2007-06-11-Reach Out To Those In Need

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Topic: Reach Out To Those In Need

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Eregon, Michael

TR: Jo Ann



MICHAEL (TR, Jo Ann): Welcome, children of light. It is I, Michael, whom you also know as Christ Jesus.


Your planet and its life are dear to me. I treasure the memory of my stay here, and my work with the souls of the time. Your planet is experiencing much in the way of challenges. Many things, such as this, often occur in the progress of a planet and its culture. These things are not to be feared. Being in a state of fear and panic, prevents one, many or all from working in the light. The light is where you wish to work; the light is where we meet to work. We can create little in the way of co-operative effort, with those who are running around in hysteria. From your highest selves, from your most spiritual moments, from your place of groundedness and earth energy, and connectedness to cosmic energy, you find the inspiration, the energy and the affirmation to continue on the high path, creating more and better good. Ever is it so, that the good is created from the good within you, as individuals, or as your planetary group. Call on the good within yourselves; center yourselves in the light within, and you will find the inspiration, and in the inspiration, you will draw the co-operation to solve so many problems. You may surprise yourselves.

My children, it is with great love that I address you today. As more and more of you have become aware of the problems you are facing, your group consciousness is changing; changing to one of responsibility, and you are responding in your personal lives, in your rules and regulations, in your standards and you will create progress by doing this. We do not say that all difficulties will be avoided, but I wish to assure you that by working together, having a team spirit, you will make much more rapid progress. In times of great difficulty, it is those with courage and foresight, who are able to lift up their fellows and bring them into the light.

When you come into the light, the solutions you bring forth are enlightened ones. My little children, I love you greatly! We assure you again, these things are not being visited on you as punishment or retribution. There is no such thing as "Divine Wrath," as you have conceived it. The words simply do not fit well together. The Father is love and I am love, and the universe loves you. So many stand ready to assist you; we do not leave you alone with your difficulties, and we will not abandon you. Reach out to those in need, whether in your community, or on a distant shore. Offer what assistance you can; if you have money, you can give it; if you have time, you can give service; if you have neither, and if you have both, you can give prayer. You know from your many experiences, how effective is prayer in offering consolation and comfort to those in need. Prayer cannot be overdone. It is received as encouragement to the soul.

Sometimes in your own lives, you may remember when a simple arm around the shoulder, the presence of a friend or kind words, made all the difference in your ability and willingness to continue working at your life’s challenges, rather than giving up. Do not give in to discouragement. Center yourselves. Find that true center within; it is connected with an unending source of loving energy, for you both to receive and to give. It cannot be taken away from you, except by distractions of your own making; you can remove yourself from it, temporarily. It is not wealth and luxury that makes life worth living; it is the loving relationships, one human to another, one heart to another. These things are real and cannot be taken away by the material challenges, which all are likely to face from time-to-time. So reach out to your fellows, with prayers and love. You helped them to face their own challenges from a higher place. Do you understand that this is real?

I love you my children; I embrace your group with my heart energy. Sit and bask in the light of my love for a moment now, for I am present with each of you. (Long Pause.) Good day, dear children; my love is with you always. There are others here with messages for you.

EREGON (TR, Jo Ann): It is Eregon, the teacher assigned to this group. I greet you, my friends and fellow travelers. We are all journeying together on the great cosmic road, with one great destination on our journey, to stand in the embrace of the Father in Paradise, and then attaining his presence to know, that which was sought, to experience that great love, that absolutely benevolent presence. As you are now, you experience all you can know of that presence, from the Spirit Within, but your knowledge is destined to grow, as you grow in spirit.

Today’s lesson is on liveliness. You could call it quality of life, but that would be more limiting than what our topic actually embraces. Liveliness, as we are using the word today, is the essence of spirit living. The energy of spirit to fill you is unlimited! You can expand your joyfulness, your enthusiastic responses to life, and to those with whom you come in contact, who are loveable. There is an expression to liveliness, which is joyful. Carry on in your daily lives the spirit of loving appreciation. You do not always appreciate how well things go for you. If you choose by observation, you could notice that your life circumstances could be much different, if you compared yourselves to others less fortunate, maybe it would spark your appreciation. We do not ask you to do this; we simply note that it is so.

There is certainly much in each of your lives, around which you could build appreciation and thankfulness and joy, and therefore enthusiasm for continued beingness. And this is what we refer to as liveliness today: being engaged in the lure of the spirit; being conscious. Bring in your awareness to what is good, beautiful, and true in your lives. We ask you to do this, not because God needs appreciation; we ask you to do this because it is mutually beneficial. Is it not true, that having more joy in your life would be a blessing? And that those who operate from a joyful center scatter joy around them like so many seeds. This is a beautiful thing to do, investing in the garden of life. Be willing to place your heart and your energy and your involvement where love is needed, and you will reap a harvest beyond expectations. You do not have to wait for someone to be in trouble to offer these good things. You can expand the joyfulness in the present, even of the things that are already good.

When you love your own children, you wish to give them gifts that will draw out their talents and skills. You wish to share in their growth. It is the same with your friends of the spirit—we wish to assist you in creating more joy in your lives, and therefore in the lives of those around you. When you concentrate on the positive aspects of your lives, you increase the energy that flows into these events and areas of your lives, so that even more joy and goodness can flow back to you. It is a paradox of a sort, at least from your perspective: How can you by giving, receive more? It is like the water flowing through the stream; if the water stopped its flowing at some point, refused to flow any further, things beyond would dry up. But how can the water refuse to flow? It is its nature. And so it is with you—it is your nature to receive love from divine sources, and to share it with your human fellows. You are of the essence of the Father’s love; that essence is at your core, it defines you. As the Father’s nature is love, so is yours. To deny yourselves the experience of giving and receiving love is not reasonable.

When you come into a tent, you are sheltered from the sun; and this is a great tent, like one you would see at a conference, where a thousand people may gather. And when that might be set up for a feast, if you were there alone, what meaning would there be in the buffet, in the feast, in the setting? It is the very presence of your companions that makes experience meaningful throughout your lives. Love your companions, your families, your friends, your co-workers, your political friends and your political adversaries—all worthy of love. Love the experience of being alive, when there is so much variety in human personalities, so many people to know, to greet, to become friends with. As many as are the possibilities among the human race for friends, so numerous are your possibilities for friendship in the spiritual realms. Find people to love and find people to be loveable. This is your assignment if you choose to accept one. Find one more person to let into your life in loving relationship, in true friendship. In addition, remember, as you are doing this, there is an element of spirit directing this attraction, a mutuality of expression and benefit. Invite the Spirit within and your angels to help you invite another soul into your life. We ask you to do this, not simply as homework or an exercise, but because it will be a beautiful and enriching experience, and we wish to help you enrich your lives. That is today’s lesson. There are others here who would speak and we ask you all to sit in quiet, listening, and be willing to speak for your spiritual friends in this circle. (Long pause.)

Is there one who is willing to share what they are experiencing?

Student: ….(Inaudible)…

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