2006-11-02-Universe Broadcast, Stillness

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Topic: Universe Broadcast, Stillness

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Andromadeus, Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean



This is a universe broadcast. This is a communication from On High to the people of planet Urantia. All of you who are present here with us this evening are involved in an unprecedented moment in time. You who witness these thrilling times "quivering on the brink" are recording history on your very soul.


Your experience at this juncture in your planet's awakening into the light of greater consciousness represents the first rays of the sun on a brilliant new dawn. The day lay before us and though you may learn from those you follow, you will also pass on to those who follow you.

When I say "you," I mean you individually, and not you as an anonymous group of forerunners. It is that will choice within you that you make that impels you to act in response to the divinations On High.

I am Andromadeus, a Most High Observer, and I know whereof I speak.

You are indeed in the early stages of establishing new structure, morontia structure, morontia reality. You will never be able to prove that you have done this. You will never be able to convince anyone of anything. You will not be able to illustrate or define adequate to convey your experience, but you can convey it in your conveyance of this new reality, this undeniable truth that you recognize only from your Source that cements it to you as a hard and fast truth that issues from you as personal authority.

You need not commend yourself. Your spirit within you will do the commending on behalf of that which it serves. We serve divinity. In all we do, we serve divinity. And it is the nature of divinity to nurture life and to create perfection therewith.

All that errs, all that ails, all that is incomplete will be made complete, will be made whole, and there are divisions of labor which foster these acts and expressions which represent the Voice of God, the Spirit of Truth, and the Soul of Life.

When you have consecrated yourself to follow that, then others may follow that through you, because of you, but they will convey their loyalty to that which we all worship and adore. That is what we serve.

Thus, when you are discouraged, when you are set out onto an assignment, when you are delivered into the bowels of experience, you will have this light of truth to show you the way through. In this you may lift up those who languish in darkness, who lie fallow in infertile fields. You will not be brought down by the darkness but will shine the light into the darkness.

Fear not.

I appreciate your ear this evening. I will not stay for questions. I am of the understanding that Tomas will field questions and I leave you in his care.

Student: Thank you.

TOMAS: And I am Tomas, glad to be hosting you once more in the familiar format of our wonderful morontia connection, this place where we visit, this realm where we rendezvous between the spirit and the flesh, where the mind reigns supreme and the emotions lark or languish accordingly. You need not hear from me; you have had plenty to chew on. I am eager to hear from you, to be of service to that in you which sings. "What stands in the way of your radiance?" (as Andromadeus might have said).



Student: Now, that's light! That's amazing. Thank you, Andromadeus. Nice to meet you and thank you for that universal transmission. It almost seems like that when there is so much light, there are almost really no questions, but I'm just really grateful and I wonder a little bit more about this turning that I'm feeling into the new realm and the new way and I guess you've been watching us for quite a while, and I just want to say I'm grateful to be here and any further direction before us.

TOMAS: I am Tomas and I am given to respond for Andromadeus. I don't know why he does not want to take questions himself. Perhaps he is yet unfamiliar with the program here. It is difficult for me to respond for him, you see, for I do not have his unique perspective, and that is, of course, what he would offer: his unique perspective.

I am certain he enjoys your appreciation for the light he brings. He comes from the Constellation level, beyond our System, But within our local universe. I believe he is observing our activities and this world -- these worlds which are being reclaimed. Oh here we are. He says:

They are indeed observing this world and the effects of the revelation … these exciting times … the many lights, how they twinkle … and this I perceive to be somewhat of a struggle, but not a negative condition. There are some evidently whose lights are quite constant. Since the Adjuster is seen as the light, I can understand that consciousness would bring with it light/illumination. I have seen many, myself, not as lights at all but as energy fields.

Again, this is Tomas speaking and I feel somewhat awkward because I am attempting to speak for Andromadeus who does not seem to want to answer directly. Perhaps it is the T/R who does not want to risk putting words in the mouth of a Most High Observer.

Student: That's understandable. In light of that inclination on the T/R's part, perhaps we could bring up a parallel question. When we begin to speak more as what Andromadeus refers to … as we speak as ourselves on our own conveyance, we convey and others listen to what we convey. The strength that it takes to take that risk of opening our mouths in the coming or the current transition period, I am assuming that the exercises that Monjoronson or any of the Teachers who ask us to specifically spend time in meditation - in contemplation of our Adjuster - I assume that this is a strengthening period for us, to break through this fear of risk of speaking and being quiet leaders.

TOMAS: This is the primary exercise, without which we will not advance. The Stillness practice, which we have spoken to you about from the beginning, is the way the energy is conveyed. It is, at first, an awkward habit to develop, but it becomes as manna and will indeed strengthen you and enable you in ways which you would not be able to do from mere human self-confidence or assurance. It is an enhancement as a result of a greater reality, a spirit reality, a spirit dimension that allows you to act in superhuman ways.

Now, when people hear the word "super-human" they think of Wonder Woman, Spiderman, the Hulk, Superman [and] these kinds of super heroes, but this is not the picture we hope to paint, nor does it need to be a noted person, such as Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King, Jr. It is entirely possible and most effective in those who minister as they pass by. In fact, the distraction and diversion that is offered in show business, or radio, or multi-media productions, publications, [and] personality portrayals deflect from the truth, which is pure consciousness. And, in our interests, is pure love, as well. Thus, we can take it personally, and trust its overcare.

It is difficult for those of you on a planet such as this, emerging after an "eternity" of isolation. It is a difficult exercise to keep it afloat, abreast, after you reach a certain point because you know in faith that God is in charge and so a little complacency is allowed to enter in.

I am not discouraging assurance and confidence and comfort and contentment, but am suggesting that as you continue to renew your energy charge through sitting in Stillness with that power source that is our First Source, your batteries are charged. You are not so inclined to run down and fall into spirit poisons, divers lusts, jealousies, suspicions and the like, that is the common ground for so many at this juncture of evolution.

You are avant-garde; you are forerunners. And you do need help. You need to exercise yourselves and encourage each other as you go forward, step-by-step stably [with stability] day-by-day, unwavering, unflagging, and thus your persona is developed, your faith is strengthened, your trust is keener, you are able to see farther, you can see from other people's eyes better, so as to understand them, so as to know how to work with them, so as to know whether they are going to be able to assist in that which you feel you are called to do.

You will eventually be discerning your field of interest such that you will be able to recognize how you are being groomed, who your true Self is, who and what you are becoming as a result of being true to your innermost Self. This is the good news, the magic. This is where you go when you descend into a realm. This is what you do when you choose to ascend.

It doesn't matter who we are as personalities and what we do, only as far as our perspective is able to assist you in expanding and enhancing your limited perspective -- not because you are stupid, not even because you are ignorant, but because you are unexposed to all that there is to know and to learn and to be -- because you have been in isolation. You have not been set adrift. You have had your Adjuster. You have had angels and midwayers. You are not alone and have not been alone.

But as the consciousness of the planet is stimulated to grow and, in fact, does advance, evolve, it is essential that each of you keep up with what you need to know and do for your destiny path. It may not be the same as your partner's, as your spouse's, as your family's, as your neighbor's. And thus it will require you to discern and develop the keys that will enable you to persevere in your path even while you maintain your associative and vital connections with those near and dear to you with whom you live and work and play. This is a part of the process.

Eventually, recognition of the work you want to do, you need to do, you feel is yours to do, will resonate within you so clearly … you will be impatient for its [culmination] … fulfillment. And this is very exciting. This is consciousness at its best: happily applying itself to the greatest good. Yes, living in the light is a very exciting and satisfying and challenging experience, but it is so vital. You who sit with me this evening and ponder these things in your mind understand how exciting and vital it is to be alive and to be conscious and to be aware. And then to add the dimension of love! ….

Student: So this design impatience, this mortal impatience -- not the impatience of the unprepared but the prepared part of us which recognizes our role, this is what the co-creation of the correcting time is driven by, is that right?

TOMAS: This is like when you are so excited you trip over your own feet in your eagerness to get to where you're going. This is the stage we see you approaching. It is very exciting! To have an idea of where you want to go and how to get there is essentially the most stimulating thing you can know. It is to know God and to know His will for you, and to have the power to carry it out. This co-creative liaison is as if to say "My Father and I are One!"

As so as it creates and advances and thrills to its work and its progress, its effort, its accomplishment, it is also giving off love in ways that can be understood by those who are the recipients of this love, which personalizes the experience for everyone. Just as Jesus was able to experience the love and loyalty he enjoyed with the Alpheus twins, he enjoyed also with Immanuel [his elder brother] and Gabriel [the "Bright and Morning Star," the firstborn.]

It is the reality that we foster that makes the difference. And that reality is potential in all of humanity. Freely have you received; freely give. Give of the Spirit.

Are there questions?

Marin: Tomas, thanks for coming and being with us this evening. It's still Tomas, correct?

TOMAS: Yes, thank you.

Marin: I really enjoy your presence, and

TOMAS: And who are you? Who am I speaking with?

Marin: This is Marin, from Philadelphia

TOMAS: Hello, Marin from Philadelphia.

Marin: I was hoping to maybe get your unique perspective on … I know that the message this evening has really brought me much to ponder and I know that if I bring Stillness in, direction will come. I feel really blessed right now in my life but change has occurred, which tends to happen every six months or so, and I'm wondering if you can give me some insight into what direction I should pursue. I have so many options right now; I'm not quite sure which way to go.

TOMAS: I recognize the signs. I smile as I say, "You want me to be a crystal ball gazer." I cannot foresee your future, but I can spend a moment with you in time and help you focus on what would most benefit your pursuit, for the world is indeed filled with the appealing. The material world, its adventures, its merchandise, its requirements, and its rewards are often almost completely consuming.

But when you are confronted with change - whether it is change that you have asked for or change that is being thrust upon you because of others' decisions, because of cause and effect that overpowers your choice in the matter - you simply need to remain close to your Source, for as you know, the Spirit of Truth will show you the way and this is a fact.

If you want to know, you will find out.

I will confess to you, however, what I have discovered. Many of you reach that point and opt for experiential adventure, as if to say, "If I follow every prompt I am given, I will lead a passive, docile life and not have any fun." And there are, therefore, opportunities at every juncture for you to make those kinds of experiential choices which are fully justified because they are required lessons one way or another.

While the Father may not care whether you buy a Chevrolet or a Ford or a Honda, it might matter to your soul where one will drive you to and where another one won't. If it's a "lemon" you'll have experiential lessons to learn there; but if it's a car with a heart, it doesn't matter what brand vehicle it is. If you can therefore see the heart of every issue, you will not go far afield of Father's will for you.

You have adventures galore, options aplenty, and choices too numerous to mention, but they all fall within a certain range; they have degrees, and unless you choose consistently pure and willful evil, which I don't believe you will, you need not worry too much about what will befall you. And no matter what befalls you, if you retain your relationship with your Source, and check in with It on a regular basis, It will companion you in the adventure and strengthen you for the challenges inherent therein.

Is that helpful?

Marin: Yes that's very helpful. Thank you so much, Tomas, and I love to be part of the Light Line, so thank you for providing that service for us, who is the T/R representative, as well.

TOMAS: We are all honored to participate in this forum, as well as the local group forums. We always enjoy every opportunity we have to make contact with you.

Marin: Thank you.

Student: Well, Tomas, I'm just gushing with joy, and this could be just like an ongoing feeling, to go from one experience to the next and being able to bring a little light and joy to it and stir that around and make a great cake mix with all of us in it, and I'm so grateful to know you and everybody on Light Line and everyone that is in your life. Thanks for the learning opportunity; and thanks for your multi-faceted perspective.

TOMAS: And thank you for your youthful exuberance which gives us all such sweet sorrow that we are not also young enough to be with you in your joy. Ours is "immaterial." (That was a joke.)

Student: (Laughter) I'm sure it's great there, too.

TOMAS: "We love your enthusiasm," is what I wanted to say. Keep it up. But yes, this is exciting. It is wonderful to know that no matter what you do, you can enjoy yourself and you can be of service in the process. This is good news indeed.

Student: It is. People are right feeling this way, at least in our area here, run into a lot of great people, so it makes me feel like a part of the family that's so far beyond the circles and it makes all of the circles in the family feel more loved.

TOMAS: Give everyone my best.

Are we all full? Let me bring in Merium to wake you up so we can make our exit.


MERIUM: He always sends me in to do the housework. How do you like that guy? "Go in there and stir things up." That's my job. Open the windows, let in some fresh air, fluff the pillows, perhaps do some exercises and stretches. I suspect someone has to do it. This is a very heady environment, and it takes concentration and focus, which needs to be balanced with a sense of frivolity and lightness of being. And so it is appropriate that I stir the environment somewhat.

It has been a great deal of fun for us all to come and be with you this evening. It is coming up on one hour. Are there any questions or comments or issues that we could address in these few remaining moments? [Silence] Then I will be the spokesman for this broadcast and say welcome to you all and go with God in your full consciousness. Until we meet again, farewell.