2005-08-29-Take Chances in Faith to Live and Learn

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Topic: Take Chances in Faith to Live and Learn

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to be with believers this evening. I feel relaxed and un-pressured. You each make me feel like this is an evening at home. This Mission is my job right now. It is surely what I love to do. It is not without difficulty. Certainly it takes a great deal of effort and energy, but to be here with you, my friends, I feel at ease. I thank you for that and your continuing faith in the mortal agreement. Mortal agreement being--you have accepted your call and are committed to fulfilling it from the mortal ground on up.

I am MARY. It is an honor for me to also serve and feel that rejuvenation in mind and spirit. I am joy-filled knowing you accept me as I am. You know from where I came and much of my history. In many religious organizations I would not be accepted and feel the comfort that I do in the Teaching Mission. I am thankful you accept me as I am.


These present days have reminded me of days long ago when the Master walked the earth. I am in a new seat where I can see a great deal that is going on with the people of Urantia. Of course, long ago I could not see much for I was in the middle of the action. I am seeing energy that travels in waves, emotions and minds catching onto certain popularity’s and creating waves of energy that really travel throughout the world. Much of today’s anxiety is about individuals being caught up in the unknown and most figure they should jump on some ship to stay afloat.

People are having to take chances in faith to really live and learn, to gain experience, to have growth and the wisdom therefrom. When some learn about the Mission they are hesitant because it is new, non-traditional. On the other hand, it is new and exciting and without doctrine. The Mission is not a ship that people are to jump onto, cling for the sake of faith, no. The Mission is more like a boat being built and it takes all the participants to make it float.

You are free thinkers and yet there is not liberty without license. There are not actions without accountability. This is responsible cosmic citizenship. I like the philosophy of Michael’s Mission because it allows you to think freely, to question, to experience and to learn for yourself. You need not stand out above the crowd, nor sink below. You need not become unified with some wave of energy that is probably just mortal drama, some temporary explanation to the unknown. You are in understanding that there is time to think. This is only the beginning and you need not ride someone else’s wave of faith. The cosmic mind is for the many, not simply the few who look to be living a righteous life.

I admire the Master’s courage that day when the temple of old was cleansed from the profiteers. This day surely represented the ability of the mortal to set aside the craving for attention to do the right thing. This was a big day for the Master and the apostles. Jesus was at the height of His popularity. His following increased in numbers. Jesus was at the podium, set to give a grand speech that would certainly reach the heart of His hearers. When the Master saw all that was going on, the build-up of years of injustice that was occurring, He was ever so happy to set aside what He had planned in favor of being spirit-led. Thus began the chaos that was to clear the temple.

What He did was simple. When you think about it, it was a small action powered by an idea from the Father. In the minds and spirits of individuals, they recognized this goodness that was about to be the voice for their injustice and certainly this wave of energy was fueled by the spirit, that was recognized on a soul level by the people. This was one small change that was to make a lasting impression in the minds of man.


This week let us be aware of the waves of energy that are fueled by the spirit or by man’s wishful thinking. How do we further a cause? How are our minds set to be influenced? Is it something we want or something that Father wants? Is it our will or God’s will? I am overwhelmed at times because the energies are visual to me. Yes, I have some compassion for you that are to maintain in these present times. That is all for this evening. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.