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Topic: Flexibility, Change

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying a look back at our long history together. I am with such blessings to still be using this method of communication to speak with you. I do enjoy meeting as a group, for we each bring out the various flavors of personality in one another. You are a source of strength. It is good to refuel weekly to be able to go forth and to deal with what lies ahead. Your fellowship and faith reenergize your spirit to go forth and be of use within the ministry.


I was not ever labeled an emotional character, heartless at times, perhaps. I was always leaning toward the logic of life. I was loath to ever be caught unprepared or inadequate. It was my life’s passion to be on top of every little detail. I had goals and I had surefooted steps leading toward the completion of those goals. You could say I was immovable. Certainly I was focused. I did believe that this was the path God had chosen for me. If I had done everything perfect, according to how I defined perfection, then certainly God found that acceptable. This was indeed a crushing pressure upon me. I maintained it at great cost.

Gratitude to our Father for sending me our most honored teacher, Machiventa. Next to the teaching of the one God fact, showing me that God’s plans are His own and not subject to my definition, was with great significance. I had my life somewhat preplanned and learning about Father’s will certainly threw a wrench into those plans. I was made to be flexible. I was made to be subject to change. I can tell you that this was quite a feat for my mentor to completely sink this into my understanding. I was with such habit and routine.

The thoughts of my superiority faded as I learned that we are each children of God, no matter the status of the person. Machiventa served by my side as a person, no more, no less. The meaningful feelings I received from learning Father was that close to me changed my passion for life. I was a new creature. I cared not about riches or armies. I found my joy in spending time with my grandchildren, talking to associates who became friends, giving love instead of orders. I became a likeable man instead of a feared one.

Father and His personality are changeless, but the will is always subject to change. This is why we learn to be flexible in our spiritual careers. We can see the Master was always up to date with what He needed to know to provide to the ministry. He was committed to the Father’s will and this put Him in constant communication with the Father. We know by now after this many years in this Mission, nothing is set in stone. Urantia is an evolutionary planet and there has been room made for various outcomes of events. We need to remain flexible and at one with the will of Father.

We all still have our old ideas that tend to create limitation. We get our minds stuck on something and have a terrible time of accepting new ideas. To be flexible is not to be with an aloof attitude, no. It is to be observant and checking in at all times with the Father. No detail is too small. You may check in with anything you like. The path is not carved out for us. The lives we are living is creating the path. We don’t know how it will turn out--that is the good news. It is exciting and most definitely challenging. The ministry is our life. We minister as we live.


This week let us focus on being open to change. How does being flexible put you in constant communication with Father? How does that aid in your ministry to others? Mary sends her love and will be with us next week. That is all for now, my friends. This has been time well spent. I am always growing with love for you each. Call on me if you should have need. Until next time, shalom.