2006-01-18-Those Who Wish For A Better World

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Topic: Those Who Wish For A Better World

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Urantia, Planetary Supreme

TR: George Barnard



Midwayer Chief Bzutu: "This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. I bring my greetings from the many that are watching this procedure, and our love and appreciation to you both, for ‘marking my prompt’ and making yourselves available."

George: "Greetings Brother."

Bzutu: "It is on this occasion, my dear friend, that you reached for Another and She will speak to you now. She will speak to you directly and I remain as an observer as do many others."


URANTIA: "My dear friend, My dear child and subject, My coworker in many an effort to clear up and to prepare your home planet, this is URANTIA. I AM the Planetary Supreme. Like you both, I AM evolving in time/space with the comprehension that from an eternity viewpoint, I AM already a completed Being. From an eternity viewpoint, this planet resides in Light and Life. From an eternity viewpoint, billions and billions of humans have lived and died in their physical lives and have moved on to meet the Creator Father of All.

"From a clear time/space understanding, this is an evolving planet finding itself in the two-thousand-and thirteenth year after the birth of your Creator Son’s devotion and life on this planet. We are time conscious. I AM time conscious. It allows Me to deal with the happenings of the now, and it is in the now that I can advise you from My many years of living with, and observation of, all the phenomena that are ‘brought to me’ with the human occupation of this planet.

"I have been with you, and I have watched you, and cared for you in the same way that I have witnessed and cared for all other human occupants. I know your life’s history as if it was My own, and I ask you now, would you in production fire a pottery vessel that was seriously distorted?

"Would you in your (past) occupation try to rescue a company that is beyond redemption? Indeed you would not. You would move on, and you would expend your efforts in the creation of suitable pottery vessels and in the rehabilitation of the more promising companies to be righted.

"And so with these examples I make it clear to you that for progress to come about, and continue to come about, you must develop a relationship with those who have a willing ear. You must not waste your precious time with those who want to debate for the sake of having a debate.

"This then is My advice to you, and I know you will take it to heart. It is with gratitude, ‘with hope of a promise’, and with well-deserved expectation that I look forward to the achievements of those who wish for a better world. Carry on on your path and know that I am with you, always. This is URANTIA."

George: "Thank you URANTIA."


Bzutu: "This is Bzutu once again. I know of your pressing matters stacked up on your table, but I will simply be a thought away when you are ready to format the words of the Planetary Supreme, in whom we all exist, for whom we all strive. I greet you both and take my leave. Adieu."

George: "Thank you Chief."