2006-01-14-If True To Selves, Visit Would Be Courtesy Call

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Topic: If True To Selves, My Visit Would Be Courtesy Call

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Monjoronson

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Do not mistake the shapes in the shadows for being reality. You may see a rabbit hopping along the wall. The rabbit is merely your first perception. Looking harder you see it is all the same, unflinching, with no mind of its own, and you pat yourself on the back for spotting that, in actuality, the rabbit is only the projection of a man’s hand, held with fingers and thumbs -- one minute mimicking Rabbit, the next (moment) Bird or Frog.

"Yet still you miss the truth behind all of this—the source of light, single pointed and ever brilliant that allows Man to create his shadow-puppetry play.

"So notice, yes, the remarkable talent Man has for creating likeness, for creativity, amusement and entertainment, and see it as such; a mere play upon a stage. And then go looking for the real essence of Rabbit, Dove or Frog. For just as they may only be shadow forms in Man’s play, this does not mean the single point of light does not also fall upon them (as real animals).

"Truly do you see how each being is a shifter of shape? Of how intrinsic essence derives from the patterns of melody and harmony held within each discrete energetic grid of being-ness?

"And of the tensions and ties that keep so many hooked into dancing another’s tune, scared to disengage and find their own expression of their own base nature.

"Why do you expect a sense of self when you walk towards Union of All? The judgments you make on the nature of Progress are not always valid -- your expectation of the nature of freedom flawed."

Monjoronson:"I anoint you, Helen, in the name of the Father, the Mother, Creator Son, as co-creator on this Earth plane. It is touching that you wish to give all of yourself over to do the bidding of your celestial friends and teachers, but this is a responsibility they are not allowed to take.

"You look to them to show you your heart’s desires, rather than into your own heart. You examine your life’s journey to glean suggestion as to your future path, rather than examining what brings you joy and passion Now, and defining that which you feel is missing.

"Make your choice, in full truth, and it shall be so. Your celestial brethren can only assist you in walking your path and route to the Divine once you step onto the next road forward. If you sit at the crossroads waiting for their instruction, you will wait for all eternity.

"Take time in deep thought and feeling. What really, in truth, sets your soul aflame, ignoring that which you feel you ought to answer in favor of that which fills each fiber of your being.

"If each person walked true to themselves, my visit here would merely be a courtesy call.

"I love you, hold your hand in support, and I will respond whenever you call, as I will to any being on this Earth plane, with absolute love. I AM Monjoronson and each one is so dear to me."

Armesh: "Each year the leaves fall from the trees, turn golden brown, and then decay. But each year the tree sprouts new buds, grows leaves once more, and the tree grows a little larger, a little stronger.

"Is the tree less a tree in winter when she is bare? Is she more a tree when covered in green?

"You are that tree also. Yet you judge yourself where you would (judge) no other. Go easy on yourself, my friend."