2005-11-05-Higher Mind

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Topic: Higher Mind

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Monjoronson

TR: Unknown



NEBDONIA, Mother Spirit: We greet you too, our dear mortal friends and associates. A beautiful welcoming invitation you have given us this evening. We respond to your invitation with a circle of love. We greet you; we love you. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on the intention of improving your home, your culture, your planet and its preservation. We thank you for your dedication.

It is I, my children. I love you so dearly, truly with the love of the most affectionate mother! I love to gather you in my lap when you come to me like this. We love your brightened spirit; we enjoy your companionship and we thank you for those windows of opportunity in your life, where you let spirit light shine on those with whom you come in contact, whether it be at Safeway or in deep healing work. In the most ignoble encounter, can be found the most noble of opportunities, to enrich the life of another, with an offer of kindness, love, generosity—even a smile, children, improves the world around you, in ways it is never up to you to measure.

We thank you for being the willing bearers of light, reflecting the love of the Father onto those around you and brightening their lives. You need not doubt, for these efforts, as little as they seem to you, springing from your heart, are of great value. We trust you with this responsibility, because you are all worthy to receive the love of the Father and to give it to others. This is all we ask. See the spirit in each other and love one another for it. Join the cosmic dance, if you will; we are always willing to join in it with you. I am your Mother; I love you dearly. I retire from speaking, but never from your presence.


MONJORONSON: Greetings and good evening, children of light! It is I, Monjoronson, come to visit your group at your invitation. I would speak to you briefly this evening, on the "higher mind." Each of you possesses a higher mind. There are three components to mind: You are aware of the subconscious, and through your text, you are aware of the superconscious; you are aware of the dead-level of consciousness, through which you perceive your surroundings, make your decisions and live your lives. This superconscious concept is one that is most important, the concept of which most of your world is unaware. It is through this higher mind that you are able to perceive spiritual realities and process spiritual input.

Most of the time this happens on a purely unconscious level and it happens more readily when you desire it and request [it]. During your times of quiet stillness, of sojourning with the Father, as it were, you may make this request, and your higher mind will be ministered to. When you are passing through your lives, intersecting with other personalities, conducting the business of your lives, keep a part of your conscious mind that is aware of the input of the higher mind. Create that "bridge of intention" between your conscious mind and your superconscious, and over this bridge, you can conduct spirit business in your daily lives.

Enrich the stores of the higher mind through your stillness practice. I would encourage each of you, as you have been exhorted in the past, to create this time of stillness, once, twice a day, with the express purpose of activating the higher mind, creating the bridge and strengthening it. In these times of great change and turmoil, which are yet to go on for some time, those of you who choose to live in the light need every reinforcement of your spiritual connection, your spirit realities, so that you may remain strong and a bright light for your brethren, your brothers, your sisters—all those who need you very, very much, now and in the future. This is why we love you so very much, for you are willing.

Love one another. Care for one another. Leave none behind. Strengthen each other spiritually, materially, intellectually. Be the listening ear. Be the loving heart. Be the one who reaches out. Be the one who says yes. Be the one who goes the extra mile. Demonstrate your higher mindedness; inspire your fellows; be the light. You are the light of the world. I thank you for your willingness. I know each of you, I lay my hand on each of you in love, [in] brotherhood. As you know and have guessed, there is more to be revealed. Our visits and sojourns with you are not to foretell the future, but to prepare you for changes ahead, changes in which you are already involved, changes which are quite evident in your daily news. We visit with you most especially to enwrap you in love, to reassure you, to cheer you and to strengthen you.


I am Monjoronson. My work is proceeding; the work of my mission and it proceeds apace. I rejoice to visit groups, such as yours and others around this ravaged planet, these groups of light, these groups of love and hope. The flames and the light of the love will spread—are spreading—you shall see. And so I leave you now; I leave my peace with you; I leave my love with you and ask that you pass it on in every thing you say and do. Good evening.

NEBADONIA: "We so delight to be with you, our sweet little children. We close now. Enjoy the social aspects of your evening, knowing we continue to be present with you in fellowship and love."