2005-08-14-Midwayers Help Prepare You

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Topic: Midwayers Help Prepare You

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lantarnek, Elyon, Sharmon

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am happy once again to be with you not only in spirit but also in the consciousness of communication. I am Lantarnek.



There is a meaningful dimension to human behavior to which you apply the word "forgiveness". It is a beautiful gesture of the human heart which elevates the human being above the animal fray of attack or be attacked, of defense, of self preservation, for in this action of forgiveness there is revealed the transcendent state of spirit being, one where you understand that the inequalities of human life are transient, and that the lasting values of love and of concern for the future growth of another are far greater. As I am often wont to do, I will alter the spelling and insert "e" into fore-giveness. This is the attitude of the heavenly Parent, to reach out to each child even before the child is aware of need, to give love, to give opportunity for awakening through a lesson resulting in growth. This attitude never requires pardoning on the part of the divine Parent, for God understands the progress of spiritual unfoldment and the stages of maturity and each child's ability to respond and to adapt and to become.

Therefore there is no affront, only the love of a parent who knows where the child is rising from and to where the child is going. In this manner you can experience much peace and certainty and acceptance and evenness, for you are anchored in eternal values and perceive the spiritual unfoldment of others and yourself, thereby placing into context all the many temporal undertakings.

While each has its importance in the moment, within a universe context your response or your guidance has deeper meaning and will contribute both to the immediate temporal condition and to the long term eternal result. In this manner you represent the Father in the world. Every individual who has kindled the flame of spiritual aspiration will respond to any source that approaches them which offers deeper understanding and a greater connection in love.

By your fore-giving you offer yourself as a servant's hand to another, and in their seeking they are receptive to the Father's flow of energy and spirit. You need not be skilled or trained, highly accomplished in any manner. You simply place yourself in readiness for the movement of the Father to touch the soul of the child who seeks Him. I come not alone to this circle today. I will allow my fellows to enter into your midst.


Elyon (Mark): I greet you as well. This is Elyon. I would take this opportunity to lead on the thought pattern of this TR, as this pattern seems befitting at this time to augment the helpful lesson of Lantarnek. This thought pattern is of that aspect of yourselves which is enduring throughout this continuum beginning in time and space and progressing into eternity.

The aspect of your being which is constant through this journey that I refer to is that aspect of your conscious awareness of your consciousness of spiritual perspective. Whereas your surroundings, your situations, your needs, desires, circumstances, and understandings all will fluctuate as you engage in this journey of time, your consciousness becomes augmented along this route but remains at the core of what you take with you.

As you transcend through the levels of time and space your conscious awareness of your relationship to spirit is deepened and strengthened and goes through many transformative steps along the route. Nevertheless it is this assembly of growth steps that you take with you as you leave one era, as you finish one journey and begin another.

It is as the experience gained by the captain of the vessel. The vessel changes; the journey is different, but the experience is retained by the captain to use in the next journey to help guide and prepare the captain for the next journey even though it may be to a place unknown through a route undetermined. The captain gains great strength from the experience he has compiled in the previous journeys. You are each compiling this experience now and gaining the strength that comes from having this resource at your fingertips, so that each time you set sail on a new journey you possess more confidence and greater strength as a result of all that you have come to know and assemble in your database of consciousness.

To the seaworthy captain, no journey with its attendant uncertainties is enough to call off the voyage, it merely whets the appetite of the eager captain to see what is next that can be added to this storehouse of knowledge, to then be drawn upon later to provide the strength and the certainty to press on into unknown, uncharted territories.

You all are gaining that sense of certainty into your spiritual forays, and more and more you are acting with the certainty only derived from your own personal firsthand experiences. Each one, you are becoming a well-seasoned captain of your vessel and are becoming more alert to the conditions around you and the opportunities before you that you may unfurl your sails and gain the most travel from that which is immediately around you. This awareness, this consciousness of your relationship and your role to play provide you with the needed security so that you may take the risks that you may dive into the deep end, that you may follow your heart's leadings even though that path is unknown to you at times. It is as the good captain trusts that the stars will always guide him safely, so you now trust that spirit will guide you safely.

The experience of the good captain has him seeing the journey and its end from the beginning, has him in full awareness of what he is doing at any time and therefore ever alert and present as conditions change and requirements shift. Even with the change and the shift there is the certainty of destination and the security of the success of the journey.

The more you function in cosmic awareness, in spirit consciousness, the more secure you are about your route and the steps necessary to take to successfully complete your journey. This bank of experience is what you are currently establishing in your lives, and each experience is a scaffold for the next, and in this way do you get ever higher, and you are provided with ever more an enhanced perspective on your journey.

A good captain is also bold about his uncertainties and willing to take certain risks to have a more glorious journey and a sweeter success at having arrived at his destination. I appreciate that each of you has spent time in sailing school to learn the basics of the trade. Now seeing each of you take to the seas and man your vessels with such skill and such enthusiasm is a great joy to behold.

It is a thrill to ride along with you as we encounter the different elements and rise to meet their challenge, as we set our sights and set our sails on the distant shore, knowing full well of the certainty of our arrival in a safe port of our desires. I join you in looking forward to this journey and in the thanks that we both offer for this opportunity to man these vessels and to show that which we are made of, that which our consciousness allows us to portray. Thank you for hearing my words today. There are as well others available.

Evelyn: I am trying to find a tie between this captain image and forgiveness. If we see ourselves as captain we often regard others as our crew who are supposed to obey our commands and live up to our expectations. We need to remember that they are all captains as well. We need to serve as crew members also. There's the forgiveness angle of seeing that others are operating as captains and to not take it personally if they are barking orders; they are just behaving like captains. Beyond that I haven't thought it through.

Elyon: I would promote your idea that in this analogy of the captain each one would be more appropriately attributed to a very small vessel and, while in charge of your individual vessel, you can provide an example to others of how to trim your sail. Also you are given ample opportunity to see the characteristics of other vessels around you.

While some may appear to tack wildly back and forth or even bump into each other, it is through this race of humanity that you may be forgiving of the many errant attempts of the many individuals around you. Rather than perceive them as obstacles or problems in the way of this journey, they may be seen as those in need of assistance and in need of your forgiveness, because while we are becoming skilled at operating these vessels, there is a great distance yet to cover. We may at times be masters of our vessels and at times be blown off course into another requiring their understanding and forgiveness as well. In fact the seas are teeming with vessels trying to navigate their ways.

Just because you have had some training in the use of your vessel and the elements does not mean that the journey has been finished and that there isn't much to be learned through the trial and error of any journey.


Sharmon (Jonathan): This is Sharmon. I am excited to be here to make our contact as one of your earthlings, your midway brother. I wish to humbly contribute to these two fine teachers' comments today by injecting one other consideration. Picture a harbor as your planet.

We midwayers are the ones who care for this harbor to coordinate the comings and goings, to see to the safety and well-keeping of the harbor to make sure that those who arrive here are taken care of and those who wish to depart are sent on their ways in due process and expeditiously. Picture the entire coastline of harbors as your system of planets. While each harbor is guided by a Planetary Prince, so is the entire coastline, the system of planets, governed by an able System Sovereign.

Picture an ocean as your local universe, a great vast area through which you may travel and gain these experiences that Elyon speaks of, and now the entire world of navigable bodies of water as the great cosmic universe. You have an adventure ahead of you, and we, the midwayers, are seeing to it that your ship is ready to sail. We are excited to send you forth from this harbor of Urantia to discover all that our great God has laid out for everyone to experience. Thank you.


Mark: Thank you for the service that you and the corps of midwayers provide us. We desire to work more closely with you, our brothers on the planet. We invite you to be more present in our circle so we can work more closely with you.