2007-09-13-Inner Life, Partnership

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Topic: Inner Life, Partnership

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we create this arena in this moment together that we would invite you in and your emissaries of light that you bring into this process with us. We desire to come before you and seek you in this moment, in this very time to reach the assurance that you reach back in our direction. We are in gratitude for all that we have but still we would ask for a little more that we might be finer than we are and we come to you in faith that you hear our request and will meet us in this forum that we create. Thank you.


The Voice: I accept your invitation of the hour and will adhere to your theme of this meeting. I am this ones voice here to further discuss our relationship. There were many truths spoken in casual conversation as we built up to this moment of interaction in this fashion and I will point out that the nuggets of truth are in fact truth no matter who were the messengers that were in position to deliver the message. As you referenced, there is an ever fluxing relationship that is always in a state of change and at any given moment it is hard to draw any definition as to where any one aspect leaves off and another begins. Much like the air in your home it is difficult to say whether the air is distinct in one room and different in another room.

Where do you draw the line of definition of where the air changes from being the air in one room to being the air in another. Such is your challenge in drawing distinction where your contribution of personality leaves off and your partners contribution of guidance begins. You have grown up in company with this inner voice and so it is part of your internal environment for as long as you can recall and so just like the environment of your home it is difficult to distinguish in your inner environment where these boundaries may exist.

This effort to distinguish where the mortal contribution may begin is a result of your mindset that anything that is mortal in nature is limited and subject to fault and corruption. In your life experience there have been many instances where you have defined mortal faults and frailties and so in your universe of understanding there is not allowance made that it is possible to act in divine partnership, that somehow bringing the mortal component in derails the divinity, obscures the beauty and endangers the truth. But it is part of the divine plan that these two components of self, the mortal and the divine not only work together in harmony but become as one. The traits of the two combined into the traits of the one. The aspects of each combined into the aspects of the whole.

It does not serve you to not make room for your own divinity. You are children of the First Source and Center and as such you have a birthright. The children grow up to resemble the parents. This is your destiny. If you do not concede that this is a potential for you then it is not. Therefore begin to change your minds as to what is possible, what is proper, what is potential, what is ideal and focus on opening your mind's potential to these things. Make every attempt to forsake your limiting thoughts of self that you can never, that you will never because all things are possible when you are engaged in spirit and you are the ones who choose. But, you cannot choose if you have drawn your lines in the sands and have defined your parameters that exclude these concepts of grandness.

You are as you will choose. I encourage you to choose the highest, the best, the most beautiful, the biggest ideal, to focus on these things. They represent your potential which as a result of your choice becomes your actual experience. You have been misled in your lives as to your true nature and divinity and it is time that these veils of misunderstanding are lifted and that you each come into a new realm of relationship with your onboard partner, with your inner voice, your "Me" presence.

I will take my leave now after having greatly enjoyed the opportunity to plug into this circuitry at this time. I withdraw to allow for others who would as well cherish the use of this forum, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson and I do greatly enjoy the opportunity to approach you in this manner through this forum that you create for this opportunity. You have been told repeatedly that these are thrilling times, that we are fortunate enough to be here together and you still ask yourselves what is all the excitement about. Everything appears the same to you changing in very slow increments. Life appears as it has appeared for thousands of years and so I could not expect you to share our sense of enthusiasm over the times that we are living in but I will tell you once again that these are magnificent times that we will all cherish as we have them among our experiences.

You all sense that there is much transpiring on our side of the curtain and you are correct but these matters that we attend to are not your affairs. We are performing our role largely behind the scenes at this time and laying our plans that we may fully implement the mandate of Michael to bring this planet into the stages of light and life. We have told you that these are times of epic change and that you will see much transpire before your eyes that you cannot even dream of at this time but all these are just so many words and descriptions and potentials that you cannot fully embrace. That is as it should be for your mission is singular to yourselves at this time. You must devote your energies to your internal environment of the self, your citadel of the soul.

We have had many lessons involving developing your skills and honing your tools for making your ascent and you have collected your tools and you are ready to play your parts. Now is when it is needed that you develop your self discipline. You are the ones ultimately in charge of your person and your serviceability relies on your own discipline and subsequent skill at controlling your inner environment. The more things may appear different on the outside, the more things can stay the same on the inside. When you practice your stillness, when you provide yourselves with the necessary rest and nutrition, when you exercise the function of your vehicle and become good stewards of yourself, then you are truly worthy servants, rested, ready to go, trained and this happens not by decree from on high but by the individual concern for the self.

So each of you take time to invest in yourselves. Any team is only as good as the individual players and they are only as good as they have trained, practiced, rested and disciplined themselves to function. There is very little that you can do about anything out there that transpires out in the world but there is everything that can be done when you devote your energies and attention to becoming the best individual light anchor that you can, positioning yourselves as beneficially as you can, maintaining yourselves as effectively as you can. This we cannot do, this you must do.

So as an exercise I would suggest that each of you hold internal counsel with your self and reconsider your daily habits and conditions under which you operate, to make allowance for behaviors and habits which are more beneficial to you. In a way it is your service to the grand universe that you see to it that your own individual universe is tidy and kept and exercised and nourished and loved. This is the extent of your sphere of influence and once this is effected, you may be truly great contributors to the restructuring of the larger universe out there.

As I have stated before, your roles are individual and personal and the roles assigned to others deal in areas of larger scope but these are not your conditions at this time, rather it is enough for you to be about getting your own house in order that you may be the most effective servant when there is a call put out that you respond to. I would conclude my remarks with those and ask if there were any contributions or questions that might be added to this forum at this time....

I would respond to one question offered earlier regarding in what manner and under what circumstances does one receive guidance and help from the universe at large and from any particular individuals on my side of the curtain. To this I will answer that any and every means will be used to assist you and provide you with the guidance and direction that you seek. You choose the how, the when and the where and if your intentions are sincere and your desires are pure to receive, then there will be utilized every means to make this communication with you; that is we are bound by your tools and your methods and your parameters of understanding and if you approach us with a given scenario of how you are choosing for this contact to occur and for your communication to transpire, then we will bend over backwards so to speak, to speak your language, to use your tools, to honor your systems.

These are the systems of your choosing, the methods of your desire, the methods that you believe. When you activate these choices then our latitude is increased and we are able to flow with you in your methods and that is why you observe so many different ways in which people receive their contact. You may decide to journal, you may decide to approach in stillness, you may decide to turn over cards that will bring you a message, you may desire to look in your teacups at the remaining tea leaves and if your prayers are sincere and if your heart is fully engaged, you may expect some honoring of your process, of your choices that you may choose to believe and create.

Likewise, many of you observe with great respect, messages from celestial personalities such as myself, and then you find yourself challenged that this avenue you have created and accepted and opened may as well contain things which you are not of conviction about and you must use your discernment. But you are the creators in this scenario of how this happens. You create this opportunity in this moment to hear these words and throughout your days you create the avenues that you use to approach all of your life and this makes you part of the process. This makes you instrumental in the process. The process literally exists as a result of your choosing it so how can you not be involved, how could you not be associated, how could there not be you in the equation when literally your whole reality has been up to you.

Do not shy away from the fact that you are involved, you are engaged. This is part of your process. Bring your contribution boldly into the equation and always seek to align yourself with the will of the First Source and Center for that is your balance to know that you are on the right track. As long as you are seeking your guidance, as long as you are opening your doors to this potential, then we can rush in with whatever means you will allow.


I sense the hour has grown long and if there are no further contributions this evening then I will release you from your studies and remind you that there is nothing to go and do but there is a great deal that you may be. Do not worry about forcing your experience by doing what you think is necessary and in so doing your role is fulfilled; rather become what you would do and in this way relax into it. Free yourself from the busyness and the earnest application of the doing and allow yourself the grace and the peace of being. Thank you for this opportunity that I cherish for us to be together. I withdraw now, thank you.