2005-11-27-Michael's Commitment To You

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Topic: Michael's Commitment to You

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I have a few words regarding guidance.



It is through your faith in your God that you have trusted your future, your progressive growth, to divine guidance. You have learned to be receptive toward such a steering hand even when uncertain. It is through your accumulation of experience with accepting and reacting to this guidance that you have come to accommodate it more often with less doubting, with less requirement for verification, for time and again it has been proven that the leading of spirit is for your benefit.

The foremost contribution you can make in this relationship, which is guidance, is for you to be alert, to be perceptive. The guiding hand of God is by moment to moment. The overview perspective of your growth cycle through which you are being led is rarely perceived, but every nudge, every tap on the shoulder, is directly perceptible. So you will perceive not knowing the full course. By acknowledging, accepting, and enacting that guidance you will develop the course with God and come to view your travels after attainment.

Many lack the trust that is required to respond to the leading of spirit because of the uncertainty. This uncertainty is displaced only by giving it a go, taking that nudge and running with it. Have you not at some point in your life been on a trail and had a segment arise when you cannot discern the trail from the forest floor?

To one determined to proceed there is effort expended to circle around and find an indication of where the trail is clearly marked again in order to proceed. The course, the direction, exists but your discernment was clouded. However, your determination revealed to you where to go.

Yes, many will merely sit and wait for a fellow passerby to assist in determining direction. When one is truly uncertain a fellow being is quite helpful, but this merely remedies the particular situation, for you become stronger by learning to pursue the indicators that are before you that lead you on your way. The more you do the better your skill at discerning clearly between true indicators and distractions. As you accumulate experience in discernment, you become increasingly capable of responding more quickly to the divine hand that leads you. When you pray for guidance offer that prayer with the pledge of response, with the promise that you will make every effort to discern, for what is offered must be taken. Guidance is a relationship.


Monjoronson (Mark): Speaking of relationship, it is my desire to come the closer to you. I am Monjoronson and I crave your company in a group such as this that we may commingle our energies even the closer and grow in our awareness of each other. I was not a speaker at our last meeting, but I was there, and I was in observance of many fine climbers out honing their skills and testing their equipment. I was in observance as footing was lost and ropes were tested, and I took great pleasure in watching you all brace to be of assistance and pull together in service.

I was in observance to witness you focus your energies of love and direct them as beings of light. I was in observance as these acts of love occurred before me. I was moved. I was with you. I was holding an end of that line, but I relied upon you all to act in the moment in the context of love with the faith that you have grown over these times together. And I was so pleased to see this network of love function so admirably. I tell you clearly and plainly that no darkness can withstand the focus of the Father's light. It is impossible for darkness to exist when there is light brought to bear.

This is the function and purpose that you may show to each other as we continue our exercises. You may be the lens through which the Father's light may shine down upon each other. When bathed in such light it is not possible for darkness to remain. Light always dissipates darkness. Cherish this, my friends, as your ultimate tool, your weapon against darkness that is present in your lives on your planet among your people. This tool you possess of focusing your beam of light and supplementing your beam with the Father's beam provides you with great power to dispel the darkness. It was your intentions and your focus which were the potent force used to bring the Father's love through His light and yours to those in need. It was a beauty to behold and witness.

There was an opportunity to test the ropes, and they not only held, they worked magnificently. Therefore will you all be more aware in how you may focus your beam of light in areas of darkness that they may be, one by one, dispelled. When there is enough light even the shadows disappear. Accept that you have a role to play in focusing this beam. As well accept the focus of this beam into your own lives. Be willing to allow this light from on high to dispel your own darkness and your own uncertainties, your own doubts, your own fears, because all of these are temporal and transient and no match for the infinite love light from on high. Allow yourselves the benefit of receiving such light and such love into your own being. Breathe in the Mother's life, feel the Father's light. Soak these in as they surround and infuse you with their love. It is a magnificent pleasure to work with you and I thank you all. I look forward to our time together. Farewell.



Michael: I would greet you as well briefly to remind you of my commitment to you. I am Michael and more and more you know of my presence in your lives, but I would use this time and this place to once again remind you of my commitment to you, each one. I desire to assist you in your life journey and await your invitation to sit with you and be with you as we discuss the many facets of your life. I have given you this commitment that I await your invitation. I will bring with me great quantities of the Father's light that we may together focus as necessary. I just longed to reach out and touch you in this way as well. I leave you with my love and my peace. I do this day. I love you each one and I never leave you.