2006-05-28-Merkaba Energy Grid

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Topic: Merkaba Energy Grid

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



MUSIC: "Sweet Hour of Prayer"

PRAYER: Men-O-Pah:

Father, we come to Thee in joy and gladness, remembering the words that you spoke, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there shall I be," and so, Jesus, come sit with us. You are surely welcome. We remember our comrades in arms this day. And we pray that we might be like the old black warrior who said, "I'm gonna lay down my sword down by the riverside and study war no more." We pray for peace. We pray for the leaders, our leader. Give him wisdom that he might do the right thing and say the right things. We ask all these things in your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.

MERIUM: Good afternoon, my precious friends and visitors -- new friends. This is Merium. I am pleased to be your co-host today. Tomas will be back with us and sharing some of the things he learned while he was away, and I was "in charge." How funny that phrase is to me, that I could be in charge if I wanted to be. I will talk another time, perhaps, about being "in charge."

I would like first to welcome our dear Ann back to the fold, as it were, and enfold her in our affections. Welcome, too, new daughter [Marilyn] to these environs and this format.


There is always some trepidation when you open your soul to that which is most precious and dear, to discover the vulnerable crevices of your deepest self being assaulted by those concepts which are anathema to the sense of spiritual well-being, and so it is my prayer that when and as we share the festivities and activities and the lessons of this afternoon, that my words fall on fertile soil and that they not be received as barbs or assault. Rather, that together we can be as one in the spirit -- that spirit which transcends all theological differences, that oneness of soul, which is a part of divinity that we pray about, for, and to and that, indeed, we worship.

The idea of a relationship with God, a personal God, is what I'd like to bring to your focus today because Tomas is going to fall [follow] up with an element of "impersonal God" to compare. So I ask you each in this study portion of the session to look within yourself to discern the God self within, the divine fragment of God that is in the secret place; the citadel of the spirit within, wherein you seek to hear the sound of the still Voice which can tell you, guide you, which way to go -- that which gives you a sense of oneness and which brings you the peace that passes all understanding.

Naturally, this is not the same self as your physical self or your emotional self or your social portrayal of your self, nor is it broken into factions of political self, financial self, artistic self and so forth, but is indeed the self that is a part of the divine … the embodiment of the statement "I AM a child of I AM" and so, with all that preamble, having a sense of your Self in the Spirit, allow for a moment that that be the presence of God within you, and own it, as a fragment of God, and feel a part of the universe as a result of that connection. [pause]

Tomas and I are debating now how to proceed. He is eager to make contact, so I will perhaps come back. But Tomas, now, would like to pick up here and tell you about what he has learned while he was away.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, my friends. This is Tomas, your teacher and friend, co-worker and companion in the ascent to greater reality. How wonderful it is to be here at this festive reunion of old souls in spirits young and gay. The beauty of the day, the chimes, the breeze, the pastoral loveliness of your environment makes me know that all is right with you, all is well in God's world … as far as you are concerned.

I am excited to share with you some things I learned from my friends and associates in Andover where I have been with another group, another classroom, and where I have learned from them what they have learned from me. This is an extension of the truth of the fact that while with you I have learned from you, that which I have taught you. And so we eventually teach each other, which is infinitely better than the blind leading the blind! And so let us talk about this impersonal God that Merium mentioned.

I will think of it rather, as energy, for God, as the Creator, is certainly the creator of everything, including energy, and if God is everywhere -- omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent -- then he is certainly in energy. Just as that divine fragment within you is a particle of divine energy, so does divine energy permeate the universe. I am going to talk about merkaba.

Think in terms of play. We are going to play here for a bit, and I am going to try to keep my focus so that my message is not garbled by the process. The merkaba is a grid work, is the name for or a denotation of the grid work that underscores all of life. If you think of a city that has infrastructure, you will have an idea of what I mean when I talk about spiritual grid work, and its term merkaba. It is about the energy inherent in the universe -- much of which is untrained, undirected, uncurtailed -- but as that energy can be roped in, hog-tied, and put to good use, you then have access to much more creative power than you would have thought possible. You are harnessing the energy of the universe to work for you. No longer do you drift on life's currents, buffeted about by the energy of the collective consciousness, but you have plugged into the energy of the cosmic universe, a far greater power and influence than that which flesh is heir to.

If you would, plant your feet firmly on the ground and see yourself as a receiver -- as if you had antenna, and as if your feet grounded you into the earth. There is pattern to be experienced in this exercise. The idea is that your heart is the focal point, and the seat of the soul, such that you want to have your radio station connecting to higher broadcasts while your feet remain firmly grounded on the world where you live. In this way, you can serve both God and man most effectively.

If you allow your mind's eye to see the energy of the universe traveling in circuits, one which comes up through the floor and into your right foot, if you will allow the experience of this energy to come up through your right leg and touch your heart, then turn around and go down and out through the left leg into the floor and oversee its progress as it then enters into the right foot of the person to your left, and up into their heart, down their left leg, into the floor and into the right foot of the person on their left. Do you see the pattern of energy I am unfolding to you?

Group: Yes.

TOMAS: All right. Good. Then let us get that thing moving now, and see how that feels. Just the bottom half. Let it come up through the right, touch your core, and go out the left. Take a moment to experience this without my interference so that you have a full consciousness of this energy coming in and leaving, at the same time coming in from the person on your right, so that it is a full and earnest circle of energy. Proceed. [pause]

In the ideal, you will feel settled, established, grounded, as if you had put yourself in the driver's seat and fastened your seatbelt. You are now free and we are now able to activate the upper half of this merkaba. Even as the energy on the bottom half continues its traversal from right to left, we will now operate with the circuitry that goes from left to right in the upper portion of the receiver, and this time the energy will come into your left ear, down to your heart, up to your right ear, out and directly into the person next to you. [pause]

Lest you feel you are bouncing around, but without spinning your top, allow the energy to come in and immediately out again. In the left ear, out the right ear. This is a much faster paced circuit than the one that keeps you grounded. Is there anyone who does not feel some kind of energy circuit?


Paula: Me. I don't feel anything.

TOMAS: Do you have your feet flat on the floor.

Paula: Yep.

TOMAS: Your legs are not crossed?

Paula: Nope.

TOMAS: All right then, let me walk you through it. Feel everything. Focus on your right foot. Sense the life that is in your right foot. Feel the tingle of its very existence. Imagine therein the muscles, the tendons, the blood vessels, the bone, the skin, the nerves, everything that is life and the life that flows through it, through the blood, carrying the oxygen as a part of your physical vessel. Do you have an idea of that foot in your mind. Can you see your foot, in your mind's eye?

Paula: Um-hum.

TOMAS: Can you feel its warmth or perhaps the breeze on your foot that gives rise to a sense of it having its own awareness?

Paula: I'm supposed to, huh?

TOMAS: It is possible. This is not something that you are "supposed to" do. This is an exercise. It is not a required course.

Paula: Oh.

TOMAS: It's for fun. So we want you to have fun with the energy that is possible to come up your leg. Let your consciousness come up to your knee. After you get past the calf and the muscles there, allow your energy to focus on your right knee. Feel the warmth of your right knee. Feel the blood and the bone and the life of your right knee. Appreciate that. Move on up through your thigh. Feel the work of your thigh, the muscles, the heat, the value, the life, the necessity, the appreciation, the love of that leg, all that it does for you. Can you feel the energy coming up through your leg? Can you feel it settling in your sacroiliac, touching base with your lowest chakra, the life force that runs up and down your spine? Can you feel life within you? Can you feel life within you as something separate from that which you call Janet?

Paula: No, I guess there's probably something wrong with me.

TOMAS: I doubt that. I don't think there is anything wrong with you. It may be a perception that is difficult to grasp, but it does not reflect poorly on your intellect or your sensitivity. I would suggest you not worry about it. Just take part in this merry-go-round and allow your elder brothers and sisters to hold your hand and carry you around laughing until we all fall down. Just enjoy the energy of the group.

Actually, this is what the whole thing is about. It is to become sensitive to energy, and the energy specifically that exists in this group. The merkaba has, as its reason for being, the ability to connect you, through this impersonal energy grid, one with the other. Many times when you leave this meeting, you go about your business and lose the connection with those of us who are tying you into divine reality. You return to your standard relationships and energy connections, which may be on the order of a working relationship, a marital relationship, a parental relationship.

The choir here has a connecting factor. There is an energy that exists even with you, Paula, as to your association with others in the choir. It carries energy with it. This is a merkaba. The energy that you share together creates a reality. That's the entire point of this exercise, to point out to you that there is energy in associations and as you understand the energy of a configuration, you can rely on that energy and draw upon that energy as well as the relationships you have paternally, fraternally, or maritally. It is an introduction to another dimension of association.

Thoroah: In a lot of ways, it's like Men-O-Pah mentioned in his prayer, that "where two or more are gathered together, there I am."

TOMAS: Yes, it is, but this goes back to Merium's part of the discussion, for Jesus is personal.

Thoroah: But there is an impersonal connection …

TOMAS: Absolutely.

Thoroah: … there that is also the Father.

TOMAS: Yes. That is true. That energy connection is a viable reality. And that is exactly what is meant by Jesus saying "when two or more are together, there am I in your midst." This is, incidentally, true not just in one's physical presence, but in one's connection. If two of you are joined together in faith, he is there in your midst there also. So if your mind is reaching out and your energy is focusing on prayer to someone across town, their Adjuster ~ their indwelling God Fragment ~ their spiritual antenna is aware of this, because it operates on a far higher frequency than the grounded and much denser energy connection of the material realm.

So as you allow yourself to lift up into the merkaba, the higher merkaba, your Adjuster, your God fragment, your divine spark, connects simultaneously with that friend who is thinking of you. You humanly may not be cognizant of this connection. You remember it only as that you like this person, that you enjoy their company. When you are away from one another, you think of each other occasionally and you have good energy to project in their direction and you receive good energy from that direction.

That is precisely right, Thoroah, it is an example of Jesus being there in their midst. He is in their midst. He is between them and connecting them. This is the God energy that creates a merkaba of reality that extends beyond the material and finite dimension. It is my pleasure to introduce this concept to you and tell you how much I have enjoyed working with the Andover group who learned this as a teaching tool for you.

It is such an interesting thing, being part of the Teacher Corps here on this world at this time in its development, for you know, we get to learn about you and your ways as you, hopefully, are coming to see some things from our perspective. Any good teacher learns from the students …if nothing else, how to be a better teacher! And so I have brought this trick back as "show and tell" for you, my flock, and hope that my excursion into experiential realities of this movement, this planetary awakening, can bear fruit. I give you back now to Merium.

Group: Thank you, Tomas. It's good to have you back.

MERIUM: I'll soon be opening up the windows, but let me first go back to what I set aside in order for Tomas to talk about the physicality of energy. And that is, again referring to that indwelling fragment of God and the personal aspect of it. Now, the Adjuster is pre-personal. It is your personality that provides the personal touch to this God fragment.

Therefore, when you reach into your God as you understand God, in many ways you are looking into yourself. You are looking at your own reflection of divinity, for that is all you have experientially acquired. The rest is faith, and while I am not belittling faith in the least, for faith is what keeps you going, which is your own carrot held out before you to follow into greater religious experiences, it is also true that as you love yourself more, you love God more. As you love God more, you are able to love yourself better.

And the upshot of all this is that the love cannot stay within you. It must come out. And it will come out, through these energy circuits. Therefore, prepare yourself to impact your world by a conscious utilization of these energy grids and circuits that are available to you by and through your own cosmic consciousness.

So what does this all mean? It means that you can affect the world you live on, its destiny, and the immediate environment where you hold forth, "in charge" of your own consciousness. So you see how silly it is to imply that I was "in charge" of anything, when that is your singular responsibility, privilege and duty to your own self's relationship to deity. From there, all things come.

Well, we have made up for lost time, haven't we, today? What now can we do to lighten up the vibes, to get out of this cerebral modality, and into something that is more toward your experiential comfort zone? How are you advancing in your own spirit life, your own love life with the Source of love? How are you?

Elena: I wanted to share something. My sister and I were talking the other day and we were recalling back to a summer that had been really cool. There had been lots of nice things in it and lots of memories and just one thing seemed to go to another, and so I just decided that I am going to have that kind of summer again, and I'm starting that. I got a pond yesterday. Mother and I went to get that and it's something that's easy; you don't have to dig; it's not $7,000; it's $200. You plug it in and it's a water pond! So …

Paula: That you can sit in?

Elena: I hadn't thought about that.

Reneau: Before she puts the fish in.

Elena: No fish. It's not a big one. It's just a small one.

Paula: Oh, just a little one.

Elena: Yeah. Yeah, so you guys will all share in this, no doubt, too, but it may not be a lazy, hazy summer. It may not be lazy at all, but it's going to be a good summer. So that's how, Merium, I'll kind of help you fluff things up and add a water pond and plug it in, so that's what I intend to do with this summer.

Men-O-Pah: Well, Barney [the dog] will drink the water.

Elena: Yeah, that's right. He may sit in it. I don't know.

MERIUM: The trickle of water is always refreshing, and the trickle of water is also a reminder, if you choose, of the living water, which is also real, and which also refreshes. The determination to have a good season to up-step your view to include more cheer and laughter is a worthy investment of mental energy, particularly in light of the many things that would draw you down and back into the worry and care of the material dimension. Not to say that they are not worthy concerns, but that they need not consume you. In fact, drawing more energy from the higher merkaba grid is an exercise that all worriers would do well to learn. It helps to balance out the spirit and the flesh and bring more joyousness into the human experience.

Elena: So that, when we're by ourselves, we could do this exercise anyway.

MERIUM: Certainly. Yes, you can do this alone. In fact, it is, yes, recommended that you draw upon higher energies as compared to the lower energies, which, yes, serve to keep you grounded, but they also serve to keep you down. This, if you will remember the configuration Tomas introduced -- the bottom half of you being connected to the material plane, into the earth, giving your energies into your material existence, allowing you to remain grounded and stable, even as your upper self, as a tree holding its arms / branches high into the sky to praise and wave and be free, keeping that nest of robins in your hair, provides the birdsong and the lilting melodies of the cosmos as a counter-balance for the down-pull.

So we have the up-draft of the spirit to balance the down-pull of the material existence. Yes, of course you can draw upon the positive as well as on the negative, the spiritual as well as the physical, the infinite as much as the finite. It is our hope only to introduce you to the viable reality of the spiritual plane so as to provide some diversion and relief from the incessant enclosure in the exclusively material existence.

You who sing and enjoy the choir certainly have an advantage over those who do not know the joy of lifting your voice in discipline and praise to creation itself, to the artistry of creation. And you are fortunate, in that you sing for a house of God, to attach those images of worship and praise that allow your heart and mind to soar. Many creative people soar in their application of their creative energy as well, and no doubt find tremendous satisfaction therein, but they may not always be consciously aware of the divine aspect of their endeavors.

The more consciousness that can be directed toward divine reality, one way or another, the more we will help tilt the scale of the down-pull of the negative of the physical, material existence, eventually, to be lifted up as a global condition, and that will be the attainment of light and life on your world, where all men revere the creator and love one another, even as Jesus loves us. Amen.

Group: Amen.

MERIUM: Are there other questions or comments?

Reneau: My visualization of merkaba was like a crochet, or picking up a stitch, where the bottom comes up and loops around the heart and goes down and the top comes in, comes down, loops around the heart and goes out. It's like picking up a stitch, you know, in your heart. So that it's the top and bottom being held together through the heart.

MERIUM: That's very good. It also brings to mind the fact that you are building a tapestry, you are building a magic carpet on which to ride. You are building a cable stitch that reaches out, that grows, that you can wear and use as a testimony to the fact of creation. That was good imaging, I'd say. Get someone on your magic carpet with you; take them for a ride.

Reneau: When we were all in a circle, we're all stitched together in the tubular aspect of our situation, you know, all stitched and tied together in some link to the heart.

MERIUM: Here's another exercise we can do for fun. The God fragment that I talked to you about, that part of you which is divine and eternal, that which has God energy and potential, that which some would call your immortal soul that lives beyond this life, let that lift up into the room -- not that it is leaving you, but that it extends out from you and into the room.

I always enjoy the exercise when the students are encouraged to allow their God fragment to venture into the room and consciously greet the God fragment of others, for it invariably allows for some very "warm fuzzies." If you would like to take a few minutes to do that, we could set up a game plan that would allow you to pair off into twos and/or threes and even wander around aimlessly, embracing the spirit of each other.

Let me, for example, demonstrate the Thought Adjuster of Gerdean walking into the room and holding out her arms to the Adjuster of Marilyn, and Marilyn's Adjuster enfolding the spirit of Gerdean in a cosmic embrace. This is perhaps what is meant in Corinthians when it talks about greeting your brother with a holy kiss. And at the same time, Elena can merge her Adjuster with that of Reneau. Esmeralda, allow your God Fragment to run out and embrace the God Fragment of Men-O-Pah. And Myra, come join the fun. We'll have all our Adjusters out in the middle of the room creating such a burning light of spirit luminosity, the angels will be coming by to say, "What's that bonfire you've got going there in the parlor?"

The one thing you can trust -- the one thing in the world you can trust -- is that God fragment within, for even though the mortal may be fallible and not yet completely trustworthy, the citadel of the spirit, the indwelling adjuster, the divine fragment of God that lives within you each and is, indeed your destiny, can be trusted implicitly, for it is Love. It may not be personalized as love until it is manifested through your energy, but its Source is divine, and God is love, so trust it, even as human love may be fickle, divine love is eternal. There is no reason why all of us cannot, in the fullest sense of the word, live happily ever after.

Paula: You know, I wish I was as good a person as the rest of you, but I'm not.

MERIUM: It has nothing to do with goodness.

Paula: No, no. It does! In a lot of ways, because years ago, when I was 20, Mom and Dad were coming home from their vacation up in New England. They got as far as Batavia, which is about 20 miles from Buffalo, when the town bums came out of the side road with a car that sort of didn't have any brakes, or if they did, they just didn't work. And they went slam bang into the car. My father was thrown through the front window as it broke and landed on the road ahead. My mother was frantic, and they took him to the hospital. He lived one day. And when I found out what happened and who did it, I never forgave that woman who was driving because my father was a very special man, and he did a lot of work for the church and was superintendent of Sunday School, he did all kinds of things and he was always doing a favor for somebody and these were Depression

Days. We didn't have much, but he gave of what we had always. Even if it was just his time to help somebody. And mother called me from the hospital and you know how mothers are. She said, "We had a little accident." She didn't say that our car was ruined and Daddy was dying. And she said, "Do you think somebody from church would give you a ride out here to the Batavia, we've got him in the hospital." And when I found out what had happened, I knew that I could never forgive the people who caused my father's death. And to this day, I have never forgiven them. I have no use for them. They took the life of a fine man. He was only in his 50s. He could have had 30-40 more years, and she robbed him of those that day, and she never even said to my mother, "I'm sorry," never one word of apology. And I've often thought of how my father would have enjoyed his children, his grandchildren, his great-children, and he missed all that. So you see I'm not a very nice person because all my life that has bothered me just terribly and I still can't find it in my heart to forgive her when she was so crass about it and said to mother, "Oh, I guess my car is shot. I'll have to buy another one" and mother was crying and it didn't bother her one bit. And when I found out about that, I felt it even more deeply, and it can never change for me, so you see I'm not as good a person as the rest of you.

MERIUM: Let me suggest, Little One, that you forgive yourself for your anger. What you cannot forget now, you will forget in eternity. If it comforts you to maintain anger, then keep it and let it work for you. Anger is sometimes a great motivator. But whether or not you can forgive that person that caused the death of your beloved daddy, forgive yourself your attitude and give yourself a break. You are only human. Some sins are unforgivable, and that is only a determination that you can make. But for you to condemn yourself as well as others is adding insult to injury.

Paula: Well, I know I'm not supposed to feel that way and I've gone to church all my life and been active in it all my life and ordinarily I'm not that kind of person, but that will never change.

MERIUM: You say, "I'm not supposed to." Who says you're not supposed to? Where do you derive that standard?

Paula: Oh, out of the Bible. You're supposed to forgive everybody, and all that. And I never did forgive them. Or her. She was driving.

MERIUM: Then the scripture is moot. Don’t condemn yourself this way. If you felt like forgiving, you would forgive. You can hold out forever if you want to. It's only your self you are cheating. But you are entitled to cheat yourself; it's your will. You can respect yourself for your decisions, even if they are dumb decisions. That's your right to do so.

None of us -- none of us even in the spirit realms -- the morontial realms -- are perfect yet. All of us have work to do, otherwise we'd all be fused and gone on to some higher plane of consciousness that we can't even imagine today. Everyone here has a pet evil that they just cannot give up, just will not let go of yet. But that does not mean that each one here is not precious and rare and beloved, even though flawed. You need not separate yourself from humanity because you bear a grudge. You are not that unique. Everyone has imperfection. It's the nature of such a life on such a planet.

What you do right, partially makes up for it, and when people have a piece of your apple pie, they adore you, so what difference does it make if you are still angry at someone who hurt you those many years ago. It was unforgivable to take your daddy, so have at it. That's my opinion in the context of your concern. I'm not commending self will. I do believe that forgiveness is an invaluable quality to entertain, but I'm not here, you see, to pass judgment on you, nor are you here to pass judgment on one another, and you are not qualified to pass judgment on yourselves, for you haven't got enough perspective, even with all those years under your belts, you still do not have adequate perspective. Let the Ancients of Days assess your worth and in the meantime, take it from me: I think you're swell.


I'm going to sign off and let you play the rest of the day and enjoy the weekend. Both Tomas and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you this afternoon, and when we can get together again, we will have yet another adventure in attempting to understand the nature of God and how that enriches our lives. Farewell.