2006-06-19-Negative Habits

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Topic: Negative Habits

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton



Michael: “Yes, My brothers and sisters, you can learn to control your emotions.

“First, you must learn that negative emotions are counter-productive. I have told you this before. You can simply change your thoughts from negative to positive by a concentrated act of your will. However, you tend to accustom yourself to negative thinking.

“So often you find it difficult to adjust your thinking away from feeling sorry for yourself. These may seem like harsh words this morning, My beloveds, but they are truth. You enjoy an occasional down day. This is a learned habit from your childhood, when you enjoyed the attention resulting from your negative actions.

“You must take a little time today to consider the possibility that you use your negative thinking and speech to draw attention to yourselves. It has become a control factor that you use to gain attention, just as it was when you were a child.

“And I will have you look around you and discern how so many of your brothers and sisters use negative thinking to control one another. Once you recognize the habit as derogatory, you can learn to put it aside.

“Negative thinking always wastes our precious time. I will tell you this often. You need to be reminded, so that you will set your thinking on the correction of this little habit that is simply a residual from a childish thought life.”