2006-12-07-You Are Spirit Beings

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Topic: You Are Spirit Beings Having a Material Experience

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Mark has been nudged to share his personal approach about this process which is as follows:

1. Breathe...when you focus on the breath you come into the very moment that you are in. You are not taking this breath in a different moment of time, it is in this moment, now. It brings you back to the center. I pay attention to being here now.

2. I orient myself by virtue of prayer...mine goes something like this:

Divine parents, once again I approach you as the child of yours that I am. I know you recognize me, I am your child. Help me to recognize you, you are my parents. Help me to be of servicxe to you in this hour. Guide me to be an instrument of your peace. I volunteer to be of service in this capacity, I would follow where you would lead. I pray that it is your will and not mine. I pray that it is my will that it is your will. I ask to meet you at this time in this hour, to approach you. I ask to be a conduit of that which you would express all the way out here into this material realm. I believe that we have a connection, a circuit and I would utilize this circuit at this time. I humbly offer my intention, my will, my purpose in this process. Let us make this so together even now. As it is your will, so it shall be done.

3. Then I create a space, I go to the reservoir and draw up that which is pertinent to this hour. I create this safe arena where I listen for the first thing to become dominant in my thought pattern. I try to just stay calm, stay out of the way, recognize that if I have an errant thought, to let it pass like a cloud.

What I'm getting tonight is that this will be a two part exercise. The first part will be an address from the Voice to be followed by a lesson from our steadfast instructor Monjoronson throughout this process. I feel myself resisting going in this direction, it is unknown, it is uncertain, but if I have nothing I have faith in this process. Faith is how I always overcome this point at which I notice the resistance. I feel the pressure. I breathe deeply and ask to be relieved of this tension, the pressure, the doubt, the fear over the unknown. I turn myself over to the process and so I create the process, we create the process in this moment, we choose it, we bring it into life. We manifest this reality before us even now. Divine parents, please help me, I choose to manifest this reality. Help me be strong, faithful, true to this process. I trust in you, I have faith in you even if I lack trust and faith in myself. I turn over the process to you.


The Voice: I address you now, I am this one’s voice and I marvel at the strain put upon the system to acknowledge the connection, to simply embrace the reality. I am thankful to my loyal subject for pushing himself, allowing himself to be pulled in fact to this place. We have a mission before us. That mission is to remove . ..that exists, to remove the partition of perception, to lift the fog of uncertainty, to shine light into the shadows and bring forth that which is. Each of you hearing this message tonight has this same connection, enjoys this same circuitry, has in fact formed a partnership with your onboard compass.

This partnership has been so ingrained in your thought patterns as to be indistinguishable by you at this point. That is what we are about in this process, the discovery of an aspect of yourself that has been with you since your earliest memories, that has been onboard your vehicle, has been part of your decision making process, part of your understanding, part of your very perception of all that you have embraced up until this very hour. It is hard to begin to distinguish because distinguishing means contrasting and differentiating yourself from that which is not yourself. However how does one differentiate an aspect of theirself [sic] that they are so intertwined that their very being is a composite.

I speak to you tonight as one who can truly understand the barriers and obstacles that we face in overcoming this delusion of separation and differentness. Your whole existence has been defining yourself in terms of what you are not and therefore are we having to split hairs here and begin to define ourselves in terms of strictly human and mortal or human with the addition of the divine. You might refer to this as human plus. When we attempt to make these distinctions we are creating more separation, more obstacles in the process but it may very well be necessary to attempt this distinction as an effort to bring you closer of the understanding of the union of the partnership that already exists.

Did Michelangelo paint and sculpt of his own or was it Michelangelo plus? Did your great artists and poets act alone in a human and mortal capacity or were they engaged with an aspect of divinity? do you here in this hour believe that you are here alone or is there more to your having come here this evening, to your being here this very moment? Are you in partnership with your aspect of divinity? Any piece of divinity is a reflection of the whole, therefore do you have with you in association, in partnership, onboard, within your person a reelection of all divinity? And so when you act are you acting alone? Do you act by yourself ever or is everything you see colored by your divine sense? Is everything you do augmented by your divine partner? Is every motivation that you have simply an accident of time and space or is there more that just the human, the mortal?

You all know that the mortal is finite, the human is temporary, the mind is temporary with the human. Your concepts, your awareness, your understandings are temporary and mortal as is your vehicle which is your current address. You all also know that you are more, you have something else, something that survives, something that is immortal, something that reflects divinity. This short, simple, mortal voyage is as a blink of an eye in your eternal career. But there is a captain who has a compass aboard your vessel and will guide you unerringly through the many voyages you will set out upon before you will return back to the First Source and Center that has provided you with all these experiences.

In this journey back, each time you set out on one of your life journeys you will function in closer and closer partnership to your indwelling voice, your Father fragment, your indwelling spark. Each journey that you make you will enjoy greater partnership with this aspect of yourself and you will leave all of these parameters behind. It is a little bit startling for you to consider that everything that is real to you in this life, everything you touch, sense, perceive that is so real in its existence in this life are all just shadows of manifestation. That what is truly real is your partnership with your indwelling voice and the journeys that you will embark upon and the experiences that you will gather. Only now will these experiences be material. All the rest will be in spirit form and you will come to appreciate that you have come from such humble roots as a material and mortal beginning.

For now you are stretching to exercise your faith, to accept and believe that you are in fact spirit beings having a material existence and as such your material existence will be enhanced, will be augmented because of your perspective. Realize that this is the big plan for you all. It is so simple and yet so profound that you live this life seeking to find that aspect of yourself which endures beyond time and space. Now we are in extraordinary times. The ceilings of previous ages have been lifted, the veils are being pulled back from your world, the potentials are now greatly expanded and we find ourselves at this juncture of acceptance and of creativity. What will we allow ourselves to discover on route?

Will we embrace the relationship that we have not only with our creators but with the piece of the creators that we carry with us? I applaud you all at arriving at this place of discovery, of creation, for each one of you is creating your reality. Make no mistake, the world is not spinning around with a predestined plan that you must fit into and be swept up in, rather the universe awaits your choice to see what you will make real in this life and then as a result of your choice, realities can be made manifest and will be used to the glorification of the Father.

Please join me in a petition. Father, we know we are encircuited by you and we would approach You with a petition in this hour to further encircuit us by virtue of adding the circuitry between all the voices, all the me's, all the Thought Adjusters, I AM presence of those in this constellation in this hour. May all these points of light be encircuited not only through the various circuitry that we have enjoyed up until now but may we petition you and request the overlayment of our common circuitry of these eternal fragments. Through this process may we move more purposely into an arena of acceptance and awareness. This is our petition. This represents our will, our desire. We know that You are always with us but we search for ways to feel You closer in our lives. We can envision this as one such way and we would assert our will, our desire in this direction. Let us make this so, thank you.

Monjoronson: I greet you now, I am Monjoronson, most pleased once again to have such devoted individuals come back to the well. It is my mission, it is my mandate to bring about personal awareness of this very sacred relationship that you have been discussing. It is my mission to make it known to every mortal of the realm that they as well are encircuited. They as well have as part of their being an aspect of divinity. This Magisterial Mission will be an age of awakening, of increased awareness, of discovering that which already is. It is such a great pleasure to have as a mission statement this task of raising awareness and bringing the family of man into the awareness that they are also children of God and that they have a cosmic family as well.

There is such distance to cover and those of you so far away do not feel as though you can approach the center of divinity. You feel disenfranchised from your larger family. You have been alone so very long that you have lost sight of your relationship to your oldest ancestors, your Creators. But our task is to spread the good news that you are not disenfranchised, you are encircuited. You are not unknown, you are cherished and loved. You are not forgotten. We are here for you and with you. We seek to extend your awareness to embrace your true identity that you are an individual known and cherished by not only your local Creator Son but by the First Source and Center of all that is who has assigned you a reflection of Himself.

This reflection is a homing device that will guide you back through your many manifestations and return you to that presence that a part of you knows and feels and is familiar with. When you partner with this aspect of yourself you too can gain this familiarity, this certainty of awareness. It is our task to tell all the children that they are the children of divine parents and as such they will grow up to resemble their parents, that this is your destiny. This is your journey before you. Throughout this process this process you have had great assistance and now in this age we are bringing forward new arenas of assistance to bring you back into this awareness of relationship. And so we will joyfully proceed with our assignments of uplifting the family of man one at a time. And we are overjoyed to have such willing assistance such as yourselves to aid us in this process.

You may enjoy playing the role of student for as long as you like but as well there are other roles to be played of instructor, of coach, of reflector of this divine spark. There are many roles in which you will assist us in this process quite naturally.

I would address this question having been posed of world affairs and their possible negative impacts upon the individual and as a matter of observation I would report to you that your scope of perception is relatively short and your individual life spans are relatively short and therefore within any given one life there may only be a given set of circumstances through which you can gauge yourselves in relation to history and perceived future events. Having such a short sample of life on Urantia you lack the perspective to realize that your planet has been in rather constant mood swings and there have been times of great upheaval and turmoil followed by times of relative stability and all these factors are complicated by who you are, where you live and in what time you live.

You who are of the generation that we are dealing with are exceedingly privileged to witness a time of such relative stability in your lives that you grow to be accustomed to such circumstances as normal, routine, expected. I, from my perspective, can tell you that your perception of what is to be expected and normal on your planet has not been expanded to include much of what already exists on your world. By this I mean those of you who worry about disease becoming part of your future, I tell you that right now on other parts of your world disease so grips your brothers and sisters that they have no other reality. So does famine, so does tyranny, so does iniquity. Most of your planet treats half of its species, the females, as inadequate. There are massive injustices happening right now.

From our perspective your world is already in turmoil. There are certain pockets, one of which you enjoy right now which have isolated themselves from much of this strife that your other brothers and sisters are negotiating. But we see the whole picture, we see that there are other abuses that you tolerate, abuses of power, abuses of privilege, acceptance of conditions for your other brothers and sisters merely because they do not live within your borders. There is much on this world even in this hour to be concerned with but I must point out that we are not here to make this world a perfect place. You each one are perfect in your own way, you have the capacity for perfection and you are the ones in this world. So what will you create, what will you tolerate, what will you endorse, what will you be in this process?

Because, there is not a grand force being unleashed upon you, you are both individually and collectively choosing what you will accept, what you will do, what you will have, what fears you will maintain and how those fears will direct your choices. I would use an analogy. You are all gathered around this table. I pour for you coffee from a pot into a variety of cups. You then choose, your own choice, your own cup. Now the cup does not change the coffee but the cup is your choosing how you will interface with reality. Do you want a fancy cup, an expensive cup, a small cup, a large cup? What does that cup say about how you will experience the coffee? This life is a coffee cup, your job is a coffee cup. Every condition that you find is simply a coffee cup, a way to negociate the coffee, the life, and therefore we must make our choices based not upon how we would color our experience through the choice of these temporary experiences of the coffee but rather how will we express ourselves through this process no matter what cup we happen to be holding, what job we happen to be doing, who happens to be standing in front of us or what the task of the hour might be. I perceive that you all join me in this mission of wanting to spread this good news to your brothers and sisters that they are encircuited and as such they are safe, they are secure, there is nothing of peril to the one who is spirit born, nothing to fear. It is all simply different aspects of the spiritual experience. Now your mortal experiences, your individual experiences will vary radically. They will be conditioned largely by your choices. Do you make the most of it or do you let it dictate what you perceive it would dictate to you. I say we be about this process with intention, with purpose, with the knowledge that we are all safe. There is no harm that can befall any one of us, to the part of us that endures, the part of us that matters, the part of us that is real in amongst all the other shadows.

I encourage you not to invest yourselves in worries, fears, doubts about what might come to pass, what could come to pass, what is predicted to come to pass, what is possible to come to pass because I tell you plainly most everything you can conceive of will never happen. You cannot conceive of what will happen so therefore free yourselves of the burden of carrying around ideas of what is to come and instead invest yourselves in creating what is to come because the outcome is determined by you. The circumstances may arise before you but it is still your choice how you will negociate them, how you will react to them, what you will make of this, how you will have your coffee.

So do not make the mistake of condemning yourselves to creating the reality that your fear would have you create. Your doubts, your uncertainties, your fears, they would offer you an alternative reality. Don't choose that one. choose the one that feels like you are partnering with your inner voice, the one that feels the highest in your evaluation of the process. Choose that one, choose the ideal, choose the spectacular, even embrace the unknown because I tell you that is the greatest force for creating your future, not what is going to happen outside of you, around you but what is going to happen inside of you, within you, as you. Would there be once again any opportunity for dialog or questions in an attempt to point out the two way nature of this forum, do I have any takers?


Q: Some months back you spoke through the No. Colorado group and you mentioned a pandemic coming and the loss of 2/3 of the worlds population and tonight you say don't worry about what's going to happen. I'm wondering how do we correlate these two concepts?

Monjoronson: Worrying about what is going to happen will not in any way bring you positive results. Worrying about what is going to happen only brings fear, doubt, uncertainty into the process. If you could elevate your perspective to include the reality that no matter what happens out there, you are responsible for your reaction to it and your reaction to it influences the very reality that you will experience. Two people may be subjected to the very same circumstances, very same conditions and reacting quite differently from each other they will have entirely different experiences of the exact same event. Let's take the example of a car accident. One person who is predisposed to see themselves as a victim would view a car accident having happened to them as one more link in the chain which assures them that life is working against them.

They would see the accident as one more stumbling block to be overcome. They would see the damage to their vehicle as one more impediment to their advancement. They would see the time and anguish as being almost unbearable to go through in the process and therefore their experience would be fairly miserable. A person who is predisposed, that is who chooses in advance to react in a positive way would see the same car accident and would be overwhelmed with gratitude at not having been severely injured, would see this damage to their vehicle as an opportunity for them to either upgrade to another vehicle or undergo the task of making right what was wrong and would see the same accident with the same circumstances in an entirely different light, one of positive acceptance, one of gratitude, even one of joy, that it wasn't any worse, that no one was truly injured, that nothing of true import was lost. That is the point, nothing of true import can be lost.

Q: So we create our own reality but we also buckle up our seat belt don't we?

Monjoronson: That is prudent and wise as a member of the material process that you are involved in and likewise would you not put in your firewood and make sure you have adequate provisions in your home should there be a power outage or any number of fairly foreseen incidences. That would all be considered wise and prudent, but should you cross over the line and lay awake worried that any one of those things is going to happen, then you have crossed into allowing fear and doubt to dominate and therefore you would be more prone when whatever "life brings you" happens you will see it as either one more disaster to be navigated and overcome in a life of strife and uncertainty or another opportunity to exercise your belief that no matter what cup you are going to drink the coffee with you are still going to be drinking the coffee.

Your life may be made hard or made easy, it may be plain to you or it may be complicated to understand but if you move through your life experience with the certainty that you are engaged in this experience, you are safe and sound, that your experience is conditioned by your very response, then your experience will be lighter, it will be brighter, it will be more positive and as such you will be emboldened to take a more active co-creative role in what is going on around you rather than see yourself as adversary to the elements, the world at large.

Q: Thank you for your counsel.

Monjoronson: I understand your heritage my dear ones. You come from a long lineage of survivors. Your ancestors have fought off wild beasts for you to be here now. Every manner of threat has been posed to your world, to your ancestors, even now to you. These things are so deeply ingrained even at your cellular level that you could not be expected to flip a switch and divorce yourselves from a millennia of pattern that has brought you to this place. But these are incredible times. We have options before us where we can negociate our way through these ingrained patterns and we can choose to replace these old patterns of fear and doubt as to our security and safety. Now that we are becoming aware that we are spiritual beings and as such we are not necessarily limited to time and space, to this particular journey, to this earth, to this time. We are just beginning to taste the reality of this so that making decisions based upon this still seems foreign and uncertain, but I assure you it is your heritage, it is your nature as much as is the million years of memories locked in your DNA.

We teeter, on the very brink, we balance on the edge. Do we have what it takes now to upgrade and rearrange our patterns of thinking? The potential is clearly there. Now it will remain up to us and it is only time that intervenes. You will all choose what you are desiring to choose now and if not now, later, if not here then on another mansion world, on another journey. It really matters very little because in this eternal journey that you are on you will succeed, you will be victorious, you will partner with your divine fragment, you will make it home. We are simply now in this hour engaged in trying to explore the limits of our potentials and to choose, and by choosing, to create.

I don't know what else can be said by way of calming your fears about what is to come. I would offer and invite you to adopt a positive countenance about what is to come regardless of how we might get there. All that we are taking for granted in the life as real will be made known to you as shadows of reality. But this is our realm we find ourselves in and so we dig in and make our choices and create our reality to the best of our ability. And to the degree that we can not be driven by fear, our journey will be lighter, brighter, more enjoyable, more successful. I encourage you all in being more joyful at what is to come realizing that everything works out with goodness in this gigantic plan we find ourselves in. All things are turned to the good. Every little aspect has some positive component which will be elevated and enhanced and those things may not go in this life as we would have them, let us be flexible. Let us adapt to the times, to the scenario, to the cup that we pick up in the moment.


If there are no other questions this evening, I feel as though you have enough on your platter. I would thank you for your attention, your consideration and your efforts, your intentions. Those are what drives this very process and just as easy as it is to be concerned over what might happen in the future, look at what has happened in this hour as a result of your choices. This is how we can moderate our reality, how we can create our future, just like this. I withdraw and allow you to be about your business, farewell.