2005-08-06-Training To Be Pursued

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Topic: Training To Be Pursued

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



Greetings little one, it is I AhmaNiden. I thank you for responding. We have much to discuss, and so I will begin by giving you a brief overview of the order of training I wish you to pursue.


First and foremost, as always, it is my wish that you daily spend time with your in-dwelling Father Fragment. Doing this will help to jumpstart your lessons, if you will. Secondly, I would ask that you spend time opening the circuit to me, for we have lost ground over the past few years. Do not take this as chastisement; for I have fully understood your need to be where you were, however, it is now time to move forward once again. There are many thirsty souls who yearn for a deeper connection to God, they yearn for personal lessons through which they can learn and grow. You have the ability to allow these lessons to unfold through you; you have long been trained to allow this process, this communication process to move through you and the world is hungry to hear the good news that they are in-dwelled by a part, or fragment of the Universal Father; they are hungry and thirsty to know that they are supported throughout each of their days. There is never a time when they are left unsupported or alone. They yearn for greater instruction perhaps on how to communicate themselves with their own in-dwelling Fragments of the Father, and further wish to have their own teacher, as did you child, so many years ago.

And so I would ask that you make a commitment to once again work with me on this level, for it will accomplish more than one objective. On the one hand it will bring through lessons that others may benefit by and on the other hand it will prepare you more deeply for the work we will be doing in the future. Are you ready child to make this commitment?


JoiLin: I am, AhmaNiden, but can you promise me that you will give me a prompt like you did this morning; I will listen, I will respond, but sometimes my brain gets foggy, especially so early in the morning, and that’s really when I have the time. I can get up, put on my coffee and have just one cup and then come in and work with you. I can do that. I will do that. Will you give me the prompt like you did this morning?

AhmaNiden: I will little one; we will work together as a team once again. I thank you for your commitment and your willingness to serve your brothers and sisters and your Father through this communication process. And now if you will, I’d like to address a topic that is much on the minds of many across your world. It is the topic of, what am I, who am I, and where am I going? First and foremost you are a child of God. Branching out from that understanding, you are sibling, brother or sister to all of the rest of humanity.

Many of you are just beginning to open to the Light that has been increased upon your world; to the Spiritual pressure that has also been increased. The Light and the Pressure will help to facilitate the opening of your spiritual eyes and your spiritual ears, in order that you will be sensitive to your own inner yearnings, your own inner desire to be one with the Father, your own desire to move more fully out into the Light, to participate in the opening of the minds and hearts of those with whom you have opportunities to interact. Others of you have already opened to this Light and have begun working. You are encouraged to step out further beyond your comfort zones; allow your Father to lead you by opening the channel, the circuit between your mind and heart and your connection with Him. Allow yourselves to become in essence a conduit through which His energy moves outward to touch the hearts and minds of other of His children.

You live in a time of so much exchange of energy for want of a better term. The old paradigms, the more negative paradigms and energy is being stirred up in order that the embers might flare brighter to burn away the remaining Luciferian energies more quickly. This will initially look as if your world is being turned upside down; the chaos across your world will intensify and yet through that process will be born the higher energy, the energy of Love and brotherhood. The new paradigms support love of the Father and brotherhood; they support peace. I cannot say nor will I attempt to imply a length of time this process will take, however, know each of you that as you walk out into the Light with the intention of doing your Father’s work you will help to raise the frequency, to raise the vibration of those you interact with and this in turn will help with the movement from the old to the new, as these energies exchange one for the other. Know each of you that you are loved and supported in ways you cannot even conceive; you are literally surrounded by an army who work with you though you know it not.


Be of good cheer and know that your world is changing moment-by-moment, interaction-by-interaction, and day-by-day. Shalom.