2005-08-15-Old Order Must Fall Away

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Topic: Old Order Must Fall Away

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



Greetings child it is I AhmaNiden, your teacher who loves you. If you are ready let us begin.


Your world, for the most part, is in a state of flux, so much is happening, on so many levels, and yet, it appears on the surface as simply chaotic. Understand that in order for change to be effected, the old order, the old paradigms, the old scaffolding, if you will, must fall away. It is a slow process, it does not happen overnight. And yet we can see that much is in fact, occurring that will become the underpinnings of a world based upon higher spiritual principles.

Individuals like yourselves, are helping each time that you choose to be in line with your Father’s will for you, each time that you choose love over fear, or indifference, each time you choose to open the circuit between yourselves and your indwelling Father when you reach out to another, are you helping to raise the vibration of your world. Each time you choose to sit in the stillness and open that circuit with intent do you raise your own vibration.

The expression that "Rome was not built in a day", might apply to both what is happening upon your planet, as well as with the changes that you are helping to develop with your own character, within your own evolving spiritual selves. New habits take a minimum of two weeks of conscious effort, so continue to work on yourselves and through that process will you bring more light to others, more light to your world. Remember that when you walk the walk, as well as talk the talk you effect changes not only within yourselves, but within others as well.


Never forget how loved and blessed you are, blessed most especially to be living upon your world within this time. Stay in His Light and remember to reach out to those who surround you in support of your evolving spirit. Shalom.