2005-10-09-Inevitable Requirement of Functional Harmony

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Topic: Inevitable Requirement of Functional Harmony

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to join you at this time to discuss further matters of spirit and of the heart.



I would take this opportunity to recognize the significance of the petition for greater insight and would discuss with you the implications of such a petition as this. How is it that one comes to greater understanding than they currently possess? There are a great many things that you are aware that you possess a grasp over, and these things that you know are your foundation, your basis of understanding all that is to come your way that you do not now currently know. In this building process you take that which you are familiar with and, in terms of relationship similarities and contrasts, you grasp new information and understanding.

All that you build in this manner is in relationship to that which you already have as your foundation. This step by step building process requires that you use that which you are certain about to gain in understanding about that which you are uncertain. Some ideals and principles are so new to you as to stand in sharp contrast to that which you are currently familiar with and therefore require of you an additional building component; that additional factor is your faith and trust in that which you are aware of leading you into that which you are unaware of.

The childlike acceptance of the next step, even if you are unfamiliar with it, is required to make transitional leaps in your understanding. If you confine yourselves only to what you are currently aware of and familiar with you at some point run out of building materials and are unable to transition to the next level of building.

When you get to this point of finishing the foundation and beginning the upper level it is required of you that you gain new understanding and greater insights into the techniques and materials needed to continue on in your building project. These transitions are made through the steadfast application of your faith and trust that the way will be made clear to you. When you reach these different levels it is easy to feel as though you have exhausted your available materials and previous techniques and now look for how to proceed. In these times you must return to that which is certain to you, your approach to spirit, your faith that you will be lead, your understanding of this very principle.

You will be guided as to how to proceed with that with which you are uncertain of. Then you will gain the insight necessary to proceed, and you will use a different set of available materials and skills to proceed on with the next building segment.

You will continue this process of gaining wisdom and insight and materials then going through a growth spurt wherein you utilize what you have learned and the materials at hand and build on that which you already have accomplished until once again you reach another level of growth wherein it will be necessary for you to make another transition and discover a new layer of understanding.

Once again it will be required of you that to proceed you must await the guidance that you desire and work towards positioning yourselves to be ready to make this next leap of faith. Therefore do you continually build upon that which you have come to know as certain towards that which you feel to be uncertain and transition that uncertainty into more certainty that you are able to build with.

All that you desire to know will be revealed to you in this process of opening yourselves up to embrace that which you desire to know, to be, to do. That very process of reaching and building has brought you to this hour, and if you simply press onward utilizing the same methods that have brought you to this hour, you will gain all the insight and understanding required for you to fulfill your next growth spurt. I hope this provides some insight and some motivation for you to reach for the stars, reach for your divine parents, and, as the children you are, extend your faith and recognize that this process is inherent in your growth throughout. I withdraw to allow for others but remain in attendance.

Master Seraphim

Jessona (Jonathan): Everyone, hello! This is Jessona. I am here to share in this time of change with you, for we master seraphim are likewise altering our procedures and are repositioning our staff to make ready for a new chapter in the development of Urantian civilization.

It will be recognizable throughout the world as we activate reservists stationed throughout the globe to bring unsettling, an unsettling to create growth and new awareness.

It is not an unsettling simply to disrupt human condition destructively. In order for Urantia to function as a planetary family the pressure increases upon all humanity to accept the inevitable requirement of functional harmony, to learn to truly cooperate without suspicion and free of the buried intention of selfish gain as the only motivator for diplomatic dialogue. The angelic corps that make up the staff councils of the master seraphim who have been on assignment for some time have helped to draw this world to this turning point.

Now some are released for further universe adventures, and new councils are being received and assigned, trained for the next phase and eager and willing and energized to work in concert with the Magisterial staff. In the closing of this current phase much of our effort has gone toward deepening the training of the reserve human contacts.

Now we merely may signal to the Personalized Adjuster once assigned to Michael as Jesus and he, through the instantaneous divine contact of one fragment of the Father to another, will authorize that reserve human to function, and that Indwelling Monitor will release the potentials which will create change, will begin the momentum wherein adjustments on your world will occur and occur with significance. It is an exciting time. I am looking forward to the adjustments, and I, too, take to heart Elyon's lesson, for we also undergo growth and change and must build our understanding through faith, especially while assigned to this world. I share this with you as I experience a spiritual closeness; our intention to do the work of God is parallel. When angels and humans work in proximity the light of spirit is revealed, the love of God is shown forth. Thank you.


Monjoronson (Mark): Once again I would gather with you in our huddle here at base camp to make further reflection on the implications of our upcoming journey together. Feel my presence once again. I am Monjoronson. As part of our exercises together we are to engage in the fraternity of the exchange of our energies. While you may feel my energy signature carried on these words, we need to develop even a deep sense of familiarity which transcends the spoken word and makes contact directly soul to soul.

This process occurs as we share more and more our contact through whatever means we may establish. I would point out to you today that the lessons you have just received are an example of the lessons you have just received. Your faithful guide Elyon has asked you to build upon that which you know to reach that which you don't yet know. I observe that in your hearts there is belief, even faith, that something is about to transpire of which you are uncertain, and as a result of your faith having brought you to this forum at this hour you have been granted certain insights by another one of your faithful associates who has unfolded for you certain techniques whereby that which is unfamiliar to you may be made real in your lives and the lives of so many.

The very fact that you are reaching and attempting that which you do not yet know has rewarded you with the insight, has given you the understanding of one of the mechanisms to be employed in this next growth spurt.

Therefore even now do I witness the miracle of the reach of faith and the grasp of those whose hearts are willing. The fulfillment of the promise of the divine to lead and the sincerity of the created to follow, this is exactly how we move forward. There will be faith and reach required, and there will be grasp and understanding attained. Just because you are currently uncertain as to any upcoming manifestations, your faith and your trust that this may be made known to you is all that is required, along with your effort, to make that which is unknown known. I observe in all of you an eagerness to reach, and with this trait you guarantee yourselves certain success for your efforts.

These are the characteristics required for us to make this next ascent together. More and more you will be called upon to rise to the next challenge even though you may harbor uncertainty as to how to proceed. Be led like the open-minded child is willing to be led by the loving parent. Be willing to receive the grace that the Father would bestow upon you in this forum. Be strong and certain when you have gained such grace.

Possess it as a valuable component of your foundation. Use all that you currently have to gain all that you would desire. I would like to thank you all for your attention to me and these lessons we have enjoyed together. I cherish the opportunity to bond with you, my faithful companions in this journey.

I have every confidence that when the call is made you will answer with enthusiasm and with faith. That is all I would ask of any companions on this journey. I will use those characteristics to bring you that which you need to make this climb. Together we will look to build these new arenas wherein we may function in larger capacities together. I know you are eager to begin a journey about which you know so very little. Indeed the flesh is willing and the hearts are eager.

Soon you will be called upon to extend yourselves of great faith and trust in that which we are about to do. I see you as equal to this challenge, in fact, as conquering any obstacle in your path, and therefore am I eager as well. All things await their hour, and we are making good use of our time here at base camp to bond closer, to examine those skills and traits necessary to move forward. I harbor no doubts of our success when we together apply our skills and understanding.

Thank you for sharing your energies with me as I share mine with you. We are in fact growing more comfortable, and this is pleasing as we are forming a new working group. Thank you for your efforts invested so far. I know I can count on each of you for that which will be asked of you as we proceed. For now rest and enjoy the comrades in our party. I leave you now.

Elyon (Jonathan): Again this is Elyon. Before I bring a close to this session I offer you the opportunity to ask questions.


Thought Adjusters

Evelyn: I don't have a question but I found fascinating what Jessona said about the reservists being contacted through their Thought Adjusters by way of the Adjuster that used to be with Jesus.

Elyon: So much of what transpires in the growth of an individual is anchored by the presence of the Father. While this is obvious to you all who have developed spiritually for so many years, it is also of great importance to the world upon which you are stationed. Truly does the Father insert His hand into the affairs of a planet. His source of contact is that indwelling Presence. The ministering spirits, the angelic hosts, and those ascending citizens like myself are only secondary personalities. We make our requests, but it is the will of the Father that truly functions to bring about change. I praise that divine Presence in each one of you, my brothers and sisters. Draw close to that source that is love. Let that divine light illumine your soul. We are a team, and our unity is this very God source indwelling each, guiding each, and drawing us one to another.


I now withdraw, farewell.