2006-11-04-Wealth & Bounty

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Topic: Wealth & Bounty

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon

TR: JoAnn



Member of the group: We will set up our circular breath, by breathing into the heart now and exhaling into the brain, creating a circle of prana as you breathe into the heart, and exhale into the brain, a continuous circular breath with no pauses between inhalations and the exhalations, building a wonderful pranic circle between the heart and the brain. (Pause.)

And that circle of light continues of its own accord, as we build another pranic circle from our heart to our left hand, breathing into the heart, exhaling into the left hand, a continuous circle of breath and light; no pauses, breathing into the heart, exhaling into the left hand and take several long, slow, deep breaths, building another pranic circle, between the heart and the left hand. (Pause.)

We ask that circle of light to continue of its own accord, as we build a third pranic circle between our heart and our right hand, breathing into the heart, beautiful sweet long breaths, exhaling into the right hand. Feel the energy deepening and strengthening as we build another continuous circle of light and breath, between our heart and our right hand.

Send your grounding columns down to the center of the heart of Mother Earth, from your root chakra, from the chakras in both of the feet, all the way down, 4,000 miles to the beautiful heart of Mother Gaia. And as you connect with the heart of the earth, feel the spirit of the Earth Mother, beginning to move through these grounding elements, back up into your body, filling you with a golden radiance of Earth energy, coming in through the soles of your feet, traveling through your legs, up your body, spilling down your arms, filling your head. When your crown chakra opens like a beautiful lotus blossom opening to the sun, we ask the spirit of Father/Mother God to fill us with beautiful cosmic energy, coming in through the crown chakra, blending in perfect harmonic dance with the energies of Mother.

We use our creative and flexible minds to create a merkaba of golden light around our bodies, each of us individually, at first. A golden star tetrahedron, a four-sided pyramid, drawing down from the cosmic light of the Father; another four-sided pyramid, drawing up from the heart of the Mother, intersecting and creating a beautiful star of light. We ask that it spin, can spin our personal vibrations into those of ascension, love, perfection and light.

We ask for the emergence of the group heart and the group soul, as we use our collective mind to create another larger merkaba around our entire group. And spin the merkaba into the highest possible frequency that we can collectively contain. We open our hearts and send the light of our hearts around the circle to the left, and we send the light of our third eye, around the circle to the right, connected in mind, connected in heart. We ask for the honor of the presence and the power and the energy of our beloved celestial teachers, masters, guides, angels. We welcome and we honor your presence, beloved ones. We open our hearts, our minds and our spirits to hear you and to allow ourselves to be guided by you in this moment, and in all other moments. For your light and for your presence, we are so very grateful.

EREGON, (TR, JA): Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful spirit meeting space that you have built for us. It is good to have a space to commune safely and effectively, efficiently, and even occasionally at great length.


These special light spaces that you build and call merkabas has a history that is ancient, in your terms. We have always welcomed spiritual seekers—sincere light workers, as you call them—sincere seekers and lovers of God of all beliefs, (and even of no beliefs,) throughout time have built and created these spaces with our guidance, and they are sacred spaces: Sacred in that they are dedicated; sacred in that although spirit resources are all around you, when you build these little "tents of light and love and energy and intention," you have created an invitation for us to interact with you.

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We appreciate this, not only as a signal to us, we appreciate your group attentiveness to this process. Your group intention is much more powerful than a single intention. The collective mind, as you called it, has much greater potential than the numbers of the personalities involved and the dedication to doing this. You do indeed multiply the potential for your good effects, by coming together for group actions. You have learned this in other meditations. And when you come together as you have today, dedicated, with the intention of contacting your spirit resources, your potential is not just for effect on the world in its material phases, but also creates light on the higher levels, which you mostly do not perceive with your physical forms and material eyes. We assure you it is there, and we do appreciate it.

Yes, we have mentioned this before, that your group dedication, intention and collective effort create an invitation to us. We are wishing to emphasize that and it need not be specifically built as a merkaba. Other groups meet this way without building such a light vehicle, and although it is not absolutely necessary, it has an absolute attraction. Yes, you can always contact with spirit, with teachers, friends, guides, angels, for they are ever present with you. If you take time out of your schedule, your life, your day, to meet as a group and build a space to commune with us, this we consider a wonderful opportunity for interaction of a different kind than you would be able to contact with as an individual.

There is a group nature, a group contact—both on the mortal side, and the side of your celestial friends. We are able to commune with you in subtle ways because of this group intention, which is not possible for an individual meditating alone to achieve. It is not necessary that we go into descriptions of how this is, nor that you completely understand it for it to be so—it simply is so. I am your teacher, Eregon, and beyond expressing our effusive thanks for this beautiful light vehicle, we do bring a message for you today, which we hope you will be able to apply as a life lesson.

It is our intention to share with this group in a very interactive way, so we will allow time for questions and a type of dialog/conversation, after our short message. And for this lesson, we continue the topic, the wealth and bounty of a spiritual nature. We have discussed the fruits of the spirit and how when you share this gift, you yourself are enriched. We hope that this is something you have begun to experience for yourselves. We assure you that sharing these fruits of the spirit can only enrich you more and more as you continue this process.

There is a wealth and bounty—spiritual riches, so called, "treasures in heaven," —about which many of your contemporaries are completely unaware. We do not say this to engage you in a form of pride or separatism, but we do wish to make you aware that the counting of this kind of treasure has been lost in materialism to many. They forget to count their blessings; they forget in counting their stocks, and mowing their lawns and chauffeuring their children, in cooking meals and doing laundry, in having a new car, in making more money to make payments— they have forgotten what is of "true value."

For any human being to be deprived of the wealth of fellowship, and loving encounter with others, would be the direst kind of poverty, starvation of the soul. Do you not agree? And yet, in the rush of your complex society and the demands of living in this civilized culture, it is easy to give away time, here and there, and attention here and there, until there is barely left a moment in your day, to focus on what is really true and beautiful and good.

The love that you share with other beings is the highest kind of wealth. Sharing the joy with another makes it even grander; having a friend to console you when times are hard is one of the greatest blessings there is. Someone who will cheer you up and bring you back on track, into your soul presence. There is no greater wealth, than a friend such as this. So we are looking at the "bounties" of the spirit life, investments of a higher nature, and they are made moment-by-moment, in acts of loving kindness, for as you know, when you reach the mansion worlds, you will recognize those you have loved, those you have partnered with in significant projects. You will not miss, because you will not remember, many of the things that you have done, just to keep going from day-to-day. But the more you do these things, with a mind to doing them in spirit, the more wealth of memories you build up for yourself to reclaim.

When you reach the mansion worlds, and you are open to what you have brought from your life of these moments of meaningful encounters, will you have many, or will you have few? We encourage you to create many. [Material] wealth on your planet is a struggle for many to accumulate; not everyone will accomplish this. However we can assure you, treasures in heaven are easy to accumulate; it is not suffering to put them by, it is joyful and you can create them practically from nothing. If it were so easy to put away savings in the material way, all of you would be prospering greatly.

Once you would see how easy it is to do, you would build up great amounts of treasure, and we encourage you to do this: Build meaningful memories. Pay attention to your friends, the neighborhood children, your grandchildren, your schoolmates—wherever you may be, with whatever human beings you come in contact. Each time you make eye contact with another human being, you can have a soul-to-soul encounter. These moments in which you enrich another being simply by loving them, paying attention, focusing on them, you are building up treasure for both of you on the higher planes. Cherish the meaningful; choose the deep; choose the beautiful; choose the true; choose the moment of kind listening. Choose for yourself to have moments beyond measuring, to open as your treasures when you reach the heavenly shores.

There is no reason for you not to have abundance—that is if you would like to have it. Mercy, tolerance, forgiveness—these are beyond the simple kindnesses. These are brought into play when there has been some kind of conflict, where resolution is required. It is beyond being fair to be forgiving; it is beyond being kind to be merciful; it is beyond being generous to be tolerant, and we ask these things of you too. Experiment! Does the soft answer turn away wrath? We encourage you to go that second mile, to show mercy when it is not expected.

Show tolerance even when you are being encouraged to be intolerant, either by a direct challenge, or indirectly by reading of things that upset you. Choose to be free from upsets. You are free to choose how you respond to life events, whether they be political and distant, or "in your face" at home. We assure you, you cannot lose by choosing "the new and better way," as Jesus called it—to love others as he would love you, as he would love them. He is always present. When something is challenging you or someone is challenging you, you can always ask the spirit within, or the presence of Jesus, which is always with you, "What would you have me do here?" "What would you say?" "How would you respond?" And know that even the human heart of Jesus was touched to tears by the desertion of his family, so do not expect yourselves to be perfection in this practice, for that would be disastrous and discouraging for you.

And when you are willing and determined to apply the lessons of the spirit—the lessons of hope and love in your challenging life situations—it is our hope that you will discover such great joy in handling your challenges in this way, that you will begin to make more and more encounters [with] challenges and to treasures that you are laying up in heaven for yourselves. Though this has been a short lesson, we are hoping not to overburden you with information, but simply to give great and grand encouragement, with greater levels of experimentation, greater forays of spiritual courage, for yes, it does take courage to respond this way to something that appears to be a threat.

You can trust that the circumstances of your life do not threaten your spiritual standing, for you are a child of God. You can experience such great abundance, abundance of joy and love, by directly applying the teachings of Jesus to love God with your whole heart, and to love others as you love yourself. This is a commandment, which few have taken seriously to heart. And yet [for] those who have, whether by taking it from the gospels or from their own spirit leading, those who have loved God first, and others as themselves, have created a new world, a panorama of heroes, saints and holy people, whom you have admired through the ages, and who’s influence knows no bounds of religious beliefs.

Come with us children. Create a new and better day. Count again your riches, counting them not in material measure, but counting your spiritual prosperity in abundance, in the wealth of those who love you and whom you love. And as those small kindnesses enrich the lives of others, the giving and receiving enrich both parties to the encounter. Beyond that, the feelings of goodwill engendered in both individuals, will then turn around and multiply, they are shared again and again. Think about it: when you have received a kindness from a neighbor, or any kindness that you can imagine in your life that you remember, did it not inspire you to go out and do good to another? This kind of giving and receiving, as I told you last time, is not subject to the math of the material realms—it multiplies; it runs away creating more goodness and beauty and bounty.

You can help contribute to the great abundance of your planet, for if all the material wealth were removed, all the power plants, all the motor vehicles, all the manufacturing—even all the communication systems—still the everyday kindness of one being to another, the love of one human for another, could make your world richly abundant. You do understand that this is so, do you not? You see that even among the poorest of indigenous peoples, who live as migrants walking from place to place, nomads who have no material possessions, they have the wealth of love, and the wealth of knowing that their Creator loves them as well. The love they share among each other, looking out for one another, the sense of community—this is the real wealth of culture and civilization. When you realize this, really realize it by experience, you will have done yourself a great favor. And with what all of you are exposed to, as far as your media and your advertising, your rushed lifestyles, it is sometimes hard to remember where the real wealth is found. It is a worthy task to remind you of this. It probably could be presented again and again and again, and it would never be too often, for your culture distracts you in a thousand ways in a single day.

It is not easy to be true to what is true; it requires conscious effort and choice, and this we request of you—that is, "if" you would like to, as you have said, to be helpful in transforming your planet. Here is a simple task; here is a simple request, and yet as you know, the "simple" is not always easy. So again, we encourage you to experiment with little acts of goodness, kindness, and now to extend yourself with mercy, tolerance and forgiveness. These require more than the simple act of goodwill to a stranger. When these are called into action, usually as a type of resolution in restoring goodness and beauty to relationships, it may be even more important than creating them in the first place. To restore the beauty to a damaged relationship does require more of you, than for instance, giving a loaf of bread to a stranger. So exercise your spiritual muscles. When you are determined, the things shall be as God would have them be; nothing can defeat you. Yes, there is always the free will of the people involved, but your spiritual surety is secure. Forget not, you are never alone; we love you and we encourage you, and we respect and honor you… and we thank you.

Thank you for coming here today; thank you for passing these messages on. Now, would there be questions?


Student: Eregon, thank you for being here and communicating with us. I have a few questions: It has been written in the Urantia Book that once you do …(tape turned and dialog was lost)… on Urantia.

EREGON: One moment. (Pause) This question you pose is one we must answer with delicacy. Many believe that they hear from their loved ones, when they have passed the portals of death, and to them, this is a meaningful interchange. (Pause.)

Student: So you are saying this is possible?

EREGON: These communications are not direct. Disembodied spirits do not linger; they are not "here," so when we say that a communication is not "direct," this means that there is a messenger involved. In addition, in your text, we mention there is no contact during a dispensation. But you who participate in the Teaching Mission, [know] you are speaking with teachers from other planets, who are ascended mortals. There are many who are referred to as ascended masters, who are teachers to those on the material plane, to those in physical form. We would not have you doubt that these are real communications.

Whether the person seems to be someone from your planet’s past, or not, these communications with your celestial benefactors, are real. There are many times mixed in, messages seemingly of only personal significance. The way, in which this happens, we are not willing to explain in detail. But if you understand that spirits are not limited by space and time, you will begin to have an inkling, a "hint," if you will, of how these things are possible and how they might occur. Is this sufficient for the moment?


[Jo Ann: I am being asked if anyone else is hearing a communication that they are willing to share?]

(Long pause.)


Jo Ann: I am hearing, "Go in peace and go about doing good!"

Group gives thanks.