2005-09-18-Obstacle of Fear

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Topic: Obstacle of Fear

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I am happy once again to dwell among you at this geographic location to bathe in the auras you emit, the warmth, the glow of love, to share in that magnetism which is the divine Resident within each. You are my friends, and I am honored to be your friend.


Magisterial Mission

I want to continue the context of your past session and offer to you the encouragement that your interval of time at base camp is the opportunity to further prepare the many in your lives for the great ascent, that ascension that your whole planet is to take. Consider yourselves in a grand universal park and you are park rangers. You have the opportunity to take up a position, one by which you may function that fits your inclinations and desires and skills. Some of you may be best inclined to run the gift shop, to tell of the books and the maps that are available for ascension.

Others are more inclined to be tour guides, to point out the observation points, the many trails, the scenery. Yet others serve in the lookouts to be on the alert for calamity, for disasters, for areas where service is required to help those in fear. Many of you will be those assigned to address those points of danger, to be there to help your fellows in dire need. There is much to do. You are each varied in your qualifications. Your training, while in this association, our classroom, has been geared toward the development of a team. Much has transpired in your individual lives to bring the variety.

So many positions are available, so many roles to play. While we recognize the tasks and assess the available workforce and discern where the human power is present and the human contributions are lacking, it is up to you to search within your soul for the role you will give in service. Be not passive and wait for assignment. Seek your interest; find the energy of passion and apply it, for those intentions are the ones we seek; those passions assure us of dedication and of application.

Never will you be assigned reluctantly; it is a cooperative decision which by percent falls largely to your side, and then are you adjusted to the greater needs of the whole. I encourage you to assess your desires, the manner in which you may provide service. This universal park is full of job tasks, and you are free to choose, for in your choice comes the strength of the execution of the goal that we all hope for attainment on Urantia. I remain present. Thank you for receiving my words.


Monjoronson (Mark): As you desire to hear from me, I as well desire to commune with you. Over these years of your practicing your technique of listening and discerning various celestial personalities such as your trusted friend Elyon, you have grown comfortable with the identification of his energy signature. Now as a matter of practice it is my turn as your new spiritual guide to spend some time with you that you may come to identify my energy signature and grow in your level of comfort as you become able to more easily identify me among the others. I would spend this time in the circle today in discussion of perhaps the most significant obstacle or challenge that we face as we prepare to depart the familiar surroundings of this base camp we enjoy, and that is the challenge of fear. Fear is ever present in your human paradigm and is only vanquished through the application of the human mind to override what is in fact a more basic response.

The first objective and step in freeing yourself from the domination of fear is to identify this reaction when it arises to confront you. This natural reaction may very well arise as a first response to any condition of uncertainty, but it is how you choose to react to this response which determines the effectiveness of your control over such a response. When at first you are confronted with this basic fear response and you have successfully identified that you are undergoing such exposure to this response, you then must decide whether or not to be led by such a response or whether you have sufficient control to maneuver your way around or through such a response by first identifying that you have felt fear. You next must make the choice to be led or prompted by this fear or to actively minimize the effect that this fear will have on your actions.

An example in our upcoming climb would be when you find yourself discerning a certain level of seriousness about your technique in climbing, fear presents itself as a mechanism for sharpening your senses and providing the necessary drive to function at the peak of your abilities. However, should fear be allowed to dominate you in this same situation, you may very well become paralyzed and unable to move forward because fear has so gripped you as to render you helpless.

Therefore should we ever be on guard for the role that fear has to play in our upcoming ascension. Fear as a motivator can act quite effectively as a stimulant, but allowed to become a dominant force it will quite effectively impede your further progress. It therefore becomes your responsibility to address this issue of fear using the tools you have at hand to govern this fear, to even redirect this fear to a more useful realm. You have several tools you have learned to enable you to wrestle with this fear such as turning this fear over to Michael, such as the sheer force of your human mind will to command fear to be subservient to your wishes, such as -- techniques I would borrow from this mind frame construct -- washing your fears away as in a shower.

To actively take steps to cleanse yourself of the burden of such fears may be a useful tool as well. Whatever tool will work the best for you I encourage you to become familiar with its use. There will be times approaching when you all will be confronted with very basic fears for your own survival and for the survival of those around you.

It is necessary of any good climbers that they have command over such fears of life and limb that they may be effective climbers and therefore secure life and limb. To any climbers if fear were to dominate completely they would never ascend. You all have embraced that there will be uncertainty and, yes, even fear.

I encourage you to prepare for such impending realities with the comfort and the security of the faith that you have also grown. This faith can still the choppy seas of doubt. It can calm the nerves and the mind and the soul allowing you to regain focus to see the next step clearly. Do not allow fear to become more than a stimulant to propel you on to the next move.

I trust that each of you here will have command of such basic responses, but I do caution you that you will be confronted as the climber is with the knowledge of your human frailties and the frailties of those around you.

Hold fast to your faith. Do not be shaken from your climb. Realize that you are within the grasp of the divine, and press on in the certainty that you are cared for and that all the doubt you may encounter is transient and testing of your skill. I feel the eagerness in your hearts and it brings me great joy. I would that you feel my energy, my presence, that you may become familiar and comforted as we huddle together and speak of what is ahead.

We are here to support each other, and we will as a team make this ascension. I thank you each one for allowing me in your space, in our space. I look forward to time spent together as we bond and become closer and closer. What glory awaits as we rise to the top and witness all that we have accomplished. I cherish that moment and each moment from now until then. Would there be any contributions from any of the members of this most valuable team?


Light and Life

Evelyn: Is this mountain you speak of that we are climbing Light and Life for the planet or something more immediate?

Monjoronson: It is certainly each step toward Light and Life for this planet. The actual definition of Light and Life may yet be some time into the future, because it requires the unity of entirety. While this is an assured certainty, there may be as yet some time required before this state of unity exists. The ascent immediately before us is establishing the pattern and the route whereby all groups of individuals may make this similar ascent. Having all made this climb eventually there will be such broad and widespread unity. But again, we in this mission must narrow our focus to one step at a time so as not to be overwhelmed or overburdened with the implications of a planet's destiny over the implications of our destiny. We are quite literally building the way to bring a planet to Light and Life, and all that will be required will be the elapse of time.


Harold: You asked us to assess our skills so as not to imperil others if we are not up to the task. Doesn't that require a clear picture of the trials to be faced? Either that or trusting the guide to assess our skills for us?

Monjoronson: Both issues have been addressed today. I see you as prepared or preparing for such a journey, as competent and as reliable. As well I have informed you today of a large challenge or obstacle before us that must be overcome. While informing you of this challenge before us I still maintain you have, each one, the spiritual integrity to dominate and vanquish such a challenge. Nevertheless, as a proper guide, I needed to inform you that our journey contains such obstacles to be overcome. You may also assume that the years you have devoted to becoming adept climbers have prepared you for much that is ahead. The grade of challenge becomes more difficult, but the technique of ascension remains the same. Hold on to your principles you have developed. It is not as though you need to learn a new set of procedures to move forward, merely that you need a new level of commitment to embark on what is a more strenuous climb than you have yet engaged in. It is certainly not my intent to scare anyone off from their desires to join any given departing ascension party, but rather to attempt a more full disclosure of upcoming obstacles and helpful techniques in vanquishing such obstacles. These are, I point out, lessons you have had before, not new material but new emphasis and tools brought to mind that you may have overlooked that may be called to your service.


Ginny: You spoke of getting enough rest. Do you mean physical rest? When I am overtired it is more difficult to be alert and to think spiritually.

Monjoronson: Fatigue is another of our challenges that rise up to confront any good climber. One must guard against both the fatigue of the physical vehicle as well as the fatigue of the overwhelmed human psyche. It is necessary as you know to have ample rest before you can tackle any physical requirement. Likewise it is necessary to have mental and spiritual rest in allowing yourself the liberty to simply be. This of course relates to your stillness exercise but also contains a component of actively providing yourself space to relax your mental and emotional condition. It is referred to as the centering of the mind, the focus of the soul. You must allow yourself this freedom as well as the freedom to relax your physical vehicle as necessary. It is simply a requirement that a good climber knows must be maintained in order to properly function. If you become too fatigued either in mind, spirit, or in body you then do in fact put yourself in jeopardy. You may stumble, you may fall, you may doubt, you may fear. All these things are possible when you are fatigued. Therefore it is necessary for you to rest.