2007-06-15-Practice Session

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Topic: Practice Session

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Alfana

TR: Betty, Douglas



Tonight is Betty's first attempt at Receiving. At the urging of Douglas she has agreed to attempt. After saying a prayer the session began. After about 10 min. of silence, Betty began to speak, Transmitting Aflana.

Aflana (Betty): When we will be together memories of these days will be precious. Tomorrow is another day, but today is what matters. A flower spreads it petals to be seen in the sunlight to be received by your brothers and sisters. Today you are *, nevertheless, seize my hand and grab it do not be afraid. There are those among you who will step aside, and others who have this light. And He will always have grace in return. Many are unsure. I tell you now you have great works to do. Many of you will look back on these days as precious jewels that have been dipped in the water of life.


Douglas: Can you answer questions?

Aflana: I am trying.

Douglas: Are you pleased to be with us?

Aflana: Yes. I am always pleased to do the Father's work.

Douglas: We are pleased to have you with us.

Aflana: Thank you.

Douglas: Are you Aflana?

Aflana: Yes, I am Aflana.

Douglas: How are we progressing as a group in your estimation? Are we doing the things that we should be doing at this point?

Aflana: This will come naturally. The work is well under way.

Douglas: How am I, Douglas, doing in relationship to receiving your messages?

Betty: I am not sure about this Douglas. Nothing. I am just not sure that it's not me talking.

Douglas: O.K. Betty! Just relax and let's go back into the stillness and see what happens.

Note: After a few minuets past, Douglas began to transmit the following.

Aflana: (Douglas) The presence of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God protects us. Wherever we are He is with us.

Thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. This is our practice session. You are striving to be more proficient in the delivery of our messages. This is good. We thank you for your diligence and your efforts to complete this assignment. These transmissions are new to many. There are all individual problems. Each T/R is unique and different from another. Although our messages are similar and have uniformity. The delivery varies from T/R to T/R. So have faith that with practice your abilities will increase in proficiency. It is good that you practice as you have this time. We will attempt to assist you and make our messages clear. Take heed that you listen to our guidance. We desire only your success in this endeavor and in your spiritual growth. (????)

We have the responsibility to deliver our messages to your open minds. You have the responsibility to receive and repeat them for your group. You should see now that it is becoming easier to relate our messages. Look back to the beginning. We have made tremendous progress. Keep your faith high and strong in the Father. Trust in one another. Rely on the Father fragment and your brothers and sisters to hold you to the path. Our God is gracious and compassionate in all things.

Betty, I thank you for your attempt in receiving these messages. Please try again as often as you can. Fear not. Your conscious mind will subside with practice and desire. Let us try to share the light at this time. Questions are permitted.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I am very happy you are with us tonight. You know, I certainly was unsure of what I was doing, but my heart was pure and I was willing to listen to whatever was coming through and with Douglas's encouragement just say whatever it was. I certainly will practice with him, and with your help and guidance I am certainly willing to be a transmitter if that's God's will.

Aflana: Thank you.

Betty: Douglas would like to know how he is progressing; how we are progressing as a group; and how he is doing as a transmitter/receiver?

Aflana: The group fares well. You need our love. The true substance of the group is yet to come. New members should be sought; brought to the Teaching Mission. Douglas is improving as each day goes by. We admire his fortitude in seeking the Father. We will assist him along his path.

Betty: He will be glad to hear that. There is a woman by the name of Stella who lives in Whittier. I somehow feel drawn to tell her what's going on and invite her join our group. Would you comment on that? She's a Urantia book reader, and quite a wonderful woman.

Aflana: Your perceptions of this person are correct. We see them smiling. Their heart is open to you. You may use this association to impart the Father's love. They reflect from you to her; share the teachings from the personal perspective. I feel this will do much to draw her near.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I would like to ask you. We wrote these questions down before we began if you were around. Douglas would like to know are others in our group close to being ready to transmit? As I gather from you tonight you are encouraging me to practice, and perhaps with time I will be able to be one of those persons. But are there others that should be practicing?

Aflana: All have the potential. Potentiality exists in each person, but fear stifles the growth. Some cannot see themselves in this role. Some of them should seek whatever role they find comfortable. We will adapt that role to our needs. We are confident in this mission in that the Father will provide all that is needed.

Betty: Yes, He does provide all that we need whether we recognize it or not. We've been reading many of the papers that are coming from other groups that Douglas downloads on his computer and prints out. And we currently are reading the Will papers. And in those papers she give exercises such as the 1,2,3 exercise. And we would like to know if we should use....if we should start practicing those exercises? Are we ready to do that? It's sort of like the chicken and the egg. The chicken has to be strong enough to break through the shell to get out, and I am wondering are we ready to do these exercises. Will you give us exercises to do when you feel that we are ready? Should we wait for your guidance?

Aflana: It is good to wait for our guidance. However, if you have grown to that point that these lessons can be enacted, by all means do so. This only helps you individual develop- ment for a time and makes our job much easier. All teach- ers of this mission are of one mind on instruction.. We each present that instruction according to our individual understandings. For all understandings on this level re- late from the Father. So if you can hear, follow His instructions.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana. I know that I tried these exercises it just made it so clear to how little control that I have over myself at times and how far I have to go. How much work I have to do on myself.

Aflana: Do you feel the presence of guidance when you seek the Father's will? It will mean that Michael's with you. Do you not feel his influence?

Betty: I do at times. I do at times when my anger is not involved. Especially when I talk to Kathy at work. I don't know if you have looked in on me at work, but things sometimes get pretty tense there. And I'm beginning to appreciate Paul a lot more, and I'm really striving to not be so upset with Rick. And yet it's very hard. I see that I have so much to do at work when it comes getting along with him. And yet I feel that there is some techniques that are inspired by the way I just sort of got up said, "I'll get Paul to help you so that you can save your temper." And yet there was something sort of a dig in there, too, that wasn't the way it should be. So, it's a struggle. I really do want guidance. I know that's up to me. I know that I must exhibit some control.

Aflana: All this struggle. All this is a desire for perfection. In these moments take a moment to seek the Father. Just say to yourself: "The Father is with me; I am in control." Say this in all situations. "I yield my anger to the Spirit of Love." And let it go. Your coworkers will find a new you that will perplex them, but they will admire your strength as they are very aware their effect on you. Take heed that not your spirit become easily provoked. Seek first the Father before speaking. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, Aflana. Thank you very much. And I will try. I will try.


Aflana: Trying is good. Many times you may fail in your attempts, but continue the exercise. You will find your success. This should be all for this evening.

Betty: Thank you, Aflana, for being with us. Thank you so much for your guidance and your help. And we are looking forward to a long relationship with you.

Aflana: You are welcome. You are each loved. In your guidance listen closely. Farewell.

Betty: Farewell.