2005-07-17-Reflections on Common Ground Event

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Topic: Reflections on Common Ground Event

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I will open our contact today by thanking you for your energy given, the extension of yourselves toward many who gathered with you to make this past event successful.


I know that in your hearts you are always looking for an opportunity to be of service and to do so in a context which includes the spiritual dimension. This occasion that you developed provided a multitude of opportunities to extend yourselves, from the most basic but necessary to the profound and sublime. You are better aware of the requirements in a functional sense for reaching others in the future. This will be of great benefit to you, for no degree of planning can ever reveal the practical requirements. Having many personalities engaged interjects considerations which are unforeseen by a planning committee. The recognition of requirement, those events which must occur, and the allowance for the interjection of spontaneity are harmonizable when you are experienced as you have been with a function of this sort. In an amphitheater there are many places to sit and observe. There is a platform upon which a directed and planned presentation may occur. But each seat is occupied by a freewill individual and every one of them has an experience that is not simply a reaction to the presentation. It is a melding of each one's orientation, their desire for fulfillment, their desire for increased realization, their desire for entertainment, and the content of the planned event.

While there is a factor of wholeness, of an experience of entirety as a collective, no individual sees that grand experience. That is the property of the Supreme. Each one develops their own contribution, a unique context, which meshes with and contributes to the whole event. These individual experiences are priceless, extremely valuable. You have offered the opportunity for many souls to make that contribution within themselves to the enlarging brotherhood of all creatures in time and space.

Few are the celestial personalities who make such grand contributions. Each one of us, myself included, makes minuscule contributions, apparently small in quantity, equally large in quality. You have done well, and you have learned well, and we teachers will support you in furthering your effort to reach others.


I wish to speak about happiness.

Happiness is not a state of being; it is a function. It is as the flow of a river, as current in electricity. When it is spoken that one seeks happiness, one is viewing happiness as an object, a place to go. In reality the seeking of happiness is merely the need to throw the switch to make the connection, to open the dam and let the currents flow. When such a connection is made then is the feeling of being blessed, of being engaged in purpose, of being filled with joy; the sense of being precisely where you wish to be, need to be, and want to be. When a flood occurs, water seems to go everywhere. It is unrestricted in flow because of volume.

The greater the volume, the less restriction of where it may spread. So is happiness. The more you make the connection with spirit to matter, to your terrestrial life, the more opportunity for the flow of joy and happiness. The greater the volume, the greater the amount of daily events that are happy. Difficulty and suffering are submerged; they do not disappear, they are submerged. They still must be dealt with as one swimming a stream navigates around rapids. The higher the flow, the easier the course to take.

You have spent years increasing your aperture, making yourself experientially aware that everything you do contributes to your well-being as a child of God. Each activity is intimately associated with your personality. The presence of your being determines the spiritual value of that activity. Therefore with right attitude all your engagements become sacred opportunities. Every undertaking is identical to entering the sanctuary, to bow at the feet of the Lord.

Thank you for receiving my thoughts for consideration. I wish to receive you into conversation.



Jada: You spoke of quality and quantity; we didn't reach many people this weekend but the few that we did was a very high quality experience for them and for us, too.

Elyon: I am pleased that you have recognized that value, and I interject that this is proving to be beneficial that you were not thronged by many people, for this event is your initial undertaking, and the quantity of attendees was sufficient for training. Quantity of attendees does not increase the quality of the experiences.

Mary: I felt we were undertaking this event for others, yet I found so much in it was wonderful for me. I recall a session one evening when Michael said to look for the greatest changes within. I've been experiencing that I am taking so much away from this experience. I feel surprised and in the wonder of it all, the quality with so few people was profound, not just as a service project going out but how much came back.


Evelyn: What distinction are you making between happiness and joy? You spoke of joy recently as the outward expression of the peace within. Happiness sounds like an attitude; maybe I'm missing something.

Elyon: The three words I have expressed: joy, peace, and happiness, are interconnected. I spoke of peace as a retiring joy and joy as an expressive, exuberant peace. Happiness is the movement; it is the velocity of the other two. When joy moves one feels happy. When peace is experienced one feels happy. I spoke of joy and peace as two sides of the same coin. Happiness is the passing of that coin, the transfer. I will add another comment. Each of you has talents. They are present due to your personality and your acquirement of experience. But when a talent is expressed it turns into a skill. A skill is the outworking, is the functioning, of a talent which may in itself lay passive for years. When you develop the ability to express a talent, you acquire skill. Skill is the activation, and so it is with happiness. It is the activation of joy or peace. I hope this helps. Evelyn: Yes, thank you.

Mary: I want to express my gratitude to you for being our teacher for all these years. I am contented to look back over the years we have spent together seeing all the changes. It's been a joy. Your part is much appreciated. Thank you for being there all this time. I look forward to the future.

Elyon: I speak for all my associates when I return my gratitude to you for your dedication, for your devotion. You have created opportunities continually for our contact. You have boldly stepped forward to let others of your kind know of our availability. Your faith has gone beyond simply seeking for yourself, but also to make available such contact for others who may have never considered such an opportunity. We have been through much together. We have struggled in coming to terms with accuracy. We have been overjoyed to see a lesson received and applied and even transformed into a possession. No teacher could be more satisfied than to observe that in one's student. We will be spending much more time together as you are willing and I am present.

Tom: There's a triangle there, joy and peace and happiness when action was taken. Maybe the same thing with the skill and the talent, when that was activated, happiness was the end result. Maybe those two triangles share a common corner, I don't know.

Elyon: I accept your observation. It is the activation that these two share. It is in the doing that one more fully experiences one's being. Peace you may have all by yourself. Joy encompasses all. Happiness is the experience of each event, numerous as they are. This is why you can feel joy even when troubled. You may not be happy at the time, but joy overlays all things in your life.


I will release us from our session. I share love with you and I repeat the words of our Sovereign Son when I say, be of good cheer. Farewell.