2005-12-07-Armesh On Water

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Topic: Armesh on Water

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh,Thought Adjuster, Sal-hara

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1


Armesh: "You are dehydrated. Do not underestimate the value of good quality, pure water flowing through your system. It purifies your physical vehicle, flushing toxins downwards to Earth, invaluable to aid in finding your ground. It clears your airways, relieving pressure from dryness within your lungs—after all, your lungs themselves are wet. It creates the electrolyte for important transmission of electrical signals throughout your nervous system, and its fills each and every cell, from your blood and other fluids, to the bone tissue that holds you upright.

"How very important then that you should be in balance with this element and that you should be fully sated in water at all times. Is it not fitting that water represents emotion and fluidity, and that (this) pure feeling exists in every part of your body.

"Without water your physical body becomes imbalanced, or at worst it dies. Without feeling your emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies first ‘wither’—a word conveying the drying process of decay—and then die. And without fluidity they, too, become shriveled husks of rigidity, losing all elasticity to bend with each moment in the light of its Truth of Now.

"Celebrate then the precious gift of water. Honor it within yourself, within the body of the Earth, and give thanks for each glass you drink, each stream you spy. And drink it pure, cleansed by the loving thoughts of you and your Creator, rather than sullied by hasty preparation and thoughtless inhalation."

Thought Adjuster: "Yes, today’s is a lesson on water, and one that will serve you to remember frequently as its lack oft times causes imbalances within you and many, many others—not least, unsurprisingly, the inability to fully connect to the Divine in nature, and the Divine in Spirit, your eternal parents, and Me, your guiding light through all ages.


"Go then, and drink, and mark this one with a triple gold star for ‘DO NOT FORGET’ and then allow Me to embrace you, my dearest child, and delight in our growing ever closer."

Session 2

North Yorkshire, UK, January 22, 2006. Unknown Teacher (Emissary of Sal-hara). Teacher Armesh. Subject: "The Mind’s Cavern." Received by Helen Whitworth.


Teacher: "When you find yourself in a dark place it is easy to forget yourself and to become fearful. Always though, there is a switch nearby that you can click to give light, and the name of that switch is Love.

"It may illuminate the smallest section of a huge dark cavern, but it is always near you, and can be used to explore that cave, that dark and scary place, little by little.

"And as you uncover each section, one by one, your knowledge of what you have seen, felt, tasted and smelled there removes the fear and makes it a safer place, till soon the whole cavern is illuminated to you, even if it remains in the deepest darkness.

"This cavern is the recess of your own mind. You ask to know yourself and expect this comes easy. It will only become clearer to you when you truly delve into the tunnels, twists, turns and labyrinthine caverns of your own mind. But with love for yourself, and the desire for freedom, held as a candle in your hand, then you are always walking in the right direction.

"I do not lie, and to say that this is always comfortable; it is not. However, only by searching in truth for your flaws, as well as for your strengths, and with willingness to forgive yourself for the ugly things that you find, and then will you also find peace and a certainty of purpose.

"Yes, there’s big beasties hidden in the shadows. But each adventurer must fight the mighty Dragon of their Own Making, must they not?"


Helen: "Who are you?"

Teacher: "I am an emissary of Sal-hara’s. My name is unimportant. I am kin of Katrina also, who sends with me her blessings and a reminder of her love for you.

"Your love of fire may prove a gift for you. Stare deeply into it, in stillness, and allow the guidance to spring forth. You may find ability to use this as a portal through the veil, as others use water or crystal. And do not forget to dance. You do not dance enough anymore."

Armesh: "She is beautiful, is she not?"

Helen: "Yes she is, my friend. "

Armesh: "You understand, I trust that there will come a time when all teachings must become harder, when you must prove you have learnt hard and well, when you must use your knowledge gained over years of pupil-ry to face a final assessment for your general education, before continuing in your specialty, a transition you may say, from school to college.

"You will be fine. You have had a great number of masterful teachers, and have learnt your lessons well. Stay true to what you know to be true and your transition will shortly be complete."

Helen: "Is this ‘shortly’ in spirit time?" (often much longer than we’d consider ‘shortly’ in human terms)


Armesh: "A month or two should suffice. Though this will be greatly helped if you agree to continue your learning through your sleep time, since as you are already aware, your physical waking life actions, thoughts and emotions are but a fragment of your true learning as an eternal spirit. I leave you now."

Session 3

North Yorkshire, February 9, 2006. Teacher Armesh. Subject: "Embroidery." Received by Helen Whitworth.


Armesh: "For each of your teachers there is a different energy, a different reason for them to teach you. Most times the greatest teachings you receive are transmitted in pure energy form and as such are not verbalized within a formal teaching, although a hint and shade of this energy may be conveyed through the words used. With myself, I can take onboard whichever color of the rainbow is most required at the time, and also many of the light chords, of harmonic light, discussed with you previously.

"When you receive bursts of energy through your connection or spirit, your higher self does indeed take that learning and integrates it within the entirety of your body system. Because you cannot articulate it does not mean it has no meaning. With each and every moment the world around you is ribbons of energetic pattern, colors and shapes and sounds and smells, which interact with each other creating new lines, and which destroy each other at times also, leaving space and infinite possibility. When you learn to travel through these ribbons and along them, then you understand more deeply the relationships inherent within a physical and spiritual world conjunction. You see cause and effect, even when these two are separated by large amounts of time within your human reckoning.

"Much also may be made with these interactions with other beings, spiritual beings such as myself, such as angels, celestial teachers and also the beings of nature, the elementals and of the Earth, the Moon and other star systems which are all part of the ribbons of Earth’s weaving. Think if you will of the celestial bodies as providing the backdrop material whilst more local interactions create the embroidery upon its surface.

"In places the warp and weft have been cut, and you have found yourselves as a race embroidering upon thin air, or embroidering upon background material only to find you have no thread within your needle. And all that is left are tiny holes, where you attempted to create a glorious pattern. As you understand the mechanics of the interactions you shall slowly but surely learn to create these in perfection once more. You shall learn to check the presence of thread within the needle, you shall learn to darn the holes in background cloth.

"You have been concentrating much in recent times upon the embroidery. Now it is time to turn your attention for a while to the celestial background, to ask questions of the bigger picture, of the nature of reality within a global consciousness. To understand the patternings at that level of perspective, for you need both understanding of the broadness and of the minutiae to fully understand the glory of the creation of the Divine.

"Do not hold yourself to be one person only. On days when you do not know yourself do not see that as a bad thing, but as an opportunity to see yet another perspective, for you are no more solid than the water in the rivers or the sand on the seashore. You are the Being Which Knows. All else is transient. So do not debase your Divine nature by seeking approval from others, or the methods of others, to give you your lead, but come always in silence, let go of your past, let go of your future, let go of your preconceptions of who You Are, and let yourself Be. And then you will see what is truly meant to be seen.

"I and Wolf will be with you tonight. It will be advantageous for you to begin once more your scribing of each nightly traveling, since through this process you may more succinctly garner information on the true nature of these ribbons, and of the nature of yourself. Yes, these are universal truths and the greater understanding of healing that you wish will also come through this method. Take each color, at each moment as presented to you from your heart and follow its line, giving yourself in-to it, so that you may be-come it, for that moment.

"It is pleasing to me to speak through you once more as it is easier for me to gain solid connection when the resonance of sound is used to solidify my words. I trust that you also remember what Sal-hara’s daughter said to you and look a little into the fire to find more truth in that.


"I leave you now and ask that you go into the fire and spend a few moments with its healing. I love you all ways. I Am Armesh."

Session 4

North Yorkshire, February 14, 2006. Teacher Armesh. Subject: "Only Two Boundaries. Received by Helen Whitworth.


Armesh: "All of your life you have thought about the nature of things. This is a common thread; from the awkward questions you asked as a small child, through the tortuous emotional questions you asked as teenager, to the highly technical questions you asked while studying the physical nature of your planet and its more seemingly bizarre manifestations within the furthest reaches of the subject. And now you question about spirituality. Do you not see how fitting it is that you have worked through each perspective of your physical life as human, through the physical, through the emotional, through the mental and through the spiritual?

"And you have gained a broad understanding of all of this, yet something inside you still stirs, still feels that there are questions unanswered. And this is because it is time for you to move beyond the confines of yourself, as I said last week, to within a broader perspective. Your study of the history of humankind has been useful. There have been many wonderful teachings that have been lost upon this Earth, more in fact than those that have been retained, and it is good that many of these perspectives are being rediscovered once more, alongside a growing understanding of the simplicity that weaves behind All That Is upon this place.

"Do not try to find routine, dear child, it is not to be your way. For some it is important. For some, through routine, they find a greater and greater depth of understanding that opens up to give them a full view of the world. For you it will only hinder and frustrate you, and neither expect your learning to be linear. You might say that you are undertaking many courses at once, so one day the subject may be Math, and the next French, or Geography. But trust that your education is in order.

"I look forward, as much as you do, to the moment when you step out onto the world to travel again, for it is during those times that we may truly take you anywhere. I beg you to remember this. Do not plan, do not preconceive, for in doing so, whilst you may visit where you must, you will not gain the delight and soul sustenance which you could, from this. And this is the same for many people. By giving in to the guidance of their inner selves, their Divine Nature, and to the Celestial Teachers who are entrusted with making this apparent to them, they may find understanding and comprehension beyond that which they may find if they limit themselves.

"For why see boundaries, when you have boundary enough upon your life. Your birth and your death form the only boundaries which should be felt by a human being. And you have already experienced the first of these, and you shall never know when the second may appear. So, in the interim time, live each moment with full awareness, even with the smallest tasks of sweeping the floor, of carrying the coal, and of washing yourself.

"Take delight of each of these for they are manifestations of you as a physical being, and so privileged to be such. To get dirty is not always a bad thing. Neither is there to be any guilt in the joy of cleansing once more. To be on this Earth and to walk your path with truth, you must be of this Earth, but also of the Divine, for in your true natures you are of both.


"And with that, I take my leave, my dear sister. I am gone."

Session 5

North Yorkshire, UK, February 28, 2006. Armesh and Sal-hara. Subject: "Discussion on Love." Received by Helen Whitworth.


Armesh: "The whirlwind of love takes you into ever decreasing circles until it whips you off to a point of infinity, and with open heart you then spy the world with new eyes.

"But so often this love that is opened, unconditionally, placing yourself open and vulnerable, allowing you to remove all boundaries and step fully into the dance of life, is mislabeled, and misunderstood as being caused by the effect of the individual towards whom you direct your love.

"This is not the case. This love is yours and yours alone, so claim it. It is true that often fond regard can be the catalyst in shedding your armor, but the truth of love is of a state of being that is in dance with the whole of the world, through letting yourself be fully you.

"And how often you find that initial ecstasy dims, and you feel irritation at your partner for no longer creating such feelings with you, for being other than you thought he was. Yet how can this not be so when you ascribe to him the immensity that comes from within your Divine Self?

"The value of partnership is great, and truly two souls who dance together, both holding hands with the Divine Love that is their birthright, can climb impossible mountains, and forge jewels of unfathomable beauty, but so too can you alone, or otherwise.

"The truth of each person’s love, whether romantic, parental or brotherly, is in the full giving of yourself without clasping onto doubt and fear. It is by nature jumping into the river and allowing yourself to be taken with its flow, neither fighting to swim upstream, nor abandoning self and falling to sink to the bottom. It is active and it is passive. It is looking yourself—and the mirror of yourself; the world—in the eye, and engaging in heart-to-heart communication, whether talking, laughing, crying or singing.

"And when you loose the bounds of your love, and let yourself claim it as yours, then the object of love is freed, as well, and our love of life may just trigger that opening within him also.

"This is true of your Teachers, as well, when you let us in, for our love for you holds no bounds, and then you may experience lessons of love beyond your dreams. Simply by allowing yourself to know how much you are loved.

"Hold onto this always, in good times and bad. The love you feel is yours. Allow yourself its benefit.


"I AM Armesh. And I love you."

Session 6

The Scribe: "And I." Destiny Guardians: "And we." Unknown numbers of Teachers, Guides and Angels: And I, And I, And I . . . " Sal-hara:


"In the midst of the mists of empty mind, A form arises. Fleeting, spacious, eternal, confined, By your heart and the eye of imagination.

"Flashing blue, green and yellow, Colors swirl in whirlpool effect, And solidify, to show one moment, Of your heart’s desire.

"Let all such things come to pass, Dancing in the winds of your soul, As your soul joins in the cosmic dance, All that awaits is seeded in your heart."