2007-04-01-You Have What You Need

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Topic: You Have What You Need

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Sheila, Mark Rogers



Michael (Sheila TR): I am Michael. I sit here in your circle. I sit here and I move myself in and around you. I sit so close I can feel your heart beating. I sit amongst you today because I feel you in my heart; I feel your love for me. I hear your words, and I am getting closer and closer. Our project grows at an ever rapid pace. You, my great ones, so beautifully, so gracefully, so willing walk through these times. You are coming to know your greatness that is beyond that which your senses show you. Great ones, you are coming to know your perfect selves. You will be beyond casting a shadow. Your illumination will serve the greater purpose that what you need to know will come. Those who you need will come because I, your brother Michael, will send them to you. I will send you all that you need until you can do this freely for yourselves, great ones. There is no doubt. There is only forging forward. Take your stand, children, your places within yourself. Take your stand. Take your world. Each one of you has within your core that which you are coming to be, each one of you a spoke, each one with purpose and design. I am here to introduce you to your uniqueness. I walk with you every step of the way.

Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, this is Monjoronson. I am pleased once again to accept the invitation of this group to not only join but to act in the capacity of instructor and guide. I will once again return to our analogy of having worked together to form this splendid climbing team that we have assembled throughout this process together.


I would point out to you that we have been engaged in the process of collecting our tools and assembling that which we need to help us make a successful and safe ascension of the opportunities and challenges before us. These tools that we have discussed that you have been engaged in developing for quite some time now are now in fact yours to own, each one, as part of your own personal climbing gear. You have developed these principles and techniques, and while you may not have had as of yet in depth experience with each and every tool, you do possess these tools to have and to use at your command.

Likewise in our journey together you have witnessed how it feels when one of your group stumbles and misses their footing, perhaps even falls. You have faithfully and dutifully rallied in support of those who have mis-stepped, and you have held firm to your lines, and you have adhered to your techniques, and your party has ascended as a group. Now we find ourselves not at our lower base camp but huddled at higher elevations having enjoyed the accomplishments of our efforts so far and our successes to date. In this process the experience throughout you have each developed a greater experiential sense of what it is we are doing and the process with which we are doing it, and you are coming into awareness that you do in fact possess that which you need to serve you in this regard.

As we join together in this hour I will continue this imagery in response to your sincere desires to know where we are going and what is up for us as we look to our future.

My dear ones, there is a storm brewing, and it most certainly will be upon us in the near future, and at this time we will not see our situation look the same as it has, although it will be the same in many ways. Rather than making this ascent and having individual members falter in their step by step processes, our next challenge will be how we react when we are under siege by a storm which overtakes us, and we must collectively rally and use our tools to find our way through when the wind drives and the way becomes murky and clouded with the blowing turmoil of snow around us, of life around us.

I tell you that there is a storm approaching. It will come upon us; it will overtake us; it will seem intense and blinding. It will appear threatening and dangerous. It will trigger you to question your abilities and the tools you have at hand at your disposal. This will provide you yet with another opportunity for building your faith and strengthening your character. I assure you you have everything you need with you; you are supplied sufficiently. You have been trained to encounter and to endure such adversity as will arise and even more.

You have been trained to conquer this adversity by creating your own reality within the storm. No matter that the winds might howl; no matter that the darkness may overtake us prematurely and we may have to employ our skills at understanding to navigate safely through. We have been trained. We have been supplied.

We simply lack the experience of the assurance that all will be well. This conviction I offer as your guide; this assurance I bring as I am well aware that you are well equipped and well provided for. You are, in fact, quite safe even in the midst of darkness and turmoil, and you know this in your minds. You will soon have an opportunity to practice this in your reality, and I can assure you that all will be well when such a storm most certainly blows by and . .. a changed landscape, but your compass reading, your internal guide, your moral compass reading, remain constant and although your trail may be obscured by the shift of reality, your direction may remain certain by virtue of your internal compass reading.

Again, all will most certainly be well, in fact, there are few things sweeter than the dawn after the storm has passed. Then is when you appreciate what you have done and where you are and the deepening of your experience in having gotten there. I will be with you throughout this process, available to you as your guide. But you, each one, are making this journey with me, are becoming guides yourselves and having gained this experience together you will be qualified to lead your own search parties searching for truth, beauty, and goodness. Lead them up your own individual ascension paths.

This is what you are in training to do and to be, to lead the others who will come after you up these trails and to navigate these obstacles. Make no mistakes that once we have done this, once it is yours as a matter of experience, it becomes yours to teach and to show as well. That is your privilege and your opportunity, and it is my privilege and my opportunity to lead you up this time, to show you the way, to illustrate the techniques and the approaches so that you may embrace them as yours and in so doing portray these patterns and techniques to all those who will come after you and seek your guidance so that they will know that you have been to the mountain top and you have seen the other side.

They will desire to follow you up and have you show them, This will be your privilege as it is mine even now. Do not fear, my little ones, you are well taken care of, and you are not nearly so little as you think you are, for having dedicated yourselves to this process you have grown immensely in this path. You have the commitment of your Creator to share this journey with you, and that is another gift and accomplishment that you will be privileged enough to share with those who would seek what you have found.

Therefore is your mission protected and safe. You are gaining that experience and undertaking those challenges that they may be part of your resume as a spiritual ambassador. I hope to convey a sense of peace no matter what storm might be on the horizon. No matter what may arise in life to muddy the waters or cloud your environment you know who you are; you know you have your Creator with you. You know you are lovingly guided and tended to, and you know your survival is assured. Therefore simply accept what all this life experience brings you, knowing the outcome of your spiritual survival is a certainty.

Thank you for accepting our partnership and my role in this process that allows me to be here with you at this hour. I cherish this opportunity to come close to you in this fashion, and I welcome any future opportunities that arise for us to be together in this way and meet anytime, anywhere you will create the environment to do so. Thank you and farewell.


Jonathan: We heard you might be changing affiliation with another group; I'm curious about your future engagement with this group. Will that be taking on different context or are we proceeding as usual? Are your new assignments going to have some impact on this group?

Monjoronson: My dear friends, I sense your concern over our continued involvement, and I will assure you that the Magisterial Mission will be an ongoing project, and, as such, I will be a personality in presence for quite some time. I would reference you back to before I came into contact with your group and perhaps you can recall that . . you were lacking nothing that you had access to your celestial personalities, friends if you will, and you were quite comfortable engaged in the pattern of your choosing at that time.

Then along came a shift, a new focus and purpose, where the Teaching Mission had been preparation for what you would come to accept as a shift in focus, although you were to take this on faith, having no experience with what this meant. And to your credit you received this shift, and as part of that my presence and the presences of others who you have been introduced to as a result of this shift.

Now we are part of the same family of participants in these spiritual projects you might call the Teaching Mission or the Magisterial Mission or any other service project that might come to mind. Likewise will there be shifts in the future of different aspects of what is all really one gigantic mission of spiritual upliftment being promoted and brought forward in apparent contrast to other aspects.

This is merely a shift in focus. As different aspects of the overall project are elevated to new levels of awareness, they seem to make the other aspects of the mission lesser in comparison, but in fact they are not.

I point to the long-standing relevance of the most basic of universe principles that is to be encouraged, that of stillness. Stillness is still appropriate; it is always appropriate, is perhaps even more appropriate than it ever was, and yet that topic, that subject, does not receive the initial attention that was afforded it in the beginning of this curriculum. That does not mean it is less significant at this time, but rather that there are other topics of interest, topics of engagement which are chosen and which are presented to you, and whenever one of these comes along that will serve to illustrate another component of the overall project it is used to elevate and illustrate this aspect.

This does not imply that all these other various principles, approaches, and techniques that we have discussed are not relevant, rather we are simply focusing on one at a time, and likewise my presence in amongst your group has been intentional to draw your focus to a different arena of awareness, not necessarily a superior arena, but a different aspect of your growth and awareness of the project.

Similarly there will come at others new dimensions, new levels, of achievement and awareness that will cause you to reference what we are engaged in now as being distinctive and different from what you will be engaged in at that hour. But this does not mean that what we are doing here and now is not part of the plan, is not a significant aspect of the overall project of your growing awareness.

There will develop new and different patterns as we go through this process, and there may come times where the emphasis or the instructor may shift, but all of this is all under the umbrella of the bigger project of raising the spiritual awareness individually and on your entire planet. As far as my personal relationship to you goes, I will be around, as I said, for some time, and I have grown to enjoy a relationship with each of you and with all of you. I have this within my capability to . . and join with you individually and collectively and having developed these relationships I desire to maintain them.

Therefore will I commit to you that whether you are my students in this climbing exercise or whether you are acting as instructor in future climbing parties I will be available as one who would volunteer to consult with you and assist you in your processes both individually and collectively. But, my dear ones, one of the pieces of the puzzle that you do not yet appreciate and understand is that in this process of growth that we are involved in you are growing up to, quite sufficiently, stand on your own two feet. You will need to lean on myself or the others less and less, and that is how the process is designed to work.

You will not always be as you are now in confusion and darkness as to how to proceed, rather after you have gained these experiences and successfully traveled these trails you will have a sense of accomplishment and certainty and security, and you will not need to be so guided and led as you are right now. To the small toddler that can never imagine not having the parent's finger to wrap their hand around when crossing the street, but to the young adult there is no sense of need to have a hand to hold to cross the street. It is simply not part of what is necessary.

Likewise there will come a time where each of you will not need to avail yourself of the hand to hold while crossing the street. You will have your own sense of confidence and awareness and responsibility to execute such a maneuver quite on your own. And as you grow up it will come full circle and you will be the ones offering your hand across the street . .. the glory of the process of maturing and experiencing both ends, what it feels like to need the hand, what it feels like to offer the hand.

This is your pleasure and your privilege to experience in this journey. I hope this speaks to your concern.

Jonathan: It does and I would like to add an image. Your guidance and from all the teachers have helped me hit the bull's eye. Now I can hit that bull's eye again. I hope to unleash a second arrow and split that first arrow in half. So I request your further guidance.

Monjoronson: And I assure you and all of you that no teacher, no parents, no instructor, no guide would turn away anyone with a sincere desire to ask and to receive. It is simply not part of the relationship to withhold anything from one of sincere intent. So rest in peace that there will never come a time when you would ask and you would not receive.

Who you may receive from may shift; how you may receive may change; what you will receive certainly will be altered, but it is forever and always true, my dear ones, ask and you shall receive. Never entertain doubts that you will be cut off by a universe who loves you. It is simply not in the plans. You are always and forever lovingly tended to, and this includes the answer to your question, the furnishing of what you need even if it is your questioning heart and mind. You are never left without. You are beginning to sense this even in this life. It remains true and constant throughout, and I understand that there are personal relationships that become very important to you as individuals, and you would like to assume that these would maintain, and I would tell you that the relationships that you have developed with your celestial friends are enduring in quality and nature even more so than the relationship that you develop with your mortal counterpart.

These ones that you have developed in spirit are instantly available to you and accessible to you quite more easily than your mortal relationships that require your physical presence to facilitate. Rest assured the friendships that we share and enjoy and cherish in these moments are enduring, and we will have the opportunities to cherish such relationships throughout our experiences.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Monjoronson: I would accept your gratitude and I would offer you mine after all, my dear ones, how many of you are there who would offer to become friends with me? Who would offer to welcome me? I cherish those at this time who are willing to extend beyond what can be seen into the real development of lasting friendships, and this we have done. We have bridged the gap, my dear ones. It is a miracle that we know each other, that we have come together in this way, in this time. It is a demonstration of what is possible when we choose and when we direct our intention and will. We have bridged the gap. Together we have forged this alliance; we have formed these relationships, and we now both may savor the sweetness of such an accomplishment. I assure you I do; I take this cup; I welcome it; I drink it with you. I toast you my friends, my associates, my partners, and soon my associate ambassadors. You have Michael's peace. I bring you my love and affection. I desire your friendship and, as with any good friend, it is up to us to maintain this relationship.


I offer you my commitment, and I receive yours that we may have these enduring relationships, even friendships, throughout time and even within space. Be of great joy as I am to consider such a miracle. Farewell