2006-03-15-Progress Platoon

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Topic: Progress Platoon

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "I bid you welcome. It is an honor indeed that you should have a visit from our Prince Machiventa, who works tirelessly to assist all beings upon the mortal sphere of the Earth to evolve to the utmost of their potential, and to safeguard the Earth for future generations.


"I have been in conversation with other Midwayer friends of the Progress Platoon, and I am pleased to announce that we are much encouraged by the work which is being undertaken at this point in time.

"There are many who now read the messages, both through lists, and the board, and there are many who read that you are unaware of, as they struggle with doubt, insecurity and uncertainty of the truth held within the messages, before putting their head above the parapet and joining into the community.

"There are now members of the Progress Group in all the major continents, barring only Antarctica, but it is our greatest wish that the contingent from Africa and Asia should expand within the next few months. There is much work being done in these places, and for the Progress Platoon, yet they are not yet part of the worldwide community. In time they will be.

"I wish to offer encouragement here to all those who have remained silent. Many of you have much to share. Some of you are already receiving messages. Some of you are consummate healers. If you so desire, then make yourself known, for the community is becoming a hub for both these activities, and know that each word from Spirit is greatly needed on this Earth plane at this point.

"And there are more people who are becoming aware of their need for assistance with healing, who are putting up their hands bravely. Answer this call if it resounds within your heart.

"That is all I have to report today, and I shall not presume to give deep teaching following the discourse you have just received. I merely reaffirm that all of you, each and every one, has the potential of contact with their own Divine Nature, and with Celestial assistance. Even in the times of your deepest fears, and your deepest doubts. Indeed sometimes it is the cry of desperation that holds the purity of intent required for us to answer within a tangible manner.

"Sometimes it is only in these moments that you allow down your guard enough to truly let us in. I speak to each and every one of you.


"Take a moment now, as you read this message, and if it is your heart’s desire state out loud, if possible, your affirmed intent to walk into the fullness of spiritual guidance, and then sit, and feel, and let us wrap you. Us, who love you so dearly, in our arms.

"I am Armesh, and I deliver this message on behalf of Chief Bzutu.