2005-11-06-Overlapping Personalities

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Topic: Overlapping Personalities

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Nebadonia, Michael, Eregon

TR: Unknown



MICHAEL & NEBADONIA: Yes children, we are present. And you do perceive our love, flowing in your circle, as you invited us to be here, our energies flow in the streams, creating your circle of light this morning. Michael and Nebadonia we are—we are your parents and more than that, we are the air that you breathe and the love that you receive. We are the things that you see, and the way that you see. We are the ground that you walk on; we are the gravity that holds you to the earth. We are the instinct of the birds in the sky as they migrate. We are your "environment" and yet we are as loving, and even more loving in our personal relationships with you that are parental, than the best examples you have yet to follow. We are family. We love and care for each of you as if you were the "only" offspring we had.

It is so good, when our children begin to perceive our loving ministries, our energetic, comforting hugs, the embrace, the spiritual hand on the shoulder in times of crisis. We are here with you, we are here for you, in everything that you experience in life, and so often if you would but turn to us, you would begin to find in the midst of the catastrophe, the silver lining, as you say, that exists in every cloud, for it is always there. Whatever challenge you face in life, holds within it the seeds of the greater learning, a greater advancement, a greater leap of faith into higher levels of functioning in the universe. When you ask to see this, when you ask for our presence, we are sometimes able to portray these things.

If you can find but a moment of peace in the midst of your anxiety to ask us, we are with you. We are with you, but we will never coerce you. Yes children, it is you who must remember to ask for us, for the free will that the Father has placed in you, makes this an essential requisite for experiencing our loving presence. Your willingness to be aware of us is all that we ask, but its necessity cannot be evaded.

And yes, as you have learned in times of crisis, it is more difficult to train the human mind to turn to spiritual resources, for in those times of anxiety, you are creating your own energetic static that reduces your initiative and awareness and receptiveness. When you clear yourself of these energetic statics, by your breathing exercises as you did today, by energetically sealing yourself off [from anxiety] and opening up to spirit, you make possible these connections with less static, again as you have done today.

This is one of the reasons we always encourage you to sit in stillness, for if you are carried away by the events of your life and run around in anxiety and fear, you forget. If your habit however is to sit at least once and twice if possible in stillness, that habit of reconnection will help you to avail yourselves of your spiritual resources—at least give you two opportunities per day to reconnect. And in that peace of mind and spirit that you establish around you, there is no static, children. And you are already exercising your will to be available for spirit guidance.

This we honor in you; this we encourage in you; this we ever educate you for, to be one with the spirit within, the energy of Father. This truly is the only goal worth striving for in this plane. And you know, and have experienced, the essential quality difference between facing a situation or a challenge, enrobed in spiritual energy—as a metaphor—than going into a similar situation full of anxiety. Is there not a world of difference, children? For you to have this peace always is what we wish and desire for you, for each of you. (Pause.)

[Note from Ed. This might be where the switch from Michael & Nebadonia to Monjoronson takes place. Stylistically, there seems to be a shift.]

And what a transformed place, any small island of this kind of activity, would appear. It will be noticeable. Is it not, in your history? Do you not have heroes? Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul? Those tireless souls with strong intent and spiritual desire, have they not inspired—not a few, not a dozen, not a thousand, possibly millions—with their humble lives? And yet, in a thousand years, perhaps there would be a thousand or ten thousand such individuals, living on your planet at one time. And then they would not seem so heroic, but they would still be attractive; the [their] light would be so much brighter, but they would not be so outstanding.

And yes, it is true; there are many, who live such devoted lives, without the attention of the media, creating ripples of goodness around them, simply by radiating love. And you wonder how meditation groups sending out love and energy, are able to affect things? We tell you that they do, and yet sometimes you doubt. If you could perceive as we perceive, and sometimes there are glimmers, the energies that you assist in creating, are as real as electric lights. Your planet is lighting up, dear ones! And this too, will continue; it is inevitable, that you shall come to be an enlightened people; one by one shall this be done. And it is accomplished only within the hearts and minds and intentions, right use of will, of each and every mortal creature. Thank you for listening.


TR: Now I’m hearing Monjoronson. It started out being Michael and Nebadonia—there was a change of tone in there, wasn’t there?

Student: Oh, is that who finished up?

Student: Why don’t you ask and see what you hear? I just felt uncertain—it felt like there was a change.

TR: Is Monjoronson here?


TR: And was that you talking through Jo Ann?

MONJORONSON: It was. There was overlap of personalities, not in our reality, but in yours.

Student: What does that mean? It left me with a big question mark.

MONJORONSON: Simply, the linearity of time in space, which you must adhere to and be subject to. In our experience, this is not so. And so, personalities are ever present, always, and there is no need for separation of one from the other in this way of linear speaking.

Student: So, I guess I’m kind of understanding that when we come into this space and our intention is to be in communication, it is really not so important to discern precisely who might be speaking because they are all speaking on behalf of Father, is that correct?

MONJORONSON: That is a beneficial interpretation, yes. (Student: What a tactful reply!) Not meant for condescension in any way, child, it is of difficulty for mortals to grasp the technique of spirit existence. You have faith that it is so, and your faith is rewarded, and yet, the actual mechanics of the existence are somewhat hazy and possibly mysterious to you. It is on account of your dependence on your senses and on your delivery of messages as needs be through your voice, through one word delivered after the next word, after the next word, and so forth. Which of course is the way which one interprets thought into speech for others to hear.

In the realm of non-material and spiritual existence, this communication is done in quite different ways, as you may imagine. So, yes, you are correct, though, that it is not always so necessary to identify the exact personage, although frequently, such personage will identify him or her self. And you may always ask, and you will be informed.

Student: Thank you, because I felt like I perceived a shift in the energy. There was a difference and that was a little bit confusing, so thank you very much for discussing this.

MONJORONSON: Yes, certainly, and be not dismayed by this for it is also a function of your receptivity and your readiness for this message or that message, this person or that person. The saying that all things work together for good is quite true in all of the universe, and when you designate that you wish communication with the ambassadors of Michael, you will never go wrong in your message transmissions. The personality again, may change and shift, and this has as much to do with your abilities, as with the desire of the particular personality to communicate the message.

Student: Sometimes I get the impression that there is a bunch of backed up messages, downloaded from somewhere, and we just sort of tune in to them, does that happen too?

MONJORONSON: When we speak to you, it is always as you say, "in real time." There are records of transmissions going back to the beginning of man’s awareness of his spirit origins. None is ever completely lost and is accessible, however not always "here." You may access many of these after you leave this planet, but from [the] present Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, we are present when you are, and even beyond. (Long pause.)

TR: I don’t think anybody else wants to come through.

Student: I don’t know… and who was that anyway? That must have been Monjoronson?

Student: Yeah, I would guess. But it’s not up to me to answer.

Student: I just saw Eregon’s name, so maybe it was Eregon. It was!

EREGON: You may benefit by sunshine and fresh air today. (Laughing.)

Student: I just want to ask a quick question, because I keep hearing that my condition is temporary—all this skin business is temporary—and I shouldn’t be worried about it. I just want to ask again.


EREGON: All is well. Be not frightened, anxious, or dismayed. Stay close to Father, and you shall weather this storm. (Student: Thank you very much.)