2007-08-16-Grow in Awareness of Inner Voice

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Topic: Grow in Awareness of Your Inner Voice

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, help us to be the light, to shine the light out to all the others that they may see the light through us. Help us to start this spread of your light wherever we find ourselves, help us to be that conduit to You. Let it be so, wherever we find ourselves, whenever we find ourselves, even in this hour let it be so.


The Voice: I would respond to the invitation of this hour, I am this ones voice stepping forward. I accept that it is your desire to facilitate this communion between yourselves and your inner voices and so in this hour I speak as one voice, even as your voice, as the Great Voice from above and I come to declare that your petition just offered is already so. You each one act as the light, as the beacon that shines out. Your every smile, your every gesture of love is a gesture of portraying your Divine Parents to the best of your capacity. All these things that you do, you do for them. In all these inspirations that you follow you are responding to their call. It is already so my dear ones that you are acting as you so desire, it is merely that you need to be assured that this is so, you need confirmation that your acts are in harmony with the desires of your Divine Parents, even of your inner voices and I bring you this confirmation in this hour.

You would not be here otherwise. You have responded to the call and your efforts are your resounding declaration to the universe that this is so; and even in the middle of all that you do there is doubt and uncertainty that this is so, that you are engaged, that it is in partnership that you function. Your having extended yourself here, having brought yourself to this place has provided great latitude for us to act on your behalf. I would make formal petition that this circuitry of inner voices be joined together that you may feel of a certainty your connection, your partnership, your companionship with one who is ever faithful and true to you, who will ever honor your choice and will ever foster within you the direction home.

This is so even now and having made the commitment that is evident among you, you need not be concerned that you are straying from this relationship, that you are disengaged from this partnership for it simply cannot be so. You have made so many choices to be together that you are bonded in this process and you need not fear being in isolation for it is no longer possible. Rather seek to embrace the reality that you are working in partnership, that this relationship is alive and well and growing day by day. You are each one finding it easier and easier to respond to the call and to distinguish the better choice in all cases. This is no accident, you are earning this day by day and it is yours as a result of your efforts.

You should relax into your state of existence and while it may be useful for you to desire more, while this may urge you on in your efforts, do not indulge in thoughts of inadequacy or immaturity in this process for you are making great progress and you are exactly where you should be. So much of what you do must be taken in faith. You cannot see your inner voice, you do not embrace your Divine Parents with the arms of the flesh and yet these things are real to you, are present in your lives and this great extension of faith that you demonstrate is your key to overcoming the......????(T/R stumbles over word- long pause) restrictions of your material limitations. This was just demonstrated in this very moment. My companion searched and struggled for the word and could not find it but we made a new avenue of approach and were able to accomplish the same goal.

There was the limitations of the flesh present and there was the will of the spirit and the solution was inherent already. If you always rely on your faith and trust that you are guided and loved throughout the process then even if there is uncertainty and doubt, there will be a way made known to you. I thank you on behalf of your inner voice for your attention, for your effort to hear the call, for your choices that allow your partnership to proceed in a beneficial direction. This is essential for you to grow in awareness of your relationship with your inner voice and to eventually become one with this divine fragment. You are aware that it is your destiny and it is only the intervening time that is the gap. You are covering this time and bridging this gap with your experience and this is the divine plan unfolding before us.

Take your lights, be unafraid even when you find yourself alone, to shine your light out so that others may see and you will very quickly discover that there are many moths drawn to your flame, many who desire to know of your light, to even have some lights of their own and it will be your privilege and pleasure to light their torch from yours, to ignite the fire within them to spark this fire that is set and ready to burn. It is a glorious privilege to help another light their fire. I would withdraw to allow for your dedicated teacher and friend to address you at this time. Once again it is a pleasure to see such brightness emanating from all of you, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here once again to develop the relationship between us each one. I bring my energy signature into the equation and I register each of your energy signatures as well around this circuit that you have formed. We are in this way becoming familiar with each other no matter where we might find ourselves in space or when we might find ourselves in time we may reflect back upon this circuit and through this circuit we may access each other. Your material existence has brought you the experience that there are only limited ways you may communicate with another; either face to face or with the use of some electronic device. We are engaged in opening up a new dimension, not only between us but between any two spiritual individuals.

As the energy of spirit increases on this world there will open up a new form of communication between individuals. There will be shared thoughts, there will be transferred understandings, there will be shared wisdom that takes place without the use of an electronic device or without the necessity of personal contact. This is a normal and natural part of your planetary evolution and should not be seen as unattainable or designed for a privileged few; rather you each one will be developing your intuitive sense to be able to receive communication and eventually even communion with other individuals and they need not be individuals such as myself, they can be between yourselves as well.

I urge you to devote some of your energy to facilitating this process. Perhaps you would make an exercise of willfully directing your intentions and thoughts towards another and provide the necessary energy, including your belief that this is so. Focus your intention and then see if your projection was received by another. Perhaps they had a thought of you, perhaps there came into their mind the thought to give you a call, perhaps they had a memory of your presence. This is what I speak of as the beginning stages of this telepathy, developing your sense of empathy so that you may pick up on the projection of another, you may feel their presence from afar.

This of course already happens occasionally between good friends and loved ones when there is an unexplained connection, desire to reach out and call, a feeling of premonition about another but there has not been the recognition that this is an avenue to develop of communication between your species. It is time for you to begin to work on this avenue. It will open up for you grand doors that provide you unlimited access as well as the ability to truly sympathize with the expressions of another. This avenue is not limited to merely the communication of thoughts or words or sensations but can be developed to be a deep exchange of communion as well.

We all remain grateful for your advances in technology that allow us to be here now together through the use of satellites and cell phones but this is barely a shadow of the real substance of being able to communicate with other with this deep sense of communing. We are on the horizon of this new age of development that will make your technological advances pale but we must work at the development of these senses, we must do our parts in the process. Take this request into your stillness and quiet time and ask that your capacities be enhanced in this regard as well and do not be afraid to practice and to try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in your efforts. I would contain my words to those at this point. Would there be anyone who wishes to ask questions or offer comments before we close this meeting?


Q: The idea of interdimensionality you mentioned and from earlier transcripts, the idea of our human Urantian communicating from the depth of stillness, would it be helpful to incorporate this idea of participating in this extra dimension in order to put ourselves at ease in attempting this practice? Monjoronson: Suffice it to say that having developed this new skill will add a new dimension to your navigation in all other areas. You become more than just an island of self, you become connected further to the whole, to each one individually and to the whole collectively. This provides you with the missing pieces that you may have in your own personal paradigm, when you can project yourself out and find the answers. Imagine if you had instant communication to any mortal of the realm to ask any question you like, even to celestial personalities with the touch of a finger on your speed dial. How much greater would your journey be if you had this available to you at your will?

Such is the case when you develop this ability to transcend your material limitations and go beyond your current position to communicate with others, even to commune with those who are in advanced positions in relationship to you. Right now you are dependent upon my words being directed through electronic devices and all these connections must be made for you to hear even the shadow of the substance. But in this new paradigm you will not need to hear through another, from another, about another, you will simply be able to communicate with this other at your own desire. And so this opens up to any mortal, an expansion, a sense of great growth and freedom and you will be propelled into a state of accelerated growth as a result.

But you are ready, your planet is ready, your universe is ready. All factors are in play and it is time that we begin to walk all this talk that we have had. Would there be any other questions?

Q: I think in my mind, what would really be the difference between this relatively new explanation you have just given us, the telepathy, and the stillness that we are a little more familiar with practice also, could you address that?

Monjoronson: Yes my dear one and thank you for this question. We have for some time been engaged in petitioning you to do stillness which is an exercise of directing your focus towards ultimately the First Source and Center. This is a particular vibration that you are engaged in learning. You are channeling your vibration to become in harmony with the vibration of the First Source and Center. It is the highest of vibrations and you have an assistant, an intern, your inner voice which can help you match your frequency to the frequency of the divine and this is your greatest horizon. What I am proposing to you tonight is of a different frequency. It is tuning your radio dial to a new frequency, the frequency of the family of man, your brothers and sisters. Your point illustrated that there is a distinction to be made in the different frequencies, your mindset would probably declare one to be a higher, more pure frequency and the other to be a lower more basic frequency.

Your question illustrates, however that you are the radio capable of switching back and forth between frequencies and such is the beauty of your position. You may at one point tune yourself to the divine frequency, tune yourself to your adjuster and commune with your Divine Parents and at the next instant you may switch the dial and hear another distinct frequency and these two frequencies may coalesce when you bring elements of your divine frequency into your inner actions with your brothers and sisters; then there is the mixing of these two different elements. But you are the receiver, you are the one capable of making the switch back and forth and as much as we have been engaged in this exercise of developing the stillness there are other frequencies out there that we may develop as well and both are quite serviceable and quite real even if you don't happen to be tuned in to one at any given moment, it still exists.

I am simply asking you to consider tuning your dial into a slightly different frequency so that you may become comfortable with that frequency as well. Not in any way do I suggest that you forsake your practice of stillness and seeking for your connection to the First Source and Center but rather that you simply develop yet another avenue of exploration and growth. Does this distinction help in your understanding?

Q: Yes, thank you very much for that clarification, I think I get it, I'll try.


Monjoronson: And that is the beauty with all of you, you try so beautifully, it is a pleasure to watch. I will take this opportunity to release this t/r out of respect for the evening and the plans and the party that gathers around him in this moment. I urge you all to join in celebration this weekend as there will be a number of individuals celebrating the most glorious of events that you well know, Michael's birthday and I thank you all for your devoted and sincere attention to these lessons. This is how a planet is moved forward. Thank you each and every one, farewell.