2006-07-02-Planet Is In Good Hands

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Topic: Planet Is In Good Hands

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson, Michael, Elyon, Nebadonia

TR: Jonathan, Sheila, Mary




Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings, I'm Evanson. I will begin our time by celebrating your enthusiasm in achieving greater communion with the divine spirit. It is truly the treasure of all treasures. It is unspeakably precious, and it is mysteriously unfathomable.

You will traverse the universe in awe of the miraculous of manifestation of God's creation and ever deepen your appreciation of such a majestic display. And you will grow to understand the love, the great wisdom, and the power of God. Coupled with this will be the ongoing discovery of that same God with you, in you, and as you.

Though the challenges of the ascent to Paradise are great, your greatest challenge will be the acceptance of the Father's presence in you, to wholly embrace and belong as one to him, as him. It is difficult for the human creature to sit in that seat, but I remind you that it is the will of the Father because He already sits there and asks for you to sit with Him. Many are in this assembly, and I will make my words brief. Thank you.

Michael (Sheila): I am your brother Michael. I have been in the circle. I stood beside you, and I watch my children, my brothers and sisters.

I will . .. hear, sense, the purist sense of relationship. You are beginning to find relationship with your Creator experience, purist of vibration, sound, of color. And as you open you will define more clear each day how true your feelings of connection are becoming, and this sense of who you are is becoming clear and what you are capable of in the name of divine service. [Sheila: I see a tube of light in the center of our circle. I see almost like lightning coming from our hearts to this center tube.]

As you touch us through this circuit many changes unseen become activated and it is dependent upon your (mind cells?) that adjustment will be made. Command to yourselves that adjustments are happening. There is protection that surrounds you that allows for this to be accomplished.

Your sharing amongst one another is vital to the celebration of adjustment, to witness one another's (beauty?), to share in the light vibrations which are coming alive within you. We can see it being birthed within you. Children of light, we rejoice.

unidentified (Mary): Rejoice now. (inaudible)


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings again. This is your old familiar school master Elyon. I am overjoyed at your enthusiasm, and I am most anxious to enter into the new cycle of outreach that you are entering, for we have become strengthened in our community, and this bonding is an assurance to each one of you during your inevitable cycles of uncertainty. Friends, the planet is in very good hands, and the new tack it has taken is certain of the victory of the attainment of Light and Life.

To many mortals on your world this does not appear so, for humanity changes more slowly than does the administrative perspective of your planetary superiors. Much as does a water-skier react to the change of a boat; so does humanity follow the course that your supervisors have taken. You will have wide swings and rough waters, but hold tight, for there are many teachers to assist you in following the course set for all of Urantia. And some of you have elected to be spotters to watch and to alert your fellows who are diligently attempting to hold fast through the course that Urantia is taking toward enlightenment and peace. You will know when another has fallen and needs your assistance, and you will be the ones to give the call of guidance out to one who is ever so hungry, ever so desirous of being part of the team that is bringing such improvements to this world.

There are great days ahead and you, my students, are so interested in discovering the content of these future days. I can only tell you that you will be significant in the events and you will be crucial in the unfolding of those events. I and my fellow teachers have not set aside our ascensions to be with you for no reason at all. While we love our brethren, our younger mortal siblings and wish to do for you all that may be possible to assure growth and even more for your sense of stability in that growth, we are also dedicated to Michael's goal of healing this planet and setting it on its good course. This is being accomplished, and we are celebrating the success of the liberation of Urantia from its dark and confused path. The light is here, my fellows, my friends. The light is here.


Nebadonia (Sheila): I am your mother. My children, from each and every one of you, I feel your love and I feel your gratitude. I see how beautiful you are. I know your desires.

Once again, my children, you are like rosebuds that are blooming so gently and delicately. I see your petals opening; you are opening to the greatest love that ever will be. How beautiful you are. It matters not where your physical body may be, for I have you in the circle together with my arms around you. And I inhaled your beautiful aroma, and I breathe out my protection, my . .., my wisdom. From the moment you entered the circle you have not left. We are here together. Hold on to that, my children, hold on. Know that you have not left the circle.