2006-12-15-The Gift of Free Will

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Topic: The Gift of Free Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton



Michael: “My beloveds, our Father has given all His children the gift of free will. And for many of His children this gift may be seen as a curse to mankind rather than a blessing.

“Haven’t you ever even once contemplated the possibility that free will may have, indeed, been a grave mistake? Wouldn’t the universe have faired far better with our Beloved Father in the role of a divine puppet master?

“No! Of course not! You are all here to learn that free will has consequences. Cause and effect, exemplifying the grand universal law of ‘sowing and reaping’ is the proving ground for all free will choices.

“Yes, life is to a great extent all about trial and error. And mankind’s evolutionary progress manifests in the lessons learned on the proving grounds.

“The gift of free will is a magnificent gift of the grandest perfection. And yes, there is pain and suffering in the lessons. There is great truth in the axiom --- ‘no pain, no gain.’

“Free Will is the pathway to perfection.”