct your love to any part of you that is hurting - physical, mental, spiritual or soulful. Don’t abandon any part of yourself, My son. And be in My peace.

Student: Thank You, Father.

  • Expression [It Is Unwise To Suppress What Occurs To Selves]

Student: Heavenly Father, in the quest to feel love right here and to grow into higher consciousness, is it most beneficial to, as a practice, to reflect on what is transitory in a search for that part of us that is true and permanent, or lasting? I found myself thinking about that today. It’s a meditation on a continuing basis, or often to realize how transitory most of my thoughts and feelings are, even events. Will this be beneficial and can You suggest other ideas on this that might be of some use?

Michael: Yes, My son. I must congratulate you on your growing recognition of the difference. This is what is truly liberating, this spontaneous, ever quicker and sharper recognition based on your growing understanding. You are wise not to suppress anything that occurs to you, that you perceive, or that you feel - both emotionally and intuitively. Some of this will be very transitory, very fleeting. But if it is real, why suppress or deny it?

Some of the electronic waves you use in communication are only a ten-thousandth of a second long – affecting one little pixel on a TV screen. But it’s real, it’s part of the whole. So you’re wise to stretch in the dimension of this recognition which is based on an ever deeper understanding of these relationships between what is more permanent or lasting, and what is transitory or ephemeral. And yes, this understanding does grow from your deeper meditative restfulness that you might mistake as an inner immobility, or emptiness; but it’s not. It’s absolutely alive and profoundly dynamic; it’s just peaceful.

This may strike you as a bit of an oxymoron. But this is what We have been teasing you with as possible: that as you grow in spirit and become more creative and spontaneous, you will be more and more active, less and less just re-active. For as your perceptions begin to clear more and more, so you will be able to see and experience more and more all these very fleeting, ephemeral bits and pieces of reality. This can be very delightful, like watching all the dancing points of fire in your fireplace in the evening. Could anything be more transitory, yet real? Does this make sense to you, My son, how as you become more and more peaceful deep within you, you can take ever more delight in all the dancing, transitory elements all about you?

Student: Yes, ah…thank You for the inspiration! It’s uplifting and gives me a good perspective.

Michael: I must say your wisdom is growing, just to be able to notice more and more, and distinguish, discriminate the longer-lived from the ephemeral. But they are all part of God’s creation. There are movements involving not only solar systems, but the sweep of clusters of galaxies, that are regular into the billions, even trillions of years. Then there’s your little TV pixel glow with its short little life. And it’s all real. Just don’t forget to enjoy it all. And be in My peace.

Student: Yes, Father, a couple of weeks ago when I was last here and we spoke about decisions, making decisions and looking at the whole picture, You said something about we as humans are absolutely fallible; and I’ve been pondering that…since that time. And I was wondering what You meant by that. Do You mean that when we separate ourselves consciously from God, from Universal Mind, that we are fallible and can make mistakes? We are reacting. But if we allow ourselves to let go and let God, and submerge ourselves in this cosmic river, this cosmic flow, then there is a knowing-ness of what to do, of what actions to take, of what to say. Am I in the right direction, can I say that?

  • Humility [The Quality of Humility]

Michael: Well, My son, you are expressing very well a whole spectrum of being, from one extreme, very much in accord with God’s will – which actually is reality, to being out of accord and contrary to His will. Yet what I wanted to point out was a quality of humility, the acknowledgment of your human limitations to know the right way - without getting into any kind of self-abasement or self-flagellation - beating up on yourself, nor yet frozen in indecision. Life presents you with the necessity to decide, and We have reassured you that so much of your human situation was deliberately created this way by God to exercise you in this short, intense human life, to prepare you for the next few stages to come.

Student: That was my question I was asking! I feel I am being prepared for something. (Laughter)

Michael: I concluded by putting this in a social context, where everybody accepts this humility that, even though they may feel so strongly in their heart and their mind that they are doing the right thing in accord with Gods’ will, they may not be! Because even in social situations where organization is required to accomplish a task, where leadership is a wonderful quality and very needful, still there’s nothing so detrimental to good will among people as for one of them to assert being infallible. This echoes back to notions of the divine right of rulers. It goes further back to the earliest organizations of large groups of human beings, such as in Egypt and before, when the whole society at that primitive stage needed to believe there was a human being standing in front of them who was infallible, even God-like.

  • Fallibility [Humans Are Fallible And Have No Divine Authority Over Another Mortal]

Underlying this realization is the wisdom of the separation of church and state, so your political leaders cannot assert some kind of divine authority for their human decisions. It is in this sense I tried to stress a profound blessing in accepting for oneself this humility - by staying out of any kind of notion that in whatever you do you are somehow infallible. So even with the best intentions, the purest heart, you do not assert this kind of authority over your fellows. As long as you are a finite being and not possessed of absolute or infinite wisdom, this will affect your decisions. This is the context in which I meant that. Is this more clear to you, My son?

Student: Yes, very much so. Do You feel that I had that propensity, or are You just warning me or having me look at and see that everyone has the same inner wisdom, the same spiritual potential? So in a sense, if I feel fallible, then they may also feel they are fallible? That we are all human and need to honor each person in their stage of development?

Michael: Yes: exactly. I did mean it in the general sense of when each member of a group accepts their own fallibility, and also does not expect their friends to be infallible either. This is the basis for a genuine companionship because each person will recognize their success depends on all the others, and at the same time, the others are depending on him or her.

Student: Actually, I’ve been stressing to my daughter and to (Name) how we are all depending on each other to make this work within the situation; and to be sensitive to each others needs, and shortcomings; but also to appreciate who we all are in this little fishbowl of personalities; and to be considerate. That’s, I think, one of the main issues - to be considerate of each other.

Michael: Yes, My son. This is why accepting your own limitations and fallibility is a wonderful consideration of each others rights and feelings.

Student: When you mentioned about leaders who put themselves up as being infallible - like the Pope, for example - but what also comes to mind is the guru-disciple relationship where so many persons prostrate themselves to a guru, give their life to a guru, and see them as being infallible, beings masters, being avatars, instead of seeing these qualities within themselves – which is what a guru is supposed to reflect. I’ve noticed how a lot of past gurus have experienced quite negative…experiences in their lives, and most of them are passed away.

  • Idols [Gurus Can Not Resist Being Adored & Worshiped]

Michael: As is often the case with human teachers, or gurus: they simply cannot resist the temptation of being adored and worshiped. It goes to their head and, if they do not have a strong character and a good sense of who they are, and their own limitations, they even lose themselves. They start to believe and act out their students’ projections of infallibility. Then it takes only a flight of stairs to precipitate quite a fall from grace. So it is also considerate of the student not to put such a burden of infallibility upon his teacher, is it not?

Student: Yes, so true. This is what You, when You were on this planet as Jesus, really stressed.

Michael: A good teacher with character always enjoys when his students surpass him. Then he knows he has been successful indeed - he has passed the lamp of wisdom and is seeing his own teaching surpassed in the students.

Student: Thank You.

Michael: You’re welcome, My son. Keep up your good work holding that group together. The best leadership is not a fixed thing. In any good group leadership flows from person to person - to whomever has the best ideas at the moment. For it is a wonderfully, flexibly organized group which can recognize the best ideas as they occur - to whomever they occur - and so will follow them until the next, best ones arrive. This way everyone is open to everyone else, and the full intelligence of the entire group can be brought to bear. And rest in My peace.

Are there any more questions this evening? (Another very long and pregnant pause)

What a wonderful peace you are experiencing, My children. You are truly learning how to let it affect you. Give this peacefulness permission and it will occur to you all through your days, all by itself. As I’ve suggested before, it can happen right in the midst of your most violent activities, and be welcome. For strangely enough, it is when you are most active that you need your heart to be at peace. You need your spirit to be spontaneous and free, just to follow the dancing moment of what it is you are doing. It’s how the more peaceful you are inside, the sharper and clearer your focus can be on what you are doing. When you are in the groove, and you are one with yourself in your activities, they almost seem to be doing themselves. We’re right there with you, My children. There’s a big smile on Our faces too. Be in my peace. Good evening.