2006-01-08-Supreme & Intermediary Choices

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Topic: Supreme & Intermediary Choices

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again I am pleased to join you in our arena of choice. It is my freewill choice to attend this forum at this time. Likewise it is each one of your freewill choices to attend this forum. This represents the single greatest acts we have to perform as developing beings. Truly it can be said that in the final analysis all that you have to give to this process of development is your freewill choice. It is that choice which affirms your intention and directs the course of your growth and your subsequent ascension. These choices may be seen as on different levels of your consciousness. There is the underlying choices of your souls to find God and pursue the goal of union with God.

This underlying soul choice is your compass and provides you with your direction toward that which your hearts and souls desire. Then as a result of having this Supreme choice having been affirmed, you then are provided with a number of lesser choices along the path to your ultimate goals. These intermediate choices that you find confronting you are definitive choices helping you to define for yourselves how best to service the underlying Supreme choice of soul growth and divinity attainment. These intermediate choices about the path to take or the best route to access are a means for you to determine in your own approach to divinity, your individual avenue. By exercising these intermediate choices you learn to establish the means that work best for you through trial and subsequent redirection.

Having made one of these intermediate choices you may come to determine that such a choice did not serve your Supreme purpose of soul advancement, and at that point you may decide that a previous choice no longer serves this purpose and that another choice would be more appropriate towards this cause.

This does not itself indicate that the first choice was an error of your freewill desires but rather serves as a shade of contrast to provide you with the necessary illumination of a better way. Therefore can it also be said that every choice made by an individual whose ultimate desire is to find God is a choice of necessity and a choice that can be seen to serve the ultimate purpose of spiritual advancement. Often humans crave to not be seen as having made a false choice or having erred by spending time traversing down a false path, but in the realm of time and space true values are attained by learning what is serviceable to the divine career and likewise what in contrast is not serviceable to your soul's objective. But I would remind each and every one of you that, having made the Supreme choice of divinity attainment and soul advancement, all other choices are merely stepping stones toward fulfillment of this Supreme choice.

Even an apparent error in choice does not deter from the overall advancement of a soul whose desire it is to find God. There may be detours; there may be dead ends; there may be having to go around the block again; there may even be heading down the wrong road for a time until you realize, but all of these choices of judgment are part of the grand design to portray to you the contrast of what you are choosing. Does your choice service your ultimate goal? Does your direction complement your purpose? Do your actions mimic your intentions? Do you portray your heart's desire in your choices?

These are what you are defining day by day as you are confronted through grace with another opportunity to choose, another chance to illuminate aspects of your spiritual journey, another possibility to make a better choice, another chance to implement your higher self. Because these freewill choices are so basic and so important to life as you know it and spiritual growth as you yearn for it, do we recognize the significance of your choosing to be here and now and a part of this Correcting Time and valuable members of this climbing team. All these choices represent your putting into action the desires of your souls and of your hearts to venture down this spirit path to make a valiant attempt at making such a spiritual climb knowing that as a component of your material, spiritual nature you will have missteps and you will experience wrong avenues of approach and you will invest yourselves in means which do not serve you. All of these are valuable aspects to defining means that do serve you, avenues that do work for you, approaches that are beneficial.

While humans tend to see missteps as unfortunate or shameful or embarrassing we familiar with the spiritual growth process see these as valuable turning points providing you with a new fork in the road with which you may exercise your freewill choice, a new opportunity for affirmation of that which your soul desires. We see these moments in your ascension as precious because they provide you with yet another opportunity to choose, another chance to redefine. You are, in the end, known by your orientation of soul which is a result of your repeated and ongoing choices.

As you know, it is not enough to one time decide what you would be, what you would do, but rather you must support your choice, you must redefine your willingness repeatedly as life brings you more and more opportunities. Each affirmation brings you greater strength for the next round of decision making, for the next opportunity of choice. I respect and honor your choices for having steadfastly been a part of this classroom and of this team that we have formed over this time together.

I see each of you as shining examples of those who would be counted on to continually choose a path to the divine, even if your short-term choices may seem to stray from this long-term value. These are your teachers; these are the lessons we need en route. In the final analysis all is well. As the drops in the river may make minuscule choices of direction, nevertheless they are proceeding with the great flow, so do you function as dedicated drops in this river.

Your reaching your destination is of a certainty regardless of your subtle changes in direction en route. Having this realization that your destination is a certainty should make your journey easier. The intermediate steps between here and there, although uncertain to you now, most certainly do bring you your desired approach. While you may not from this standpoint recognize each step to be taken before you, you can recognize that the Father does provide you with the steps to be taken before you and that having this compass so strong to guide your direction you should be comforted that even through the fog of life you may rest assured that your direction and your purpose be maintained. That concludes my remarks for today.

I conclude as I began with my gratitude for the choices that have brought you to this place, not only this time and space event, but to this place of spiritual orientation that you have all so freely and willingly chosen. Thank you.

Monjoronson: I would greet you as well, I am Monjoronson here to commingle with you. You are, as you know, quite blessed by the services of a comrade teacher, a guide such as Elyon.

To those who ask much is given and the desires of your souls and the choices that brought you here have brought you the access to your spiritual growth such as your devoted companions on the other side, even myself, who count ourselves blessed and fortunate to work with those who have demonstrated in their lives the Supreme commitment they have made in their hearts and souls.

It is these individuals who we crave to work with, these individuals who indicate through their choices their soul attitude, these individuals who are willing to take the risk of making choices. These are the ones who we seek in our implementation of this Correcting Time. That is not to imply that such individuals are always divine or pure or without error, but rather we are assured by the deeper Supreme choices of their souls that they are en route to divinity. We understand the process of choice or trial, of redirection, of definition, and of more choice.

This is the plan of the divine, and this is how the plan manifests in its glory. There is no coercion only freewill choice, and we recognize the willingness of developing beings such as yourselves to show the vulnerability of choosing and re- choosing and re-choosing as life unfolds. We are not concerned with choices that appear to be in error or avenues that appear to be dead ends. Those are valuable lessons to teachers and are necessary to this process that we hold sacred and that we honor.

All we desire and require of those on this spiritual ascent is the grandest choice of all having been made, to pursue an approach to the divine, to take the steps necessary as you see them, and to not give up. That is all that is required. The rest will all sort itself and fall into place if the compass of spiritual advancement is adhered to. In a very real sense those of us with more spiritual experience can already taste the victory of your accomplishments, because we are aware that the necessary ingredients for your success are already possessed. It is only the lapse of time and the events of space intervening between you now here and the fulfillment of that most ultimate desire and goal of your souls to find God and be in His presence.

Having this Supreme choice there is no amount of obstacles, lessons, difficulties, or challenges that cannot be overcome to this ultimate desire. I recognize this in each of you. It is unmistakable and therefore am I pleased to work with you in whatever state or condition this time and space interim finds us in. I am certain of your success in the overall goal of spiritual ascension.


The more events occur, time passed, and experience attained, likewise will you become convinced of your success and your journey to be made more comfortable. Thank you for hearing my words today and commingling with me that we may grow closer.