2006-06-22-Comparing Urantia to Panoptia

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Topic: Comparing Urantia to Panoptia

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel of Panoptia

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “Greetings to you my dear friend. In your earthly existence, you have but a limited amount of time. You must do things in a timely way. You must take time out. Time waits for no man . . .” (a long pause).

George: “This is George speaking. The lesson Samuel prepared for us as part of the progress curriculum can wait. He has received approval to go ahead and speak of his home planet, and answer the questions we posed during the last few days. So it’s quite okay for him to speak about his planet’s past.”

Samuel: “This is your teacher, Samuel. When comparing the so-called fall of Urantia with the ugly potential that threatened Panoptia, one must take into consideration the differing status of my planet compared to your home. There was, at the time, a brilliant network of communication, very little in the way of competition, and the kind of (not audible – sounds like fractures, or factions) that existed on your planet.

“There was a situation where a single language was understood by the largest proportion of the population. We were a people that lived for hundreds of years. We had infusions of Adamic blood on two occasions. Moreover, men and women were considered entirely equal in their status, and this had been so for many long centuries. You need to bear in mind that Celestial contact with Teachers, with Michael, and with the Thought Adjusters was also a common thing. And so, whereas you may well compare Ellanora with the bravest of your kind, there was a vote taken, there was agreement, and there were no losses.

“Compare with this your world where the Planetary Prince had only ruled for a relatively short time among the primitive races. There was not a chance that your planet would have fared as well as did Panoptia. You are a relatively short-lived people. You were almost completely disorganized. Already you spoke many primitive languages. You were warfaring. No agreement could have been made. They were the Angelic forces, the Midwayer forces, on our planet that were already settled into a routine. They were well educated.

“And yet in no way can we take away from Ellanora her great deed, nor look at her organizational talents and find them lacking in any way. She is unique! We were unique. We will return to this subject at a later time. This is Samuel of Panoptia. I greet you, and send my love to you all.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”


As early as 1992 I kept hearing the name, Sam, Sam, Sam. Then it became Samuel, Samuel, Samuel. Trusting few others but the Midwayers, I ignored my personal Teacher for many years, to later learn he was involved in agriculture and horticulture, yet later view his bio-engineering laboratory, and recently learn of his co-creating a new crop with the assistance of Celestials (likely Life Carriers) to improve the nutritional value.