2005-12-03-My Many Names

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Topic: My Many Names

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Nebadonia

TR: Jo Ann



NEBADONIA: It is I, Mother Spirit, Gaia, Nebadonia, the Virgin, the Goddess, Isis —all these are my names. Many have known me for millennia, in many different forms and names. I am the feminine of Deity, which is approachable to you. And my children have hungered for me [for] long years, even centuries. This new age, these times you are coming into, will with guidance, become an age of balance and harmony between the masculine and the feminine energy. No more the hierarchy only male; no more the domination of one gender over another. My children, you are learning justice; my children, you are learning fairness; my children, you are learning to practice equality, and this is good, for it is ordained that you all are truly equal of value, equal of cherishment in the heart of your spiritual Parents.

We foster you—not that you are "foster children"—but we shelter and shepherd you, we guide you this way and that along with our angels, for the purpose of your growth. And when you can hear us, when you can follow these leadings, you are co-creating with us, a new and better day—not only for yourself, but for your fellows, your friends, your families, your loved ones, your cherished ideals, too. We greet you and congratulate you, for a new day is truly dawning. Through all the challenges and sometimes, seeming chaos, remember that ideals are being realized in these challenging times. Watch yourself grow. Each of you is finely polished by the challenges chosen for you by your spiritual benefactors. Resist us not—we give you gifts! When you unwrap the packages, see that the wrapping was but the wrapping; you will find treasures that are worth keeping beyond this life.

We thank you for your attention. I am Nebadonia. Good Evening.

Jo Ann: I keep hearing, "My children will not be denied." Michael? (Pause.) Is anybody else hearing? I think I lost it.

Student L: Something about "We want you to learn, but mostly, we want you to learn to love."

Jo Ann: I just heard, "That is excellent!"

Does anyone have a message through you, T_____?

Student T: I’m . . . this expanding on the love theme is being told to me in my ear. Let’s see if I can sort it out—"It’s upon condition you think, or you believe that unconditional love is so hard. It’s not hard. If you believe it’s hard, it is going to be hard. The way to start is to find some thing, one thing to love about everything and everybody—start there. Start opening up your consciousness to this idea of loving. Don’t try to get the whole thing all at once, if you can’t start, start in those areas. Look at everybody that you may have a problem with, or that is having a problem with you and find that one thing you can love, and start there. Turn your attention, turn your mind-set to finding love, to looking for it—feeling it, yes, but looking for it."

Student L: "Ask the Holy Spirit to know what to say to someone, and your answer will be clear immediately." (Long pause.)

Jo Ann: I keep hearing, "Eregon." It is Eregon!

EREGON: We wish to speak with you tonight, on the lessons of "love." You all are hearing in your hearts, the lesson we wish to portray. It is not only in words, that we commune with you when we gather in this way, in what you call your merkaba. We are angels, midwayers, Melchizedeks and others, ministering to you, as if you were in an emergency ward of the spirit, although you are not injured in that way. When you come into this space, you make yourself available for many types of healing if you are willing. We ask you now, if you will open yourselves for greater healing and learning levels of forgiveness, the response of which is to be able to love more consistently. We ask you now, are you willing to be open to greater levels of healing in this regard? You may answer in your heart, or out loud.

Jo Ann: I’ll say it out loud. Yes, I am willing!

Others: Yes, me too/yes/yes.


EREGON: Thank you. It is the agreement of your will, which makes our access to this kind of work possible. Please sit now, for a few moments, in individual stillness, while we attend to you. (Long pause.) Anything that you are able to release at this time, you can be certain the energies of it will become balanced and unified, in a universally, beneficial way. Trust this! (Long pause.)

As a group exercise, we will draw this process to a closure, however, be aware that by stating your intention, however privately, you can have this process continue for you, both unconsciously and when you consciously tune in. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you in this way this evening, and we hope that you will enjoy seeing at least some benefit from this in your coming days. Thank you all for your dedication to the light, for being light-workers, and for your willingness to work—for this is work—for the upliftment of your world, your culture, your neighborhood, your friends. Thank you for practicing the ethics of spirit, in your lives, whenever and wherever you can. You are able assistants, and we treasure you. Thank you again, and for myself, that is all.


Student: I’m being asked to share something. I’ve been seeing since we first closed our eyes, an image that came back to me from my childhood, that I haven’t thought about in years, and that it was both a statue and a picture of Jesus, with the Sacred Heart showing and I’m pointing to it. That came to me when we first closed our eyes, this image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and I was told before I came here, that if I saw an image, I was to share it and just put it out there.

Jo Ann: "Yes, it is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which contains all the love that you can have and share. It is through him, with him and in him, that this love is available to you all."

Anybody else getting an urge to share something? (Pause.) I heard,


"Well, that is enough then. We cherish your gathering. Thank you and good evening."