2007-07-15-Import of Oneness

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Topic: Import of Oneness, Incarnational Process

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Sondjah, Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Jerry: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your presence with us and in us, in all that we do. Thank you for Christ Michael and his Spirit of Truth that is with us now, and Mother Spirit whose energy is all around us, surrounds us with love. Thank you for your teachers and all our angelic guides. Help us to center now and to recognize the merkaba in our midst, with all its energy from the universe. Let us now, with our intent to join together, establish our heart line, and as it circulates around all of us, feel the love that it generates and creates among all of us. As we now attach our mind line and its synchronicity of consciousness, bringing us together even more closely as one. Let us take a few minutes to direct some of the power of the merkaba to those near us and far, around the earth, that we may want to bring joy, comfort and courage, in the hope that they can grow closer to thy will in understanding and compassion and love. Help us now, as we go into silence to do this. [The prayer was followed by toning to the "OM."]

SONDJAH: Good afternoon, this is Sondjah. (Group greets him warmly.) Thank you for the hospitality.


The practice of oneness is important; the practice of oneness in groups is vital; the practice of oneness within each of you is essential for your ascension to Paradise. The oneness means several things, but in the Paradise journey, it means becoming one with the spirit within you, one with all the presence of your Thought Adjuster, becoming one with all the essence of the Creator, and not only applying that but incorporating it and becoming one with that, in your life as a finaliter. Your Paradise journey begins here; [here] begins the practice of becoming one. Your oneness is essential for the universe, for the completion of the Supreme, for the duration of all times. Your completion in part, contributes to the expansion of the Grand Universe, into the space zones, which are now developing. Your completion is needed to do that. This will not occur until the universe is in completion, that the whole universe exists in the days of light and life.

The discord, the lack of harmony, the selfishness, self-centeredness and meanness of many of your people is a way of learning what not to do. This is a fractured society, filled with many fractured individuals. Our education here is to assist you to find oneness, wholeness, completion one little piece at a time, one insight at a time that you can apply to your life. The mission of Monjoronson is essential for this oneness of this world. It is the fundamental step of finding oneness among all people, of coming together and finding your integration, the similarities rather than the differences; learning to cooperate and find that you are eventually competent to do so, rather than finding that you are inadequate, inferior or incapable. This process of Monjoronson builds upon your capableness, the capabilities that you bring to the Magisterial Mission. You are an essential part of this. We ask that you divest yourself of differences with others and invest yourself with the similarities of oneness with others, so that you find an affinity for those who are like you that you find each other and find community and build from there.

This is essential in the family as well. We have begun to teach you these essential ingredients of family development, through Rayson and the other teachers throughout the years. These essential ingredients underlie the foundation of family structure that lasts and endures—and not only endures, but contributes to the welfare of the children, so that they can be sustained and have a sustainable life, and raise their own children in a similar manner. The proof of the enduring family is in three generations from grandparents, parents and grandchildren. This is a fundamental qualifier that identifies sustainable family practices, that proves that there is something within those families that sustain themselves, helps build, and that supports the building of happiness, fulfillment and contentment within the individuals.

We thank you for the invocation and we thank you for the "OMing," which you did to help prepare for this session today. It provides a fundamental harmonic of oneness that we can build upon.

Today we will take you one step closer to the co-creative design team process, and how it operates and how it can make major contributions to your lives, to your civilization and to your planet. We have brought you along slowly. We have not dumped the answers upon you, for you would not appreciate them, had we done so—though you may have been grateful at the time. We want to challenge you, your capacities of intellect and capacities of heart, the capacities of your spiritual development and maturing.

Today we will ask you a central question that hopefully will provide a focus for your co-creative design team process. "What are the three central issues necessary to sustain civilization into an unforeseeable future? We do not ask you this frivolously, but with great earnestness, for these must be addressed eventually. What you will discover, through the design team process, is a winnowing or sifting of global issues that will lead you to the most important criteria, the most important qualifiers, for sustainability on your world. From this central point, all else stems. It is not necessary that you all come to agreement, but that you begin the process of discovering three central issues. Groups of you may come to agreement on sets of three. You will be learning to appreciate your differences while learning to cooperate.

There are social issues, which fragment your society and civilization, and which detract from its survivability and attack the central issues of this one qualifier. Yet, there are many issues of thought, many topics, which can be most beneficial that support this one, central qualifier. When we reveal this to you in the weeks ahead, you may have differences, but remember this will be instructive for your own learning process, and assist you to hone your skills for operating and working as a functional member within a design team. I will give you a clue from past lessons, and that is asking you to examine the inductive and deductive process, central to your design team inquiry. From the inductive process, what supports the sustainability of a civilization? Deductively, what elements in a society of light and life of a sustainable civilization brought it to that position? What was essential for that to occur?

Student: Understanding?

SONDJAH: Let us wait for questions concerning this. I wish to present this as a durable question, rather than a rhetorical question. I am not seeking answers from those present here today physically, but from the audience elsewhere. This is "grist for the mill," this is the material for much thought. I will drop you little kernels of corn on the path to lead you along too. Here is another one: What was the essential and central theme of Christ Michael’s work as Jesus? Why did he come here? What was its purpose? Whom did he address? What were the repercussions for you, concerning his presence here, so long ago? What was it about his life that was essential? One moment, please. (Pause for conference with other celestials.) We believe that you will be working too hard upon this; we see this as a throwaway question, because we have given you the answer before. You will either remember it from the past, or you will glean it from past lessons yourself in the days and weeks ahead. (Another pause.)

The following is a thoughtful aside, for you to consider: There are two major streams of thought and influence occurring on your world at this time that concern themselves with the spiritual development of your world. The first is the sincere belief systems of God-centered religions, though they have many philosophies and ways of belief that differ from yours, and are supported by authority. Nonetheless, they have kept the home lights burning, the candles burning in the window, guiding people to God. Once individuals come to those churches and centers of practice of religion, they can decide thoughtfully or without thought, whether to engage a conscious relationship with God and their Thought Adjuster, or to accept what has been given to them in the pews. This influence will continue into the future and will be cause for great discussions, even major differences, in the future. How that develops is under influence by Thought Adjusters, by guardian angels, and by the Most High involved in the highest realms of each religion’s central authorities.

Members of those religions are also influenced by the Spirit of Truth, which has continued to work ceaselessly throughout the millennia, since Christ Michael brought its presence here and revealed it to you. The Spirit of Truth is an enduring force, much as the tides; they are ceaseless, they are gentle, they are persistent, ever-present, but never violating those who wish to wade through it.

You are now seeing many, many hundreds—if not thousands—of diverse spiritual groups, ranging from the pagan to those that are mystical in the extreme that influence your world, and the consciousness of all humankind at this time. Their influence is cumulative; it is an acquiring mass of influence, that which is becoming very powerful. It is not to be disregarded, even though there are thousands that are unorganized and have not coalesced into similar groups of like-thinking beliefs. This mass of belief is in what you would call a consciousness of humankind, akin to cosmic consciousness, but centered upon your planet, and [in] the races of humankind living here now and in the past. This is an influence, which will have greater, and greater, and greater influence in the days and weeks ahead.

This event you call, "Firing the Grid," is a most influential occurrence. It is the coming together with oneness of intent, of like-thinking individuals, and an action of will to invoke something new on your planet. This is something to be reckoned with, something that will not go away, but will add hugely to the consciousness of humankind on your planet. These events will occur more and more in the future, and will have a great influence. You will see some outworking of this influence in the weeks ahead, and it will diminish in the months ahead as this potent "clap" of energy spreads out into the universe. It is much like light, but not quite to the same extent, that it is diminished by the square of the distance. You will see that it is a factor of time, rather than distance. Time is the spatial dimension for this energetic to diminish. It can be renewed by the re-enactment in the consciousness of individuals who participate in a like manner in the future.

This influence of all of these diverse groups is a powerful influence. It is an important one and it parallels the course of religions. The decrease of their influence is due to the investment of individual’s energies into the organizations and authorities of those religions, which are not serving the individual in their connection to their Thought Adjuster within.

You will see in the coming years, as the influence of the Spirit of Truth upon your planet increases, much confusion among those who are dedicated to church authority. Those who waver will have difficulties. Those who are steadfast will of course remain, even in the face of viewing Monjoronson and feeling his presence. There are a few who will still continue to adhere to the doctrines of their religion. This is neither a bad nor a good thing; it is not an issue of judgment or belittlement or derision for them, and we call upon you to not judge them as less, or belittle them for their beliefs, for they are a positive influence for God-centered religions upon your planet.

I now present Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome from the group.) Today I wish to speak to you about my incarnation—more directly to the process of incarnation, which applies to myself. You have heard the quote from Mark Twain, have you not, that when he read his obituary, he said that his death had been over-rated. (Chuckles from the group.) I wish to tell you that my incarnation is being under-rated. It will occur! It is not a matter of "if," but "when."

Your Creator Son, upon his Sovereignty invoked the development that would lead to my presence here on your world, a further example of his love for you—and to all of Nebadon—that this example would be used as an illustration to all planets, of his largess, of his love for you, his compassion and his mercy. He is without bounds in his will to help you rise above your human nature, and to rise into your god self, which is not inevitable, but is assured with your decision to incorporate that into your life. Incarnation of a descending Son sometimes occurs instantaneously. This occurs in these instances for specific purposes, for particular reasons, for the accomplishment of an intention and before specific goals. Other incarnations occur over time. While deity is all knowing, deity is without experience. Your presence in the universe is the desire for God to know itself, and like-wise, for you to know God. The adventure is similar for you both.

My incarnation will be done slowly. I will not come here and sit on the doorstep at Garland Street, and appear over weeks or instantaneously, but come to your world many times—sometimes for the duration of a millisecond, sometimes for the duration of seconds and minutes. Sometimes I will come as a wave of energy that is invisible to you; sometimes I will be here, only in the presence of myself—consciousness that you can feel. Other times, I will begin to coalesce and practice that. This is an experience. This is part of the descending Son program, of God knowing what it is like to transform from God, to a mortal being. There is an experiential benefit for doing this, for God, for your world, and for myself.

This is very similar in some ways to the experience of Machiventa as the Melchizedek of Salem, so many years ago when he taught Abraham and the other leaders at that time. He came here instantaneously, walked into their camp and began to reveal God’s truth to them, as they could understand it. He came away from that experience as an experiential being, having lived here, having tasted food, smelled the odors and fragrances around him and known the companionship of others in his presence. He hugged them; he loved them, and they loved him. This is a very vital, experiential process, one to be savored, like a good wine. It is something that comes with many nuances, many other flavors, many things that stimulate your consciousness, your thoughts and begin to align other thoughts and ideas in your mind, with others that make a larger concept and insight.

So, too, am I here to experience this slowly, to savor coming into the material life slowly, to savor its fragrance, to savor its flavors, to the visions, the hues, to the colors of your lives, to feel the nuances of a harsh touch and a gentle touch, to learn to know what it is like to be a human, to be mortal. I am here to add much experience to God the Supreme’s completion, just as you are. It is a way of experiencing this transition with élan, with quality, with dignity, with character. This is a hallowed experience for me. This is a wonderful experience for your world, to add to its consciousness, and my presence here will add to the consciousness of humankind, for I will add much to it because I want to and I will to. This is in keeping with the development of your world.

We wish to upgrade the flavor, the fragrance, the vision, and the color of your world in its consciousness. We wish to wash away the drab, dark, colorless nature of its prior existence during this quarantine, during its influence from Caligastia, Lucifer, and Satan. We wish to bring light to your world. I will do this slowly. I will inhabit your world, my friends; I will be with you; I will be "one" with you, and you will know that oneness. I truly tell you, that when you feel this oneness that "you" are part of the universe, that you have an eventual position as a citizen of the universe, that you are already anticipated. You will feel that, know that, and yearn for its completion, even though you have a mortal life ahead of you that must not be rushed, must not be completed too early. You, as well, must incarnate yourself in your Thought Adjuster’s image in this world, in this life that you have, as best you can. Make your decision well, and will yourself to become the fulfillment of God’s will, in the duration of your years.


Good day. (Group says thank you.) [[Category: Circuits[[