2007-08-02-More on Partnership with the Voice

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Topic: More on Partnership with the Voice

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we rally to hear from you, to come closer to you in this hour to receive from you all that you would bring to us in this process. We trust that we are following you, following your leading and that all that transpires is your will as it is certainly our will in this process. We provide our intention, as we join in this process and because we are circled around this particular event this evening with the intent of hearing from our individual voices, I make vocal petition that the circuit between and among our individual voices, be overlaid over the top of the circuitry between and among us mortals of the realm and that we gain better access to these circuitries through this process. This is our desire and our intent as we proceed. If it is the will of The Father then it shall be so as we come in faith.

The Voice: Greetings, I am this ones voice prepared to accept your invitation to light up this circuitry between and among us that you referred to, to activate it as you so desire and as you so willingly participate in. It is a joy to witness your discussions and I affirm for you that there is much that can be learned from each other, from your real life experiences as they are the gifts that you have to share with each other. These individual experiences are yours to possess for all of eternity, they are your truths that you can share and live and offer to others.


Having observed your stories and contributions it is only proper that we discuss partnership. When you have made reference to allowing the art to flow through you, allowing your higher selves to come out, when you reference these times where it was clear to you that what transpired was more than you were given to understand or know or perceive at the time you will often remark that you stepped aside, remained out of the way, withdrew for greater things to occur. This is reflective of the ongoing dominant and recessive natures that are constantly in flux as you live your lives.

There exists, as you have determined, two different aspects of self and at any given moment it is a question that only you can answer as to which of these selves is dominant and which is recessive. When you refer to your encounters with letting your journaling flow or being inspired to be in the groove musically, you are recognizing that there is a part of you which does know, which does understand, which can be in the flow and you grant that part of you greater latitude to function -it becomes the more dominant aspect of your being in that moment.

This is partnership. This is a combination of consideration by two partners as to who will lead and who will follow, who will be first and who will be second, who will be given the greater latitude and who will hold back to allow. There are a great number of times where you will fully realize that your mortal self has seized command, has taken control; your mind has taken the reins and has provided you the direction to go or the path to follow of the identification of surrounding reality based upon the minds understanding and wisdom, its' knowledge of the circumstances it encounters and this may in fact serve you quite well as in your everyday actions to get in your car, start it, drive it, follow traffic laws and arrive safely at your destination.

This is a suitable and appropriate use of your understanding of the material parameters around traveling in a mechanical vehicle. However while engaged in this action you may come to realize that you are disengaged from other activities; activities of inspiration, of creativity, of allowing the flow to happen. In this material life you are constantly provided with these contrasts; who will be in charge, who will drive, is it your spiritual self that brings inspiration and cosmic wisdom to the equation? Is it your material component which knows the proper action to take when the light turns red?

Ideally there needs to be a balance struck, that is what you are here to explore in this process. There is value to granting both aspects of your being greater and lesser latitude depending upon your circumstances and situations. The trick is, or your challenge is, to be flexible in determining which aspect of self is dominant and which is recessive at any moment and maintaining that flexibility so as to allow for a more balanced partnership. It is not necessarily that you should leave yourself, your material aspect behind in order to approach your spiritual nature and your spiritual nature need not be forsaken simply because it is time to drive your vehicle.

They may coexist, they may ebb and flow in their dominance and receptivivity??..(T.R.-.that's probably recessiveness?) You see right here the challenge. It is necessary to engage the mortal mind, it is necessary to have that component online and available, and yet there is the desire to function in spiritual capacity. But in order to even communicate this reality you must by necessity switch back and forth between your mind, these word symbols, your ability to reassemble them into some understanding and then your ability to interpret them in the spiritual realm. It is required that both aspects of your being be serviceable and useful in this process.

And while it may be helpful to identify the more dominant component at any one time, as in your reference to the flowing of art or journaling or music or touch or any number of other activities, it is proper to acknowledge that it takes the knowledge and understanding of the physical dimension as well to bring to fruition the art, the music, the journaling for without your understanding and skill at being able to use a pen to form word symbols journaling would not be possible. Without your skill to play a musical instrument it could not flow, without your understanding of these spiritual parameters you might not allow yourselves to access them. Therefore you are continually engaged in striking a balance between "yourselves".

It is not to shun the one to find the other, it is not that one is greater than the other, they are component parts of the whole. The hand is not the foot but both are necessary. I hope you can begin to get your arms around this relationship that you are growing and fostering in this process and by getting your arms around your component aspects, you may then embrace them, accept them, take them in, bless them. Without the feet you may not walk, without the hand you may not paint. This process of striking a balance becomes easier as time goes on and as you are more secure with accepting your duality of self. Once you can fully embrace the totality of your self, then you may more easily shift gears back and forth, to shift perception back and forth and eventually there is a unification.

There is a melting of the two into one, the ultimate embrace. That is what you are growing towards as you transform from tadpoles into frogs. You cannot stop it, you cannot change it, it is ongoing throughout this process and it is at a pace that makes it hard to identify the growth, until some time has passed and you can look back at where you were and realize that you are more whole, there is more understanding, there is more awareness, not only of all that is outside but of all that is inside as well.

Thank you for your attention and for your desire to build and maintain this circuitry. It is as a result of your desires that this is so. You have created this reality in this moment. Was it your higher self that is to blame for bringing you here or was it a partnership? You had to pick up the phone, find the number, fulfill the material requirements in order to access your higher self as well. Truly it is a beautiful partnership and a blessed one. As is customary I will pull back. I will resume a more recessive posture at this time and allow that other choices may be made by this mortal companion to allow for other personalities to access this circuitry. We work in partnership and I respect the desires and wishes of my partner as he respects mine, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here as well to accept your invitation to commune with you in this manner. I too will follow where this trail leads, this trail of partnership. You have just heard that you have a sacred partnership within and it is very true that this is your most treasured partnership of all and the one that you are ultimately seeking for this partnership, this eventual union provides you with all that you seek. As you are searching and seeking and as you are engaged in your mortal careers there are many layers of partnerships that you traverse throughout your experiences.

You may partner with a mate and create a family, you may partner with others who have similar business interests. You form a partnership right now among like minded individuals who are searching and seeking and as well you may form partnerships with other personalities who are not mortal such as myself. All of these personalities and partnerships are unique potentials and are to be cherished for their ultimate value as you have read in your text, relationship is one of the enduring characteristics of your ascension career because it is a combined effort between two or more individuals.

This combined effort literally creates a living circuitry. This circuitry is born when two or more individuals desire to form a relationship then provide the necessary energy to build and grow this relationship. Even amongst your mortal counterparts there is an understanding that a truly developed relationship knows no boundaries; not of space, not of time, it endures and transcends your mortal limitations. This exercise of building relationships, of forming partnerships is cherished throughout your entire career and you will grow to understand the significance of offering this contribution of energy which is required to form and maintain a relationship.

While you are in this mode of seeking and finding you may become enamored with the idea of forming relationships as frequently and numerously as possible because you can glimpse the significance of the value contained within these relationships and certainly all of these exercises on your part provide you with a broader experience. Such is the relationship that we have been building and enjoying over time. It provides each of us with more depth to our individual experience. Having developed and formed a relationship with each other we are graced with the benefit of each others experience and wisdom and insight. We become as one in these relationships and eventually all will join together in one giant relationship and that is the totality of one.

We are reaching out and expanding our web by our own volitional choosing to do so and having chosen and created this paradigm, then our web of experience, wisdom and understanding increases. We are fortunate to have this desire within us to reach out and form these associations and build these relationships, every one adding to the depths in our pool of wisdom. I cherish this opportunity to develop these relationships with each of you as do your Father Michael, your Mother Nebadonia and many others who simply would like to be your friend; simply would desire to have a relationship with such outstanding mortals of the realm.

Take us up on our offer to join in friendship, in relationship, in community that we may benefit from association with each other. You may ask what is in it for beings of high spiritual stature to develop relationships with beings in the material realm but I tell you there is great treasure to be found in each and every relationship.

I will contain my remarks to those at this time and I wonder if there would be any questions or dialog because true friends have more than one sided conversations. They allow for each others view point and contributions and I allow for yours as well at this time.


Q: Monjoronson [yes], it recently occurred to me that all of us in middle age or those of us approaching the end of the runway are in some form of rehab whether it's physical, mental or spiritual. That seems to lead to a certain lack of self respect whether it's an athlete who has suffered from a career changing disability or a person with depression or a person who has outgrown his religious forms but is fearful to branch out for fear of offending God. It seems there is a profound lack of self respect.

Fortunately Michael said that He would stop at nothing to restore self respect to those who have lost it and really desire to regain it. He went on to say that it is the purpose of His gospel to restore self respect to those who have lost it and restrain it in those who have found it. This sounds to me like ego. Could you confirm or correct some of these perceptions.

Monjoronson: I will affirm for you your perception that the family of man must undergo rehabilitation as you refer to it. Because the very nature of material life is a rough start;and that birthing a soul is an intense and dangerous process that leaves the individual with some scars and trauma. This design that your parents have provided for you requires that you identify and grow in your awareness, that you do in fact have issues and gaps in your basic awareness and understanding that need to addressed; but your parents have also provided this entire classroom and many more beyond to address your needs.

If you were born aware and fully conscious there would be no need for all of these interim classrooms to help you in this ascension process; likewise there would be very little opportunity for your individual free will to fully manifest itself. And so it is that you have a rather stormy beginning but you who have poked your head above the water and perceived the spiritual environment that awaits you, realize that the journey of discovery that this process is, is one that contains much value and much opportunity. You make reference to the fact that many people are burdened with a lack of self confidence and this is quite true largely as a result of your slowly awakening consciousness and the attendant realization that you don't have all the answers, you don't have it figured out. You are uncertain and there are many challenges and obstacles before you in this process of becoming certain. And so you chastise yourselves for not knowing what you don't know, not understanding what you don't understand, not being where you would like to be, but this is counterproductive in your efforts to be where you want to be and that as well is one of your issues that need to be addressed. Part of how this gets addressed is your expanding awareness which brings with it the comprehension of your relationship to the process, your partnership with the process and once you have greater understanding of what is involved, of the direction you are moving, of the parameters of the game that is in play, you become more relaxed, more at ease and you can strike that better balance that was discussed between the different components of yourself; allowing your higher self to do more of the leading and focusing the efforts of your material self to accommodate and facilitate this process.

In this way you traverse from opportunity to obstacle, to change to understanding and on and on as you are presented with all that you need to become all that you are. The more that you know, the more at ease you become with the process, the more wisdom you have to draw on that this is the process, the less personal you will take your not knowing and understanding and the more enthusiastic you will be to press on with the next horizon before you. You are, as has been stated, exactly where you should be, you are doing what you should be doing and your desire to do it better is that component of your material self which you might label as ego but ego just like other aspects of your material self may be used to your advantage in this process.

It may as well be used against you in this process if it is allowed to run amuck or given undue dominance in this equation but if allowed to function as a stimulant it can be very useful and necessary in this process to propel you forward. It is what causes you to seek, it is what drives you in this process. It is your yearning and so it is a valuable part of self to be embraced as well. So you are right on track, you do have a part of you which pushes you onward and that may be useful in this process and as well you have a part of you which already knows, already is, has all the answers, has all the understanding, has all the patience while He awaits your greater understanding that you may become better partners. I hope this is helpful in your understanding.

Q: Yes, thank you for your counsel.

Monjoronson: And thank you for your question my friend, it is always a joy to share this sacred environment that is created here back and forth. You have done much of the creating, each of you, all of you. It is not merely myself or the others who thrust this upon you. No, it is your doing that has created this window into spirit and I am ever grateful that you have chosen to focus your energies in this manner. One last call for any contributors to the forum.

Q: Hello Monjoronson [yes], I would like to offer another perception to the self confidence and worry and anxiety. I have been trying to practice the art of being in the moment as a means to overcome anxieties or inhibitions or shakiness in my own self confidence and I just wanted to throw that out there as something that I find of great use to settle the mind.

Monjoronson: You have said well my friend, a very important universe principle which may be wielded to facilitate your navigation through your material dilemmas. As you have stated, when you choose to bring yourselves into the present moment you will discover that your fears and doubts and worries are not there. They come from another moment and they may be brought into your moment if you so choose either from the past or the apprehension of the future; but you will discover, each one of you, every one of you will discover that when you consider bringing yourself to the very moment at hand, that moment will always be free of outside influences to the degree that you understand about your bringing other influences to bear.

If you are anxious and you stop and you center within that moment, you will realize that your anxiousness is about a future moment which does not exist and yet you are acting as if it does or has. If you bring yourself back to the moment and force your attention to the very moment at hand you will realize that that moment does not contain what it is you are apprehensive about, or fearful about, or uncertain about. The moment at hand is a pure moment without contamination from these things- unless you cannot find that moment at hand and you are living in another moment, a moment in the future, a moment gripped by apprehension and fear about what might be or could be or a moment soiled with distasteful memories of what was but that moment no longer exists as well.

The moment in which you stop to focus is pure, the moment in which you will center yourself is sacred and it need not contain any element outside of that moment. Find these moments, use them to regain your footing and composure. Project yourself to these sacred spaces, not what was, not what might be, simply what is in this moment. From the perspective of this moment you will look out and notice that this moment is pure, this moment need not be soiled by the past or be oppressed by possible scenarios in the future.

In this way, moment by moment, step by step you can handle anything and everything that comes before you because what arises hasn't impacted your moment -until it does, and even if it's part of your moment now you may take a moment out, a breath, a rest to regain your composure. In this way you see your journey as a series of sacred moments, of steps one after the other of regaining your composure and your center. All of life can be handled in this way, one step at a time, one breath at a time, one moment at a time, one sacred realization after another. Thank you for your contribution as it is a most valuable tool to be used in this process.

Q: Thank you for your wisdom on this subject as well for it opens me up to understanding even better, the process of being in the moment.

Monjoronson: We work together as partners to develop these understandings to unveil these principles. As they become part of your experience they may be shared with the others and they become part of the collective whole. That is the significance that each one of you have to the others, to the one. Your experiences may be added to the Supreme where all experiences reside.


I would take this opportunity to thank you all for participating in the formation of this circuitry and I would as well offer my thanks to my mortal partner of this hour. As you can see we have developed a dance, a working relationship, a partnership that brings with it much fruit and I cherish this relationship as I cherish the relationship with all who will come and join me. I will release this t/r from his active duty and thank you all for participating, farewell.