2006-04-30-I Am The Aspect of The Divine

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Topic: I Am The Aspect of the Divine

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: The Voice, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers



[Intro: [Mark] I'd like to move into a little bit different space, I'm a little bit nervous about this but I am getting the nudge to ask of everyone today that you make an effort to hear today’s lesson from a different place. In our conversation today it's been illustrated that we all have made reference in various ways to the message of the I AM Presence and therefore I'm getting that this would be a good time for us to move into such a realm and whereas we're used to personalities make contributions to our understanding, we can as well hear the answers to our petitions from another source, an internal source, and if we will listen today with an ear towards inner confirmation we may begin to open these new avenues within us.]

The Voice: [Mark] I would greet you at this time. I AM the aspect of the Divine which is nameless but you are free to identify me by however this contact, this communion feels to you. Today I AM most pleased to have so many wonderful references to work with in your ongoing pursuit of understanding of such vast and noble universe principles. I will offer my contribution in the building of your structures of understanding and I will make reference to several points which you have already referenced in your discussion.


First I would illustrate the value contained in your observation of which seat you are in at any given time during your journeys. This aspect of the positioning of self is all important in your ability to actually take control over your individual journeys. It is very good that you are beginning to observe which seat you occupy, either the drivers seat or the passenger seat at any given time and even a more positive growthful experience for you to attempt to, through sheer force of your own will, take control of your journey by seizing command of your vessel and putting yourself in the seat of control .

By engaging in this process as frequently as possible you begin to determine when you are and when you are not in this capacity. When you observe yourself to be in control and at one with your journey you take note that it feels a certain way and has certain parameters as part of its condition and likewise when you find yourself feeling as though you are merely along for the ride take note of how this feels to you and the subsequent conditions and realities that are attendant upon this choice.

More and more through this exposure you will come to desire to take the wheel yourself and not simply observe that which life would have you do but rather take the road that you, your real self, would desire and choose. This is, as you also mentioned, a matter of implementing the choice of your higher self and assigning your subservient self the task of fulfilling your desires to traverse a certain direction. This active engagement of your related components is what conditions your individual learning experiences and provides you with the greatest growth for your efforts.

Another key concept you addressed is the expectations or conditioning of that which you will and will not accept as part of your realities and I will elevate the idea concept that it is not to invest yourself in expectations of any particular circumstance or individuals but rather to invest yourself in the expectation of the overall goodness of the program. In this way your expectations can be turned into faith and your faith can then propel you to reach this expectation of the manifestation of a glorious outcome from on high.

While you may not know or understand exactly what that outcome may be, your expectation, indeed your faith is what will bring you to such a glorious outcome but do not make the mistake of placing your expectations about the details involved in the journey from where you are to the manifestation of your great expectations. These are all principles, that while you discuss you really know of the truthfulness of these principles. It is only left for you to embrace these principles as the truths that you know they are and to thus move forward and choose accordingly.

In formulating these choices we now arrive at how this is most effectively accomplished and I am attempting to demonstrate this very hour in this very moment that each of you have Me or One just like Me to assist you at a moments notice, even at an instants invitation. In fact I await your signal to be about my duty of elevating your highest ideals and valuing your greatest principles. In this way you may in fact enjoy a degree of certainty as to your desires of the heart.

I am there to confirm that which is your highest self so that one day that part of you may join that part of Me and We may function as one unit operating with our desires intertwined that together we may represent the greatest that we are. I invite you each one to participate in representing the greatest that you are. The Father has bestowed upon you all that is required for you to be divine. At what point will your understanding bring you to this knowing of who you are and your relationship to the Father and to the fragment of the Father that has so eagerly and lovingly volunteered to be as one with you.

I declare the invitation awaits your acceptance. It is known to you intellectually that this is your destiny. It is understood by you in the mind that this reality should be available to you. It is now a matter of the choosing of the heart and the orienting of the soul so as to be about this next phase of your reality, this new understanding of yourself, this permitting of yourself to be the divine creature you were created to be. Hear these words in your minds, filter them through your brains, but feel them in your hearts. They are meant to arouse your yearning, your desire, your acceptance to be who you were created to be.

It is not designed that there be any particular time period or circumstances in which you must fulfill to accept your divinity, rather anywhere along your individual voyage you may simply choose and then it shall be so. I invite you all now to consider the option of choice that is before you, to consider that it is not necessary to completely or fully comprehend the nature and workings of how this divine destiny should or would occur but rather it is solely, that is a choice of your soul, a matter left to your choosing. Please join me in an attitude of worship.

Father who provides all things, please help and welcome all these children who have turned students in this classroom, each one desiring to know the truth, to be the truth, to feel the truth. Help them Father to discover this truth through the very fragment that you have bestowed upon them each one. Help them to become the divine destiny that is in store for them. Help them to understand that they need not wait for anything or anytime to accept their sonship and daughtership with you, that this gift you have provided is theirs free for the taking. Help them to feel your presence, my presence, our presence within them. Help them to distinguish this presence in their lives and then be there for them as they attempt to take more and more control over their journey to be more and more seated in the drivers seat that they may pilot this journey of their own free will as they chart their course back to you Father.

Clearly it is the desires of their hearts to reach you, to find you, to seek you and clearly it is your desire that they succeed in their efforts. Help them to establish this connection they have with you, this direct line that each one can access, that they may find comfort, peace, awareness and understanding through their new channel of communion with you. Help them to understand that this channel is not new to them, merely newly identified by them. In this way may they find that part of you that is with them always and which will unerringly guide their journey back to You. We petition for your assistance Father but we know of a certainty of your commitment to all of your children in every way, in every avenue of approach that they will foster, and therefore we harbor no doubts as to the success of all of these individual journeys and the collective journey they represent as well.

Only in our attempt to petition you for these things we as well orient ourselves not only to ask but then to receive. Let this state of reception be our consciousness. Let this desire of our soul be expressed. Let the divinity of our nature be manifested and share the joy of our accomplishment as we become that which we are destined to be. This is what we have to return to you and through our efforts we will steadfastly make this so. Thank you for your words, thank you for your plan and thank you for that which provides us with such a graceful journey on route back to You.

Elyon: [Mark T/R] I greet you, this is Elyon and I would just have a few words before releasing this classroom this morning. It is my observation and certainly proven by this group of devoted individuals, that as you seek so shall you find. That is what has brought you and us to where we are now in this ascension career. So it shall be, as you seek so you shall find, as you look you will be granted with finding. I encourage you to spend some reflection in contemplation of this new dimension of seeking and finding. I would encourage you to not condition your reality away from such potentials. Just because something has not been existent to you until now does not mean it does not exist.

There are great numbers of things of which you remain wholly unaware but that has no bearing on their existence or reality. I encourage you each one to attempt the practice of forsaking your expectations, the expectation that you have to be good enough, you have to be mature enough, you have to be learned enough, you have to understand principles well enough even that you must act in any given fashion or resemble any given construct. All that is required of you to accept this new level of yourself is changing your mind. A simple choice to allow and accept that which is previously unknown opens the door for all that is to come thereafter.

It is truly as simple as that and yet that very choice stands as guardian of the door of a new arena of your existence. I suggest that you recall the mental construct that you have evolved throughout this process of seeking and finding and how very many changes and adaptations you have made to your construct of thinking to accommodate your new and improved understanding of the character and nature of God and your relationship. Likewise is it required of you to expand your consciousness to allow for that which you have previously been underexposed to, to expand your awareness to make room for that part of you that have not been illuminated at this time.

This is a big step. It is perhaps the largest step that anyone of your material existence may be expected to take, but you all have proven yourself through your application of faith to bring you to this crossroad even now. Contemplate what it is that stands between you and your acceptance of that which you seek and commune with that part of you about your desire and your ability to assume your divine identities. Attempt to identify those hurdles before you in the days ahead so that you may negociate your way around, over or through any such obstacles to allow yourselves to find that which you so eagerly seek.

Be prepared for the realization that this new avenue of approach is not so distinctly separate from yourselves as to be identified on its own, but rather teased out of the elements of self that you are currently familiar with. It is in your identification of that unique component that is the key to your acceptance, your understanding and your relationship with such a component. Dwell on these matters and formulate your questions and responses and they will provide for much food for thought and avenues of expression when we meet again.


Would there be any desire on your part for questions or comments at this time?.....There has been given much to digest, so in anticipation of that I will draw this meeting to a close having given some due respect to the one of us who has offered to forsake uncertainty and step forward in this new arena of certainty. I am as always devoted in my relationship to you as assistant and teacher but I am as well humbled by your sincerity and desire and commitment to all that you seek. I will at this time withdraw. Thank you all for hearing my words, farewell.


[Epilog: [Mark adds some personal comment ] One thing that may be helpful and that is in my journey of discovery I was completely overwhelmed with the discovery and I just share this with anyone it might be helpful to, that this voice of certainty, this indwelling spirit that we all have is so misunderstood by virtue of the fact that it is so close. Everyone including myself have spent their entire adult life seeking for something that is out there, something that is somehow different from us that we may find and that we may realize that is it, and then at that point we can begin to join with it and become something combined when in fact the whole time I have been overlooking the little voice. It's the one that acknowledges your higher thoughts.

Is the one that prompts you to have thoughts of goodness, of service, of love. It's the one who takes those thoughts and augments those thoughts, elevates them within your being to feel right, to feel good. It's that little voice, it's not a teacher who comes from the outside with their own personality, with their separateness. It is rather a part of us that is so close to us as to be indistinguishable. Therefore have I my entire life overlooked, even tripped over this divine spirit, this divine spark because I would not accept that that was it.

That the only way that this divine spark has life is through me. It's not that this divine entity is out there a complete entity of its own trying to make contact with me, its that this entity is not complete until I and It become One. In this way it is absolutely requiring that I act. That my personality become the personality, that We can then be. I have been looking for something outside of me that would change me and make me into something greater and bigger and it is not out there. It is a matter of internal discovery.

It is being so close to it that it is the water in the womb, indistinguishable where I stop and It starts. It is not possible to have this separation of two identities because this divine fragment has no identity. Mine is the identity that It seeks and so I share this with everyone in an attempt that they can realize that this was my own internal discovery. I had no idea that I was looking in all the wrong places and that it is not something you earn from out there that somehow comes upon you and changes you and transforms you. No, it is that part of you which elevates all of your highest ideals and thoughts which gives you the a-ha moments which brings you the conviction to act in faith and in love.

It's already there, so I encourage you to look there. Don't look anywhere else. Next time you desire an answer simply ask and then allow your higher self, allow that little voice to give you the answer and therein is where you will find that relationship of your divine self in partnership with your material self. Allow the answers to come and recognize that that is what you're seeking. It's all right there and it worked particularly powerfully for me to begin journaling and writing but I don't say that that is an only avenue of approach but that is where it became clear and evident to me to simply ask the question on paper and then without letting the mind get involved in analyzing the question and providing known context, simply writing the answer.

That's how I discovered that this was not outside but inside. Enough of my own journey but I was surprised and amazed and I just try to share that with whoever might resonate to it. We don't ever imagine ourselves as being capable of such goodness. Why aren't we capable, we're children of God with an indwelling fragment of God. What makes us not capable?]