2006-05-07-Truth Becomes Wisdom

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Topic: Truth Becomes Wisdom

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Machiventa (Mark TR): I would greet you this morning, this is Machiventa. Once again I am pleased to be included in this forum, pleased that you would form such a forum for our joint participation. I would, at the risk of echoing sentiments expressed, wish to validate one strain of thought.



It is quite obvious to all that we have been engaged in a process imparting truth over this time we have shared together, and you have each done quite well to gather this truth to yourself and to claim this truth as your own acquirement. As you have gathered this to yourself this truth has slowly become wisdom and changes from that which you are exposed to into that which you have become familiar with.

In this process of transformation you have subsequently altered your understanding and perception of those circumstances around you and have seen them through different eyes, eyes of understanding and wisdom. As this process proceeds this acquirement of wisdom becomes transformative of how you live your lives and approach the reality around you.

In this way this truth has become wisdom, and this wisdom has pervaded your lives to the extent that you are now engaged in attempting to access this wisdom. In this way do you actually become over time that which you are initially exposed to as truth and have subsequently embraced as wisdom. This is as it should be. There is expected that you will grow to represent this wisdom in your actions, choices, and perceptions. At some point it becomes difficult to distinguish the truths as being separate from you as you implement them through your wisdom.

Therefore is it appropriate for you to manifest these truths in your life and take responsibility for that which you have gained, wisdom. It is far an easier task to not take on as full responsibility but defer to others for wisdom and truth, but at some point it becomes part of your growth process to assume these truths and this wisdom as your own, in fact, to be that which you have learned and embraced.

You may lean on myself and the other teachers as long as you wish and defer to us the responsibility of owning such grand truths and understanding, but as time and growth occur more and more you will take personal responsibility for that which you know, that which you understand, that which you become over time. You should not feel as though it is inappropriate for you to take this step, because it is not desired that you forever defer your grandness to others who so clearly have a grasp of that which you are attempting, rather it is desired that each and every one accept personal responsibility for all they have become through this process and manifest such a reality to all the outside world.

This is my contribution to this forum today, and I would step back and allow for others. Thank you.

Teaching Mission

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, I greet you also. We have spoken of our conclaves together as a "classroom", and we have done so within the larger context of a teaching mission. The purpose of this approach is to instill within the students a receptivity, a willingness to be taught. You are aware of Jesus' response to the one who asked, "How can one enter the kingdom?", and he said, "Come like a little child."

How is it that a child learns so readily with so little effort the ability to speak, the ability to walk? Your natural progression into wisdom is done as a little child learns how to live. Yes, there are things in life that require the tutoring of an experienced being. You have learned to play an instrument with such guidance, but eventually you progress to composition in your own right, and you develop expressions out of your own creative source.

These classrooms are merely the arena for lessons out of which you will come into your own composition, your own theater, for expressing the truth attained. This cycle finds completion as you first adapt and secondly adopt what is offered.

You have heard for many years that teachers have flocked to this world, but I say to you today that there are many teachers already living upon this world, and they are you. The many souls in your life seeking to acquire truth to grow in wisdom have all of you around them. You are like the soil from which their spiritual seeds sprout. Yes, the truth, the love, the reality of God may be likened to the sunlight or the rain that feeds that seed, but you are the soil.

If you remain pliable, aerated, soft, and full of nutrients yourself the many about you grow vigorously to God. Your role is as important as Machiventa's, and I am proud to be among this troop and to have been rewarded with your progress. I will give time for you to give expression. Thank you.



Mark: Why is it so difficult for us to embrace the aspect of ourselves which is grand, divine? Why do we recoil from such an invitation?

Elyon: It arises from two factors. One is that when you observe your past, your background, you perceive immaturity, lack of ability, all those states of yourself prior to attainment. And you look at the many around you who have acquired, who are capable, who give the sermons, who write the books, and place yourself in the position of inadequate. Time fosters confidence, but the willingness to risk, to place yourself in peril, will give yourself that confidence.

That risk and peril are not from the external world but from your own sense of unworthiness. Put it in danger and it will perish. It is a form of stage fright in a spiritual sense. The more you are on the stage the less you are afraid of it, and soon you come to realize the power and the opportunity of being on that stage.

Many teachings have fostered the submission of the lowly self to the higher power, and, as I have mentioned, our classroom has that same design to draw you into receptivity. That is only the first step. Soon you graduate. Soon you hang your own shingle on the door saying you are accomplished.

There is a time when a student leaves the university, and this you are beginning to realize. It is easily done by those who enter into a profession, and why, as you have asked, is it so hard in the realm of spiritual accomplishment?

The Father has taken you into His arms. You are His child. There is no denying that. May it be so in all your actions.


Mark: Thank you. I want to express heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgment of the roles that you and the other instructors have in your encouragement of us as students. May we rise to be all that you envision us, and may we feel as confident about ourselves as you feel about us and as the Father feels about us. I realize the role you have played in my life is significant for support. Thank you for that. I pray and hope we can all realize the truth of that and claim that as our wisdom and assume the role that we are training for so we may become accomplished and graduate from one level to another.