2005-12-28-Mota, Stillness, New Planetary Cycle

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Topic: Mota, Stillness, New Planetary Cycle

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. We have traveled through time many years. We are expecting many more to follow in association as a nexus within this Teaching Mission. It is much to my benefit our association, and I have received from you words of similar expression. I know that my supervisors are quite capable of arranging people into groups for maximum benefit to each personality, and our group has proven their skill quite accurate.



You approach another day of demarcation, your New Year. It is a fitting custom for you all on your world to take stock of the close of one cycle and anticipate the potentials of a new cycle and to assert your will such that you may determine what potentials you desire to see manifest come about. We in the realms of morontia do likewise respect such days wherein we can also gather our minds and project our course for the time ahead. Naturally this position of reflection is healthy, but it is also worthwhile to undertake not only at the year but at the end and the beginning of a new day.

Reflection upon the past increases insight, which is beneficial toward your future. As you sit in stillness and cherish the moment of divine presence your mind is illuminated by the light of spirit, and in such clarity you are afforded a perspective of your previous actions which stimulates a response to mota. The response to mota is successful when you connect your actions of the past with your hopes toward the future. Therein you discern the connecting link, you derive the meaning and value of experience, and are keyed to better be able to act or react according to your higher ideals as events unfold before you. Such a time of reflection and projection is always enriched when you welcome and reside with the Father's spirit. This fellowship is in the moment of present time. This partnership is what makes it possible for you to see more deeply into your past and toward your future.


In the presence of God you have a reflective other, an other which truly is beyond your greatest estimation of the best that God could be, and this, while like a standard yet greater, for the standard is the Father of all, overlays a higher perspective than would merely be held viewed by the human self alone. In that communion you are afforded the power of spirit to make choices that are beneficial to your progress, choices that may be difficult for the human self to accept, but when hand in hand with God, the correct decision becomes clear.

To become sensitive to the overlay of morontia mota upon your human condition, you are most successful when you are clearly situated in the present, conscious of the Father, and then actively seeking balance between your past and your future. This may be viewed visually as a plus sign where the vertical member represents God above and the present below, your past and future the horizontal member. You in awareness reside in the center. There is then the possibility for multiple relationships between the four points and the center. It is in this interconnection that you grasp on the level of soul the meaning of mota.

It is common to consider a time of stillness as a time to withdraw from the world events, to regroup within oneself, to praise and worship God, to clear the mind, to center, to push away the distractions, to simplify the thoughts, to reorient what is important above that which is merely pulling and pushing at you. All these expectations in stillness are worthwhile, but there is also an added benefit which is the experience to be had by exercising a sense of expansion, of extension, of broadening your being. So stillness becomes a reaching outward, upward, and beyond oneself. In such a state of mind and soul you are approaching the Creator's perspective, that being one which views totality. By extending beyond yourself you are able to see the significance of much that transpires not only in your life but in the lives of others and to do so without the colorations of your own perspective. Stillness is powerful in bringing about this overview.

Magisterial Mission

This new year on your calendar approaches and so does the new cycle of planetary advancement for the mortals of Urantia with the arrival of our Magisterial Son and the staff of volunteers that accompany him. They too are reflecting upon the events that have led up to this time wherein a mission of this sort is deemed appropriate, that they too are assessing the direction that this planet may go in that will bring enough transformation to establish momentum within civilization that human beings will continue the growth on their own, stimulated by their celestial brothers and sisters. But your experience will not be substituted by the actions of your cosmic brethren. This stimulation for the whole planet is in a sense a form of focus much like stillness for an individual. It is a marked point in planetary progress wherein all those who are assigned and who have volunteered to assist this world take stock, reflect, and project.

They do so in solemn dedication to Michael and with allegiance to the other rulers within the subsystems of Nebadonia. It is a collective form of quiet time and reflection. In this interval many who have been eager to serve will solidify their devotion, their dedication. Others, simply attracted by thrill, will lose interest and will continue their spiritual growth as it benefits them personally. But those who can sit in waiting while the course is designed and adapted to Urantia, will find themselves accommodated by the Magisterial staff. You will become laborers for the promotion of the program and, following this promotion, you will also become enactors of the procedures the program contains. In the meantime in your daily cycles take your time for stillness.

Do so for yourself because the love of God is ever present and ever desirous to flood into your soul, and do so for your brothers and sisters who are on this world endeavoring to take Urantia further down the path to Light and Life. Sit and warmly feel the camaraderie of all the teachers, the angels, the ministering spirits who share the same hope that you do for this tiny world.

I have finished expressing my thoughts, and I offer the remaining time for discussion or questions, if that be your desire.



Jada: I'm not very clear on what mota is; what I know is from The Urantia Book. Could you expand on that?

Elyon: Mota is a depth of perspective. It is more than simply the understanding of a particular meaning. It is more than clarity of a particular insight. It is the ability to associate seemingly differing events, situations, truths, meanings, and values into a holistic understanding.

It is threefold in nature; if you were to plug one ear or shut one eye your senses are then slightly impaired. Yet with both ears or both eyes your ability to detect your surroundings and to do so more accurately and with greater understanding increases. Mota is the ability to associate spiritual truth with morontia realities and physical realities.

While you have been taught that morontia mota is discernible only by morontia beings, you are able to exercise your morontia muscles by consciously in every life event taking stock of the physical, the morontial, and spiritual aspects. In doing so you will be formulating a morontia mota viewpoint. There will be two dimensions to this added understanding. One will be less discernible for it will impact upon your soul and will accumulate for experiences that may unfold long into the future. The other impact will be within your mind in the form of enlightenment, not merely understanding or clarity, but an illumination which is superimposed upon these other two. It is in a sense a magnification wherein many details are viewed clearly and your understanding is compounded, deepened, from such magnification. Situations are perceived multi- dimensionally, multi-layered.

Mota is a form within the morontia realms wherein personalities learn to detect the spirit realm, for it is in the spirit realm that such all encompassing wholeness of viewpoint will be developed. Mota is the way to balance your earlier life in physical form with your future destiny as a spirit being. It is the way to distill what is still beyond your experiential grasp by rising above all that which is in your immediate experiences and there coalescing each one together into a whole, and to do so not merely with the result of having a collected unity but to do so in a manner whereby an entirely new value emerges. It is that new emergence which readies you one step further for the experience of pure spirit.

I hope this addresses your question.

Jada: Thank you, Elyon. I will have to study that.

Evelyn: You've added to the understanding of mota with your description of the plus sign, that cross with the self in the center. The vertical is moving along a time line; there we are at that moving point with God on the vertical along with us. What you have now added makes that clearer.

Elyon: I appreciate each one of your efforts to expand your understanding of things spiritual by listening carefully to my addresses. It illustrates precisely why I am joyful at having been assigned to this Melchizedek classroom. As I speak to each of you I convey ideas that I hope will stir within you reflection. In that reflection the true lesson is possessed, for my ideas are merely ideas, and they are meant for many people to receive. But they are of no significance until following reception reflection occurs. Then it is vitalized; then it has the life of spirit, for it is in your wrestling with a new concept, your application of that concept, that is the living quality. That too is an illustration of mota, for a lesson is only an object, and your reception of it is only an act. But as you reflect and apply you then draw into a totality, and that is a condition above and beyond each factor.


Again I thank you all for such application, for your willingness to receive from me and my fellows regularly. You know you have been rewarded, and I express that I am likewise rewarded.

Evelyn: Thank you and have a happy new year on Urantia.

Elyon: I will then draw a close and thank you also and happy new era as well.