2006-07-23-Take Time To Be Holy

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Topic: Take Time To Be Holy

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Jesus, Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: "Take Time to be Holy"

MERIUM: More on the theme Repercussions of Unholy Behavior Do Not Wait for Leadership Count Your Blessings Character Sketch of Mary Jo

JESUS: I am Jesus … or the symbol of Jesus, as you realize Me. I just came by to make My presence known to you, as one who sanctions and governs our curriculum here. I want My children to come together, to know Me, and with Me reveal their relationship to Our Father by their words and works, that you might find joy and comfort in knowing Me.

My Teachers are instructed under Melchizedek Machiventa. And we have a curriculum we operate with and through. I am glad to make the acquaintance of the visitors in this forum, however you well know we are not strangers to one another. I will leave you to My able workers and smile upon your gathering in joy, in peace. Farewell.

Group: Thanks for coming. TOMAS: This is Tomas. Elena: Welcome, Tomas.

TOMAS: Welcome, indeed. We have a good group today. I want to welcome everyone in the material realm as well as in the unseen realm. Be advised you have an audience this afternoon of angels and seraphim, as well as other students and visitors who always enjoy seeing the light shine.

I enjoyed the musical piece, which spoke again of the presence of God, for what is holy, after all, if not being conscious of divine reality? And so the song/ the piece speaks to the idea of stopping to remember your place in the Kingdom, to make the connection with Divinity, as a moment of Stillness can do, or in a moment of appreciation for a myriad of events, circumstances, things and beings that call to your mind the wonder of God.


A birthday is a time to be holy, to give thanks for life and its abundance: its experiences. Having visitors is a time to stop and be holy for the remembrance of friends, the memories of friendships long in the making. There are flowers that bloom and life that lives to bring about a series of holy moments. To take time to be holy is to take time to remember the Divine aspects of life.

There are those who have and will attest to the reality that "everything is holy now" for we live within the constant conscious awareness of Divine reality … not something we visit on Sunday or on holidays, but something quiet and steadfast that is a part of us as we pass by. As I pass by this afternoon in joyous company with you, I am reminded of the presence of God that would live within each of us, that would stretch Itself forth and connect with its fellows. The Divine in me reaches for the Divine in you and They embrace. Our exercise with you is to compel the mortal being to follow the lead of the Divine Within, and also fully embrace the countenance of one another. And this is a difficult challenge, but it is our task, even so.

I will subside and release the platform to Merium, who is eager to come in and say hello. One moment.

Elena: Thanks for coming, Tomas. It was good to have you here. It's always great. Merium: Merium here, and I also enjoy hearing from Uncle Tomas.

How fun to have guests! How fun to have a party! And how wonderful that the honeymooners are able to be with us this afternoon. How we love lovers! How we enjoy those who love one another freely, openly and without care, for they are so like children. Such delightful and charming children as you are a joy to care for, look over, and yes, baby-sit.

Not that I think you are babies, or that you need overseeing, but because you are truly companionable when you are given a chance to be the delightful beings you are. It is when you get ornery with one another that you become difficult, sometimes even need to be made to stand in the corner in order to ponder your behavior and your attitudes.

I am perceiving that this kind of tactic, while temporarily effective, may have long range effects and repercussions, as well, for while one ponders in the corner, when one feels he is being punished, there arises within him or her a pebble that can irritate the relationship that started this punishment, even years down the line. Far better to take the offending party aside and ask for an emotional explanation of what transpired so that the lesson is allowed to be made here on the spot and face-to-face.

Remember when Jesus was fathering his brothers and sisters, his younger brother, Jude, was given to troublesome behavior. And while Jude was indeed punished for some of his unseemly actions, he was always consulted as to why he was being punished and indeed Jude would in advance agree to the punishment, thereby indicating he understood the wayward nature of his way and this pause in his liberty afforded him the time to allow the message to sink in.

He took time to be holy ~ to find out how it is that the value lesson is meaningful not only for this moment in this paradigm or this social situation, but a value lesson for eternity. In this way, when those instances arise in future, instead of resentment being recalled, a warm fuzzy can be generated by realizing the wisdom of having worked through that difficulty at the moment of its inception instead of the alternative.

I love this group, so mature and serious, and yet so childlike, so young. I have such good feelings for you, and only wish that we had more time together. Perhaps we could get into some games or activities, but as it is, I understand: life is compelling. And as long as we are all engaged in taking time to be holy and enjoying these precious moments as they unfold, then we do well. We do well, indeed.

Are there questions from anyone this afternoon or any requests or comments?


Elena: Well, I always do but I would like to give somebody else a chance first.

Merium: Get the ball rolling. Elena: Okay, all right.

Merium: After you get your tongues loosened up, we won't be able to quiet you. Elena: Okay. All right.

Well, I just loved the comments that you said about -- as you probably know, in my job, the management challenges have been pretty significant. And to a certain extent they're coming … they're reaching a calm period, but at any moment it could rear its head again. And your lesson about how to deal with people reinforces, actually, but … a good way for … a general approach, certainly, but I can think of specific instances where it really reinforces the best way to go so thank you for that, because God knows how much trouble I face in that so I really appreciated that lesson that you gave, so thank you.

MERIUM: I am glad to be of service. I will tell you, even as I was discussing the issue or delivering the parable, if you will, that both Gerdean and I were wondering where this story came from and why were we telling it, but we decided to let it go and let the curriculum unfold as it is designed, and thus in faith we walk, and thus in faith we find out what we were doing.

Elena: Well, it just seems like in today's world there is so much … I mean, the way I look at it is that the troubles that you have in an individual situation are just reflected on a much greater scale throughout the world, so if you do have honorable and valued leadership, and if I can learn how to do that, then it reinforces the possibility that we might be able to do that on a greater scale. So I'm just trying to do it in my own little window of opportunity and hope that if I can do it, then maybe the same thing can be accomplished on another greater scale.

MERIUM: The point of your narrative, Elena, is that if you are true to yourself, you will shine your light, and if every individual were to take time to be holy, to take time to embrace the Divine Within and allow the spirit reality of him or herself to prevail, the spirits that prevail therein, in that state, would be able to bring peace. It is not possible to be in that peace which passes all understanding and want to harm your fellow. It is just not possible.

It is also very difficult for this old paradigm of embedded behavior to change, but we must encourage and in fact bring about this change. It is true that leadership has much to do with it, but when leadership is not doing it, you need to be certain that you are. This is the heart of democracy: that freedom to believe … that freedom to worship … that freedom to allow yourself to stand on holy ground, to be in a sacred place.

Wherever it is ~ be it the mall, on the freeway, in the office, in your home or wherever. Your space has a right to be holy and sacred because you are in the presence of God. You have brought Him there by your commitment, by your acknowledgment of Its reality. It does not need to become embroiled in creedal or theological differences.

It is the living of it that penetrates the consciousness sufficient to bring about a state of light and life for the individual, for the relationship, for the group, for the clan, for the tribe, for the nation, for the globe, for the universe. And so, indeed, take time. Take all the time necessary. For nothing will be accomplished of any lasting value without that Core Reality that is our Source and our Destiny and that accounts for every living human being.

I am glad to offer counsel to my charges. However, I am reluctant to get too ponderous, as I am the one who is reputed to be light and airy! Tee Hee. Not to be confused with a blonde airhead! I tease you thus because I myself have given you the vision of me as a blonde teenager with a pony tail so as to help you be comfortable with me.

There is much to be said for childlikeness. It simplifies things. It puts us all on an even playing field. It removes us from power and politics and puts us in the same gentle playground where we may learn to exercise our social skills as well as develop tact and tolerance for others. This is just another classroom you are in this afternoon … just another experiential classroom / lecture hall. What else?

Janet: Well, now if we could just get all the heads of state to get together in one little place and say "I am going to try and understand your way of thinking" then maybe there wouldn't be so much murder in the troops and all the boys losing their lives over there for nothing.

MERIUM: Well, I can certainly appreciate the need for leadership to come together on a workable plan. We can pray that day will come when all opposing parties set aside their many differences and come together in an appreciation that they are all in the same boat, in that they all live on the same planet, and in the interest of the planet itself and its people, never mind the varying separate cultures, nations, languages and so forth, if they could begin to think in terms of the earth as their home, it would be a beginning.

These are things that you can broadcast whether you are white or black, red or yellow, brown or pink, whether you are Peruvian or Alaskan, whether you are male or female, old folk, young folk or whatever. You can promote earth as your home, and everyone around the world can promote the fact this is where we live and breathe and have our being. Add a little holiness to that and you have a pretty powerful bloc of people, a rather large collective consciousness that could turn the tide.

It is imperative that you continue to remember the good that you do by your conscious good thoughts toward resolution and peace for all. It is going to be difficult, especially in some places which have never known peace and have no desire for it, but it will be eventually overpowered by those of you who know the advantages of peaceful living, not to mention the affluence that comes when you are not spending all your resources on a destructive agenda. For no matter how you look at it, war is destructive; it is the nature of the beast.

A lot of work is required here. There is no true simple solution to global problems such as you experience and witness on earth here, but the truth is that you in your own private orb of light and life live in a paradise. You live in the Kingdom of God. You have abundance in every corner. You have the understanding that a simple life is precious; you know you do not need to have a bigger house and a bigger car. You know that your needs are truly simple and you need not overpower or overtake others in order to allow yourself to be replete in yourself.

I feel myself being drawn into your emotional current having to do with your concern about the war and other global conditions that strike fear in your hearts … not to mention your pocketbooks. But I am not going to allow us to stay there. I am acknowledging it in fullness. I understand there is tragedy occurring as we speak, and I want to assure you that in these areas where we are not, there are those who are -- angels and cherubim and midwayers -- actively engaged in ministering to the victims of these tragedies, and the Adjusters who are consciously working with every mortal on the face of the earth to bring their thoughts around godward. The Spirit of Truth is in the land and the Father's will will prevail.

Be positive about what is going on, about the peace you do know, about the civilization you have created, about the languages and cultures, and foods and dress and ways of life that you have created. Consider how far advanced you are as compared to your early ancestors and rejoice in the fact of your growth and in the growth of your world. It does not begin here; it does not stop here. As we cross over this life experience, we will see many things - some fearsome and some inspiring, and let us be on our way.

Elena: You know, Merium, the only other thing that comes to my mind… Do you remember last year when you kind of went around and had a little comment about each one of us? Being as selfish and self-absorbed as I am, I've been kind of wanting to … I thought that was a very helpful thing, to have a little bit of feedback about how we were doing individually. You don't have to do it this time, but maybe next time, or sometime.

MERIUM: You would like to have a little assessment as to your …? Elena: Yeah! A little feedback as to how we're doing.

MERIUM: Let me … before we do that. I'd like to focus for a moment on Mary Jo, since she is having a birthday tomorrow. Birthdays are celebrations! And how can I go by without acknowledging a party. We must celebrate your life! I thought I would spend that moment with you, Mary Jo, as I spent with the others one time when you were not in attendance.

Elena: Perfect!

MERIUM: I had given them all a bit of a character sketch as I saw you, my charges, and you missed it, so let me see if I can convey something to you today of how I see you.

Mary Jo: I'm braced.

MERIUM: As well you should, for it is personal, and yet you need not defend yourself, for there is nothing in my approach to you that could be construed as an attack in any way. I am a most gentle friend.

I see you as a girl of about 12, although I often see you trying to look 14. You have had the responsibilities of an adult thrust upon you and so you act often as if you were 24; and there are days when you feel like you are 70. But you are really, to me, a 12-year-old delight.

Since you have had so many responsibilities, and handled them so admirably, you have great strength. You are very self-sufficient. Anyone could feel reassured in your company for you would never allow them to be without. You always cater to the needs of others. It's a part of your nature, as well as a deep part of your cultural conditioning.

Your ability to take care of yourself and others has given you a great deal of appropriate self-esteem, but you still carry with you the mantle of responsibilities too great for any child to bear. It is, even so, virtually impossible for you to shuck them off, allowing yourself to be that golden ear of fresh sweet corn that you are, and that's too bad because you are a radiant child.

It is the mantle of responsibility that you wear that sets you apart from your fellows, as if you are always on guard for what you will be required to do. You have to do nothing for and to me. We are friends. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Mary Jo: Thank you, Merium. Thank you very much. MERIUM: For your birthday party, I am going to take your cloak.

An update? You want an update?

Elena: No. Actually, I just wanted to kind of promote getting Mother … I was kind of trying to facilitate Mother's getting her picture from you and you did beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

MERIUM: Consider me manipulated. Elena: Okay! (Laughter)

Janet: And she is marvelous at crossword puzzles. She is good!

MERIUM: Well of course she is. She is a mental person. She has had to use her mind, her quick mind, to survive and find her way in and out of many critical instances and situations. And her mind loves the challenge, and so it is appropriate that she would find challenges like Crossword enjoyable.

It is to some word play indeed, and not a chore at all to work puzzles or undertake challenges, even challenges such as establishing a new business or organizing a community project and planning the menu for a dinner party. These are fun activities. They are play, grown up.

Just never allow yourself to forget that you are still children. Not ornery little brats that need supervised, but delightful, charming, imaginative children who love to play, who don't want to fight, and who do like making up new games and drawing new friends together. These new friends we have drawn together with today are lovely people. Let me run out and say hello to you personally. Andy and Carol?

Andy: Yes. MERIUM: Welcome into this soiree, our tea party with celestials in attendance.

Andy: Thank you, Merium.

MERIUM: Any questions from your corner while we are all together? Or from any corner, before we say good-bye?

Reneau: Well, while you're speaking of parties and birthdays, Merium, I want to invite you to Michael's birthday party at my house next month.

MERIUM: Oh, goodie.

Reneau: August 20th -- on a Sunday.

MERIUM: I'll be there. Reneau: Good. And other friends will be there.

MERIUM: Is it okay for me to bring my friends, too?

Reneau: Absolutely! That's why I'm telling you.

Angus: Get seating arrangements.

Reneau: I got a new couch, too, so we'll have comfortable seating.

MERIUM: I'll sit in the mezzanine.


In the interest then of good will and good times, I will leave you now in company with your own good selves. Good day. Bye-bye.

Group: Bye Merium. Thank you.