2005-07-01-About This List & About Monjoronson

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Topic: About MSM List & Monjoronson

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Simeon

TR: Helen Whitworth



Simeon: This is a message here to all upon the new list concerning the arrival of Monjoronson the Magisterial Son. This is an exciting time within the histories of your world and one that will cause ripples of effect across the entirety of your local universe. There most of you will feel that nothing of significance has changed but from our perspective upon these matters there has indeed been a mighty shift within the auric fields of your Earth and within the consciousness of mankind that allows this event to proceed, somewhat earlier than originally anticipated. This is due almost entirely to the continued and outstanding efforts of the members of your race who have chosen to take upon themselves the mantle of Michael's love and to walk in love, peace and harmony with each other and with the wider community, including your brethren in the celestial worlds as well as others of incarnate flesh form.

The list with which you find yourself attached and to which I address this day is a small working group. You must be careful within this collective that you do not harbor feelings of egotistical pride or arrogance regarding that fact that information may be privy to you that is not being shared with the wider world. You are merely a collection of individuals who's path and purpose upon this world is such that this information is useful and necessary. It does not mean that your path has any more worth or note than any other.

Monjoronson’s energies are currently in the process of readjusting the energy matrix inherent within the world you know as Earth. He is reconfiguring such that his circuits are able to maintain his own full awareness with this dense sphere whilst also retaining safety for the inhabitants of the Earth, since his arrival in fullness of his usual configurations would be more powerful than any individual would physically be able to maintain and such could cause untold damage to individual bodies and energies configuration that you consider your human form. Urantia herself would also be unable to withstand his force of being and so it is necessary that these energies are rarefied into a form that is acceptable and so enable Him to teach in the way intended.

The staff that will accompany Monjoronson are not yet present upon this world since by their nature they do not require such a protracted period of adjustment in order to be able to function with(in) your plane of existence. Finding that all is well, it is important that as individuals you continue the work with which you are variously assigned, that you continue work upon your own natures, most especially that of working in co-operation with each other and leaving aside any differences that may arise as a result of your own unique outlooks upon life and the bulk of the work with which you find yourself occupied. You must continue to work upon the healing of yourself and others through the primary means of prayer and allowance of healing to occur, and can act as able emissaries to the Earth in her preparation if you are willing to allow yourself to be used in such a way.

There are many methods which you will find for yourselves over the following months which each holds within his or her self. Meditate on the nature of your own being whenever possible, and make room for this where [ever]. . . possible. Through stillness you not only reconnect with your own heart and guidance but you allow the energetic changes which are occurring to assimilate into your being with the maximum of grace and the minimum of disruption.


We salute you all as warriors of spirit and thank you for rising to the call of the stirring in your soul at the inception of this list and know that all within the group as stands within this message are here as meant. Honour yourself and each other and walk on with humbleness and fortitude.

I carry this message upon the adjunct of Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa and am proud to do so.

I am Simeon and I am available for each of you to converse with should you so wish.

I say now fondest farewell and look forward to future communications.


from Nottingham, England