2007-08-12-Distilling for Purity

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Topic: Distilling for Purity, Stewing for Complexity

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Monjoronson (Mark TR): I greet you all this fine day. I am Monjoronson, and it is my great delight that I accept your invitation to join you in this circle that we form together. From your perspectives you may judge that it is somewhat a task or a burden for someone of my stature to make available my time to address you in such a manner, even to join with you as we encircuit ourselves together. But I declare to you that this is a distinct privilege and a great joy to share with you this coming together in this way. There is a difference in perspective that you may not fully appreciate, for when you, yourselves, in relation to the rest of us more developed spiritual personalities, view yourselves as inferior or small or inexperienced or immature, while it is true that you are at an earlier stage of development therefore immature in some ways of the spirit, nevertheless you are a divine personality; you are fully contained as an individual being of the realm just as I am.


Many of you may fully embrace the circumstances in your own lives of developing friendships with those who are very young, and while you may understand their immaturity and their current status in the growth process, nevertheless they are fully self contained individuals. They simply lack your experience, your understanding, perhaps even your wisdom. But this does not preclude your developing deep and abiding friendships with them. It may even foster your friendship, because you are enamored of their states as infants and of growth and of awareness, and you are drawn perhaps to assist them in their process of maturing and awakening and gathering wisdom. It's true throughout your entire ascension career that there is a reoccurring theme of starting over again as an immature being of the realm and growing through your own choices and efforts to become a mature being of the realm. Then, having attained a certain level of success, you then start the process over again. So it is that I am attracted to you, my young friend.

You are young in the spiritual sense, but your potential is unlimited and already contained within your being. I am attracted to your state of being as it is currently. You are teachable; you desire to learn, and therefore it is a pleasure to function in the role of teacher and facilitator. But this does not mean that I see you as lesser beings in any way.

You are merely developing beings at the state of maturity that you are in this current moment but certainly with eternal perfection before you. So it is that we may become friends, those of us who are more grown up and those of us who are yet still developing. There is no separation of stature when you discuss the spiritual dimension. There is merely the realization of spiritual attainment and accomplishment that is understood in this process.

So it is that your divine parents and those others who are so devoted to your watchcare and welfare befriend you in this process. It is true, we are ahead of you; we are more accomplished, more mature, more advanced down this trail of understanding, but nevertheless we are all in this together. You are as our younger siblings, and as siblings we have devoted affection towards your development, and we will ever be willing to provide you assistance as you desire to reach and grow and learn. In this process of development you are all becoming aware that you must present yourself as light to a child in this process, that is trust while you are uncertain and willing to be taught and to be shown just as a small child listens to a parent with trust and with willingness to accept what the parent offers as the way and the truth.

When you approach us, your older siblings in the spiritual process, with this attitude of openness, of willingness, of accepting then we can add as facilitators and teachers to aid in the process of gaining the wisdom that you seek. So it is that it becomes my distinct pleasure even an honor for me to work with such eager young ones who desire to grasp all that they can, to reach beyond their boundaries of understanding so that they may gain more.

And my privilege is that I am in a position to offer you more, and then I watch you as you eagerly accept what has been offered and bring it into your own selves and create your own wisdom in this process. I would address this one more issue that has been brought up in your discussion of the parameters of what may be available to you in this process. Your discussion was of hearing from one who has passed on to the next realm and perhaps whether this was proper. You are infinite spiritual beings.

You are only contained by your thoughts of limitation at this time. You are learning to transcend these thoughts of limitation day by day. As you do you will encounter repeatedly the expansion of your parameters. These parameters that you have conditioned yourselves to are merely your current boundaries; they are not imposed upon you, rather they are the fences you have built around your environment to provide yourselves with some sense of boundary, some known limitation, and you have all discovered that these boundaries are in constant need of revision, that they move constantly to accommodate your new territory, your new area that you embrace, that you accept. Ever be ready to pull up stakes of where your fences are to include new ground of understanding. The more you hold firm to where your boundaries are, the less willing you are to accept that there is reality outside of your boundaries. In the end you will strive to eliminate all conception of boundaries so that you may expand into the infinite.

But for now as a mortal of the realm you are doing well just to be willing to adjust a few paces at a time your boundaries to let in more that is out there. Be ever willing to pioneer the territory outside your boundaries. In this way it is very true that you will have eminent domain over all territory eventually.

These boundaries serve to fence you in to your current circumstance and may not allow you to move beyond that. It may serve you to visualize in the process the expanding of your boundaries, of your box, of your immediate environment to allow that there may be more outside that is brought in and entertained and eventually embraced by you within your boundaries. Thank you for your devoted attention, my dear ones. You are students but as well you are my friends, and in this way we may endure as friends beyond any temporal circumstance, situation, such as this hour. I withdraw to allow this precious platform to be used by others. Thank you.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I am happy to be in company with our Magisterial Son and to fellowship with my long term friends. As you continue your efforts to grow and expand yourself as a useful citizen in this universe, you have undertaken several methods whereby you may facilitate the reaching of your growth goals, the intervening stages to perfection attainment. One is what I would provide imagery for, an effort of distillation wherein you begin with much that is contained in a conglomeration, be it concepts and teachings, and you learn that through time it is of good expedience that you distill from that solution the pure essence.

You have often referred to this when you speak of the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. It is the distillation of all that is contained in every religious teaching. You filter, you discard, and you purify down to the most refined and essential. It would be retrograde effort to toss in something that has already been screened out. It would thwart the effort. Stillness is a distillation undertaking.

Many use techniques but at the peak of the experience all techniques are gone, and there is merely the pure essence, the state of being. I mentioned there are two techniques. The other I will call making stew. Here you begin with merely water and you select by choice what to add to the pot. As you go along you build the stew and you create in the end a masterpiece. This is a wisdom-gaining undertaking where you come to learn what works and what doesn't, and you develop varied recipes for differing outcomes.

This is also very participatory, and is found often to be the mechanism of usefulness in service and ministry. Here you embrace another's differing view that you may develop a recipe of togetherness. Some stews are complex with many items. Some stews have more of a sparseness, lean more toward brothy, wherein you fellowship with those of similar kind for the uniqueness of that experience, and both are good. I mentioned this as a wisdom attaining undertaking, that wisdom may be likened to soup stock.

It is similar to but not like distillation; it is the refinement to the essence of the juices of the stew. That is wisdom that is wrung from, pressed out, of your experiences of the concepts and actions you go through in life that contribute to that essential flavor. So as you encounter a new episode for spiritual unfoldment you can assist your divine Fragment Presence within by applying yourself constructively in either method that you discern is expedient, whether you are distilling for purity or whether you are stewing for complexity, for enrichment. These are my words. Thank you.

Michael (Mark): I come among you now. I am Michael and you are my children. Yet those of you who know me know that my relationship to you is on many levels. I am as well your brother. We are in the same family, and as with any family all members are cherished for their stage of development. The younger members are looked after with care and affection that they will grow up to be all that they can be.

The older members are graced with the opportunity to be of service to the younger ones to help them along. Your perception of your relationship to me may cause you to have distance, feeling that you are so far away, so immature as compared to others in your family that you are . ... room with you. You may feel as though your place in our relationship would be to fall to your knees and worship. But I tell you as a family member I would desire that you would rise and embrace me. I do not desire that you maintain any distance from me for your feeling of inadequacy or immaturity. It is not necessary. Rather I desire that you be yourself as a member in good standing of the family that we share. While certain allowances are made for the more immature members of the family, nevertheless they are afforded full rights as family members.

So it is that I see you exactly where you are; I know you; I appreciate the stage of development that you currently occupy, and I desire that you approach me as is your birthright in our family. You have equal stature to all your other brothers and sisters. You are not less; you are not more; you are simply one of our family. If you would see yourselves as I see you you would rise to embrace your Mother and I with eagerness, you would not feel the need to be humbled in our presence, as we simply desire to embrace you as well. We expect nothing more of you than you will offer us in this process. But we could would encourage you to accept who you are in relationship to us.

Stand up tall and proud that you are our children, that you are under our watch care, that we are concerned about your welfare, and above all that we love you with the love that you can not conceive at this time. Rise up, each of you in your hearts. Be unafraid to gaze directly into our eyes. Be willing to accept the embrace that we have waiting for you. Understand that this is how we would like it. This is our desire for you. It is not special treatment. It is not unusual or unnatural, merely it is what we will do for each and every one of our children, and we would most gladly do it for you any time you turn and gaze in our direction.


My dear ones, you are so loved and embraced that you cannot even detect this pervasive condition around you. Accept this, embrace this. Bring us your love as a family member that we may embrace each other and know that we are always with you simply awaiting your nod of recognition. My peace and my love I leave with you forever and always. Farewell.