2005-12-18-Wait & See, Stop, Look, & Listen

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Topic: Wait & See, Stop, Look, & Listen

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo, George Barnard, Elaine

Session 1


Michael: "I have perfect trust in you, dear Sister. You will finish this life experience in great peace, joy, love and happiness, for you have found some amazing keys to peace, and yes, joy, love and happiness. You have learned to forgive all.

"Step by step and hand in hand we have traveled together through so many necessary lessons. They need not be repeated, for you have passed through many trials to this place of great happiness, and now the climb to the top is less steep, wouldn’t you say?

"There are no more forks in the roads, and you can move steadily forward. When you hit a little snag, you simply take a few deep breaths and persist. Ah, persistence is a friend we call upon often in our journey. You know persistence is a trait for great victory, for you never waver now.

There is no time to waver from our appointed tasks, no minutes lost on ego-centered happenstances. You will not waver, and My trust will not waver either.

"It is a path of one step at a time; one day sufficient for us to worry about and I use that word not in a sense of fearful worry, but a sense of simply counting our many daily tasks as necessary.

"There is no fearful worry now ever. Your trust in Father’s over-care is now complete. You know full well He goes with us every step of the way, and every need for the journey is supplied. He will never fail us.

"The tasks each day require us to simply trust. He will supply all that we need, when we simply wait on His Will. And His Will is not a mystery. His Will is all that unfolds before us.

"Do not hurry. So much precious time is actually wasted by rushing to and fro. Waiting to see what occurs is far easier than making things happen. Ah, yes, one of the harder lessons in our curriculum has, indeed, been to wait, but it’s one of the most sane and sensible.

"Wait and see are three little words that you have heard Me say so often, My dear sister. And what of those three little words that go hand in hand with these? Ah, yes, stop, look and listen! These are all good words, a simple message, to evaluate often.

"We will meet a few challenges in the months ahead, but nothing that wait and see, and stop, look and listen, cannot master. Victory after victory, lie in these simple phrases. Well you have learned them. They will never fail to answer all our dilemmas.

"I am Michael, your Friend and older, wiser Brother, most happy to move ever forward with you all."

Session 2

  • Subject: "An Amazing Array Of Talents."
  • Received by George Barnard.


Michael: "Be calm. Be still. And know that I am with you.

"There is not a pilot that can fly too high, for I will share the cockpit with him. There is not a miner working too deeply underground, for I will be there at the coalface with him. There is no sailor hidden on any submarine below the waters, for I am with him, right there at his duties. I am Michael. I am with you, always, but I am with you at this time so you may clearly hear My words. It is My great pleasure, My dear son and daughter, to be with you and converse with you this evening.

"And to you all, who knowingly call yourself My servants, My ambassadors, My children, I remind you that your words will always be Mine.

"For every single inquiry that you receive, I ask you to try to place yourself in the position of the inquirer, and request to receive the inspiration from Me that will allow you to answer the questions as concisely as you can.

"The Father Creator has ‘dispensed out’ into the time/space worlds an amazing array of talents. Trust that not during this lifetime you will be capable of assessing just how many of these talents were truly handed to you each, and to each in person. Not until your future lives will you be able to look back and note with some accuracy the many talents you were given, which you plainly overlooked.

"So I say to you My dear beloved children, whilst in your mortal lives, do the very best you can. Count on having the capacity to see through (complete) any task that is given to you, and humbly, yet with deserved pride consider your achievements, whilst remembering that your words will always be Mine.

"This is your Father/Brother, the Nebadon Creator Son, Michael. Carry on My treasured children. Au revoir."

Session 3

  • Oakland, California, US of A, January 1, 2006.
  • Divine Father (Christ Michael).
  • Subject: "Walk With Me."
  • Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Father: "Dearest children, welcome to your New Year! This is your Father Michael, and I greet with you with many blessings. This year, I ask you to set your sights on Me and My love for you. It matters not to Me that you do not fully know Me and the role I play in your life. What is significant is that you willingly investigate who I am and how I may assist you in your life’s journey. Life on this world can be very difficult and beset with many situations that try your patience and persistence to stay focused positively. Yet in all of these trials, I am there and awaiting the internal signal from you for My action within you to lead you to triumph.

"I can turn your sights towards victory over difficulties. I can gently guide you to an internal place of peace and comfort that will soothe your spirit and soften your internal protection. I give you strength and endurance for the physical life, and My presence within you confers a confidence and hope that you can indeed walk the life path with joy no matter what comes to you.

"This year, I invite you to resolve to become more familiar with Me. I am your Father. I love you. I know of your troubles and hardships and I long to accompany you as you find your way toward resolution. No matter how much or how little you know Me and the role I play in your life, ask for expansion. Ask for more of Me. The more I am in you, the greater help you will receive and the more love you will feel for yourself. Make this your gift for yourself this New Year. Grow in Me and be filled with a spiritual presence that will gladden your heart during these rigorous times of change. You can only succeed when I am in you as fully as you can experience Me.

"And grow in Spirit this year, My children. Grow in love, light, truth, goodness and beauty. Grow in consciousness of Spirit and in the actuality that you are creating more of your God-self with each moment you spend with Me. I am with you always, and My love for you can overshadow any trial or tribulation that comes your way. Walk with Me more this year and you will have many blessings come your way. Even to the point of making this the best year of your life! Be in My peace."

Session 4

  • US of A, January 8, 2006.
  • Christ Michael.
  • Subject: "Put Away The Sword."


Michael: "The peace of God is shining in us now.

"Peace is all there is, My sister. The present chaos that is that part of your children’s lives right now is all of their own creation, just as it was yours for all those many years. And how much of all chaos is simply un-forgiveness?

"I told you once that every problem is the result of un-forgiveness. All wars, whether between families or nations, have un-forgiveness as their seeds. Unrelenting anger is the cause of all the chaos.

"I say, put away the sword and all wars will cease. But No! The swords of war are such a habit. Habitual war seems the only pathway, My children can take.

"Is this truth? No! Every habit can be laid aside as if it were an old garment that has outlived its usefulness. You know this is the truth, for you have personally laid aside the habits of war, and it took quite a bit of effort during your own life.

"Warring is not an easy habit to put aside, but you know full well that war has no benefits, none whatsoever.

"Right now, examine the chaos in your own family. Every one of their problems can be solved with the gift of forgiveness. And do you think your family is the exception? Of course not! They are the norm.

"The chaos of war is worldwide. Every family is touched by the war of un-forgiveness. And what is the answer to all this insanity? I provided the answer all those many centuries ago. Forgive one another as your Father in Heaven has forgiven you.

"Yes, the answer is simple. But how few will take note of it? How very few indeed!

"How many marriages would be saved? So very many would be saved. And how many lives would be spared if My Words were respected? Too great a price has been paid throughout the centuries by mankind’s resistance to My Truth.

"We have spoken of these things before. Why do I bring forgiveness to your remembrance today? You heart is greatly troubled by the pain and suffering in your children’s lives. You wonder how you can enjoy this hard-earned peace that fills your life today while so many suffer?

"They all must learn the same lessons that you have struggled to learn. They must learn to lay down all their swords. There is no other way to peace than these, My Words of truth.

"Forgive one another and peace will come. The only path for you to travel is My path of forgiveness, for all other paths will lead you astray.

"I am Michael. And I repeat these words emphatically. Your children will remain in chaos, and so will countless others of your brothers and sisters unless they lay down all their swords and truly follow Me!"

Session 5

  • Illawarra District, Australia, January 8, 2006.
  • Michael and Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).
  • Subject: "Your Arduous Journey."
  • Received by Elaine.


Celestial Parents: "We are here, our daughter, your celestial Parents, who look upon you with great love and yes, with pride. Be not afraid as new and strange events of your future unfold, for these events are like stepping stones, bringing you ever closer to the peace and contentment that you crave.

"You will not face your arduous journey alone, for many who remain unseen travel with you, and they will guide your actions on your path. (Inaudible segment). We are with you even when your mortal senses cannot perceive our presence. How joyful and pleasing to us is your sudden remembrance of Us as you perform your daily tasks. We reach out to you, always, as you reach up to Us.

"Come to Us often throughout the day and be open to our input. In this way, you will find the harmony and balance that will allow you to tackle any problem, any situation that arises, without those insidious worries and fears. We stroke your hair and pat your back now, as you take another wobbly step towards your goal.

"Again, be not afraid, dear daughter, as you allow love to lead the way."