2007-06-06-You Are Not Bound By The Body

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Topic: You Are Not Bound By The Body

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: The Voice, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine parents we are so comforted by your presence, so nurtured by your love. We desire to grow closer to you in our efforts. We desire to receive that which you would give us, that which we need most in this moment. We ask for your help to receive these things from you, to receive our place as your children, to receive our responsibilities and capabilities as your children. It is our intention to form a partnership with you in this moment. It is our intention to encircuit with you. We form our individual circuits out here and gather together a collective circuit of seekers and then we ask that you join us and infuse our circuit with your light and your love.

We come before you of one heart that we would form an energy vortex, a center of light. We will do this because it is our intention, it is our will that we desire to make manifest. We ask you to help us form this circuitry between us, among us to weave us together with your light. We ask that you join with us in donating your energy to our circuitry. We ask that all that is done is done as your will, as you would have it done in this process. It is our will that your will be done. We would take this wonderful glowing light anchor and we would direct it to our comrades where they are gathered together. Let them feel the glow of our love light energy wherever they are in time or space. Let them receive this light, let them feel the warmth of it, let it surround them. Let it bring them peace, your peace Father.

May our intention, may our will, may our desire and our projection be the carrier wave for your love and your peace. We are co-creaters with you Father and we would inject our will into the equation. We would add our component, we would contribute our essence to the equation and we would ask that this connection be made between us, among us that our web be widened to bridge out to all the others that we may join together the flow of light. We ask Father that you receive our willingness to be connected to our inner voices, through our eternal fragments within. We ask that we link these together and have yet another avenue of communion if not communication. We would layer this circuitry on as well and ask you Father for your blessing and your help.


The Voice: I am this one's voice made manifest to you at this time. I am here to confirm for you your inner suspicions that you are not bound and tethered to your physical vehicle as you are conditioned to believe. An exercise such as this can offer you glimpses into the potential of projecting your aspects of self which are not confined to a particular time or space. Indeed once you have fully embraced who you really are in relation to your physical vehicle you cannot fully appreciate the distinction at this time but your eternal components are able to be freed to traverse the limitations that are so predominant in your material manifestations.

You are as ones who have been driving your car for a very long time and having gotten quite good at it and quite comfortable at this practice, your vehicle does indeed become an extension of yourself. But as a driver you may exit your vehicle and depart from that mode of operation. It is not easy for you to achieve any degree of separation at this point in your journey from your vehicle, you are so attached. You have been driving for so long that you truly do not know where the vehicle stops and where the driver begins. This is your challenge, this is your opportunity, this is your privilege to explore your ever changing parameters, to ever be ready to redefine your conditions based upon newer and greater understandings.

If you could imagine all that is truly you encapsulated into a small area and located in your head you would have spent your entire life pressed up against the glass of your eyes and you would have lost the sense of distinction of being a driver or a passenger. Likewise is it your challenge to move to the back seat and observe that you are in fact riding in a vehicle and the vehicle is not you but rather a tool, an extension of the self just as your cars are not you but they extend you and your capabilities. It would be a positive exercise for you to take to attempt to see yourself from different vantage points, to realize that most of your time is spent in the front seat driving with the windshield close to your face but that all of that is not you.

You can also view yourself from different vantage points and even from above and see that all that currently defines you, all of your exterior parameters are no more than your current address and a useful tool to you at the time. This enables you to feel as though you are freed from the restrictions of being permanently housed in an inescapable prison when you consider that the driver can exit the vehicle at will and project beyond where the vehicle may be parked. What your exercise this evening was designed to allow you what to do, your vehicles are quite parked in the constellation in which they are currently inhabiting space and yet you are growing in your awareness and your certainties that you can project yourselves first to a common point, a light anchor that you assemble and then through that mechanism project your energies to another remote location of your choosing. You are wielding these universe principles.

And it is my distinct privilege, one that you have granted me in this moment, to share this form of communication with you. Each one of you have an initial response, that first acknowledgement of the true, the beautiful and the good. No matter what circumstance or issue may arise before you there is always an answer contained in the many responses that you receive. Choose the highest choice that you recognize. Make the most divine choice you are capable of and you will never err. If you are uncertain as you sort out the many responses which arise as a result of your encounters you may ask for guidance and once again you will receive more responses.

Always there is one, usually first. It is sweet and soft, it is good, it is true and it is beautiful. Choose that one among all of them. You will be able to sense that one. In this way you will be choosing your inner voice, you will be supporting that which your inner guide would give you. It is not truly that difficult however there is a number of habitual obstacles that arise in our natural tendencies to gravitate towards the first initial response. I am grateful for this opportunity that we have to share this moment in time together. I now will relinquish this opportunity to others, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson. I am pleased to accept your invitation to be here tonight even pleased to accept your invitation to participate in this exercise of spanning between locations. You are all light anchors and it is a pleasure to weave all of you together for such a purpose as this. I accept your offer of energy to be used in this regard. I bring you my offering, my contribution to throw into the center light as well. There is a new emphasis and one which will be discussed in the coming weeks. It is rather an acknowledgment of what has and is transpiring most naturally and normally but to bring recognition and acknowledgment also brings with it strength and energy that may be used in the process. I am talking about the phenomenon of being more conscious about working with individual groups, that is forming individual energy configurations. These can become quite useful to be used to literally anchor to as the light is projected to where it is most needed.

This group right here represents just such a fixture, just such a useful tool to those of us who can assist in the direction of such a focus of energy. Each one of you involved in this group is also the beginning of a new group. For now, you are becoming aware of the energy, the principles, the techniques, the awareness, the understanding, even the embrace of all of this and you are each one becoming light anchors individually and new centers, new beginnings. Each one of you is involved in your own circle of influence and you are going to bring into your circle of influence the same characteristics, the same awareness that you enjoy, that you are experiencing, that you are learning even now.

We form groups which then spread out to form new groups and these ripples spread out across the whole surface of humanity until there is no area on the surface that is left untouched left unrippled by this effect. It doesn't take that many sincere devoted ones making ripples to change the nature of an entire pond; likewise it will not take masses upon masses to bring about a great effect on the surface of the pond of mankind. You are the ones who are going to spread out and start the ripples. Your ripples are going to be your new divine understandings and awareness. Your message will be of truth, of beauty and goodness and these ripples will turn into waves.

Therefore our new topic and focus will be establishing leveled groups, working groups that will operate and function to offer stability to the spiritual grid. There may be groups who undertake various tasks and undertakings or there may be groups who simply form light anchors and ground out energies to mother earth. All manner of groups are necessary and required. Where you live, where you work, who you are around, those are all groups as well and you can certainly change the flavor, raise the vibration, alter the tone of all of these groups.

What you learn you will have an opportunity to teach. What you have found you will have an opportunity to show to another and along the way you are growing to be all that you have ever experienced. To you who have embarked on this journey of discovering who you are in this process, you have earned your stripes that have gotten you to this place and you have earned the respect of many around you who see your efforts and the fruits of your efforts. They will more and more be attracted to those aspects of you which are in harmony with the truth, beauty and goodness that you are sensing with your new spiritual awareness.

In your prayers ask to manifest all that you have been given. All that has been provided for you is for you to be taken in, is to become a part of you. Ask to be a manifestation of all of this that has been given to you. Ask for capacity to receive this and then allow that this can be so. I would not leave without acknowledging your question regarding a sense of impendingness and it is no secret by now that we are certainly finding ourselves at a juncture where there will be a before and an after. An epic is about to shift. These will be known as the times before and then there will be the times after and they will be distinctly different. They will be distinctly better, that is what our mission is here to insure. You are all cared for lovingly and tenderly and you should have no fears for your safety for no matter what arises in this material realm, even to your material vehicle, as we have described, you may depart from your physical vehicle at will. You are not confined.

We are about expanding our awareness of that component of our self and we must as well live surrounded by the vehicle and in the material plane. There must necessarily be accommodation made to allow for the continuation of the physical vehicle but our instruction and training is not about how to survive in this temporary address as much as it is about how we are all going to survive in our eternal state regardless of manifestations of materialism.

However I understand your concern for your environment and your playground and as you observe there are a number of challenges your environment is now facing but I refer back to the statement made that massive changes can be accomplished through the sheer force of the human will and spirit. We save the spirit, we save the will. We do not worry about the flesh for when you save the spirit and you save the will you have saved the soul and that is our true objective.

The times ahead will necessitate you grappling with individual issues but if you can return to the domain of spirit you will always find footing there, always find peace there, always find love there and you may regain your composure, you may adjust your posture, you may refine your attitude and then when you go out to make your way through the plane of material existence you will be enlightened. You will not be so burdened and oppressed.

That is the very best that we can do for you, that is what we are doing and to the degree that it is helpful for us to say it we will say fear not, all is well because all is well within. As long as all is well within we should fear not but I can see that is easy to say. That is what I would encourage however, to adopt that attitude. It can change your experience of any circumstance in a moment's notice to simply flip your attitude. Even with the expression, I desire to fear not, I reject fear.

I cherish the opportunity that you have granted me this evening to interweave the various anchors of light. With your permission we have encircuited these points. There has been an infusion forth and back. This has been accomplished in no small part because of your co creative capacities and though I'm certain that you cannot perceive as we can the spectacular flow and transfer, I assure you it is glorious to behold. Thank you my dear ones for volunteering, for assisting, offering yourselves that we may join together in this fashion and share this experience in this fashion.


I sense the hour draws long so I will release this t/r and allow you to bask if you will in the glow of such a light and energy transfer as you have in this hour created. I drink this cup with you and savor this moment. Thank you Father, farewell.