2007-10-11-Inner Life

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Topic: Inner Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Mark/Prayer: As I sit here with a small electronic device in my hand and speak into it in faith that you all can hear me, I have a vision of us, each one at our individual posts, as conduits, as light anchors to be used by spirit to infuse spirit into our material realm. I would take this opportunity to petition on our collective behalf, that this be brought more fully into our awareness and consciousness at this moment that we might exercise our position to do just that, to be these light anchors, to act as the conduit of spirit into our material world through each one of us. As it passes through us our very vibration is raised, our energy level is changed and we become through an act of our will, an instrument of The Father above. Truly those who know are aware how blessed we are to be planted in such a way, to be positioned in such a fashion so as to offer ourselves to this process. We ask that we may be used in such a way to elevate the vibration of the entire planet, of our home, of our womb that we find ourselves in in this life in this time. We do this with intention and sincerity and in faith that this is so even in this hour.

I would as Mark also make a collective petition that we open the door to this particular arena right now to make way to give our individual Voices, our inner guides, our gifts from on high, an environment where we welcome them in this moment and open ourselves up to the potentials and possibilities that are inherent as part of our nature and birthright. I ask that we do this in this moment and with open hearts willingly receive the results of such an extension of our faith and surely it will be so.


The Voice: I am pleased to greet you this evening and by your invitation, I am this ones voice but I may speak for the collective, for all Voices, all inner guides, all "Me" presences are joined in circuitry and are fragmented from One Source. I acknowledge the path that has just been created in this moment. This began with the thought, the idea that such a path should be undertaken and that it would be appropriate and right to do so. This idea, or this ideal was then given voice, was made into the word and was expressed out into the universe. This then was followed by the deed, the action of preparing your individual selves to receive, of aligning yourselves with the path you have chosen. And having followed these steps of the thought, the word, and the deed you truly do manifest the reality that you desire.

And so it is that you are powerful creators in your own right. You have all that is necessary to manifest reality and bring your thoughts into form, into expression as you enjoy in this very moment. You have created this bridge and with it you have bridged the gap that you perceive between from where you are and where you desire to be in spirit. The universe awaits your declaration of how you will proceed and acknowledges your freewill choice as your valid method of choice and all assistance will be rendered to all of those who obey these universal laws and who understand the pathways to take to achieve those results. This in not magic or shrouded in mystery but rather basic universe principles of which you have been informed and as such they are available to all who will adhere to their conditions.

And so it is that you are learning how to put the pieces of this puzzle together to achieve the desired results of spiritual projection and the manifestation of those realities that you would hold as ideas or ideals. Such are yours to be made real through the use of these universal laws. Once you fully embrace your connection to this process you will see yourselves in a different light and you will know of a certainty of your connection to your inner aspect of divinity. Long into your universal career you will join forces with your inner component of divinity and become as one, in fact become one divine entity together. In the intervening time between your experience here now in time and space and this ultimate achievement before you, there is great experience to be gained and great skills to be mastered and certainly you who assemble in this classroom at this time are eager students to be about this task of discovery and mastery of your as yet latent and dormant potentials.

From my perspective I see your efforts as a grand offering to the design offered by the First Source and Center on your behalf. You step forward one by one to individually to embrace this design and to offer yourselves as followers of this pattern. Each offering that you make is a tribute to your Father above who has provided you with this grand design and all that is required for you to access it and implement it in your own individual ascension careers. It is such a joy to witness your individual approaches as your distinct and separate aspects of personality are combined with your divine fragments and the result is a unique and individual path on this collective journey.

It is like an enormous waterfall that has fallen from on high and each individual drop has fragmented, no two taking the same route as they journey to the inevitable collecting pool at the end and become one again. It is a great privilege and honor to be allowed and provided with this opportunity to interface with you in this manner. It is one of the miracles we are to be grateful for as we proceed in this time of miracles and ideals made manifest. I would encourage each and every one of you to seek the presence of your indwelling guide in whatever manner you may find yourselves comfortable with knowing that your indwelling voice will be trying as hard or harder than you are to bridge this gap with you, to find a way to make their presence known to you that you may distinguish them as an aspect of yourself, not separate and outside of you but onboard and along for the ride with you; so close that you are often in unconscious exchange with this onboard partner.

If you will but allow yourselves the freedom to embrace this reality then you will surely begin to discern this subtle distinction between you and realize that your inspired thoughts are filled with your partners energy, that your very internal dialog contains conversations between your onboard partner and your resident mind. When you are in a reflective mode, you are in fact reflecting back and forth between your two natures or the two aspects of yourself. When you are inspired with a thought which seems lofty and noble or inspirational, then you have just been touched and that thought may have been passed to you but you may not recognize that this thought has come from another source because it comes through your thought process, your brain, your mind and these are so familiar to you that anything that come through them is seen as the same old you.

But remind yourselves that your thoughts and your mind are the mechanisms through which you must express and therefore all that happens to you will be filtered through this mechanism of expression as is this message in this moment. You cannot divorce yourselves, that is your mind or your awareness from your other components. You are intertwined and this is by design. There is a great tendency to discredit yourselves because you are accustomed to hearing your mind chatter and ramble and so when there is inspired thought it is easy to discount that this must be more of the minds chatter. But upon reflection you often will discern that there was a different quality, an enhanced vibration, a distinct energy present during some of these thoughts. That is the partnership you seek to find.

It already exists, it is simply a matter of embracing the reality of its existence. Once you do this you may then boldly proceed forward in partnership. Until then you may be tempted to distinguish your conscious minds pattern and thereby discount some of your activities of partnership as simply the random rambling of the mind. If you could see yourselves as we see you, you would see that you are already in possession of that which you seek. It is so close to you that you simply do not discern it and its presence within you. But this will be your individual experience of discovery and this is to be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed for this is the greatest of all the grace that The Father has to bestow upon you. Your becoming aware of this gift is the greatest of all experiences that you seek.

That you will find this is not at issue, it is only the when and the how and under what circumstances that bring you the richness of experience that will be yours to keep forever and will be yours to present as your gift to The First Source and Center who has provided you with all. And so be in great joy that you are in this process of discovery and that the experience is to be savored. I remain in great joy to even be in observation of such grace in manifestation and will remain forever grateful for opportunities such as this to come together in this manner. I would withdraw at this time but I would join you in savoring this experience, thank you.

Monjoronson: I would rise as well to take the podium that you have created for this purpose. I am Monjoronson and I am as well honored to address you in this manner. You are indeed in the process of creating the miracles that we enjoy hour by hour, day by day. Your every choice provides you with new horizons and opportunities to unfold into the divinely endowed being that is your destiny. Many of you have been putting your ears to the ground as it were in attempts to pick up signals and observe the signs of the times and of the direction we are going and of that which lies ahead of us and as you have witnessed there are more and more signs to observe and information to gather as you open yourselves up to possibilities and potentials that are beyond your current limits of awareness and understanding.

You are true and faithful students of the truth and are making your attempts to follow where it may lead even into areas of doubt and uncertainty but you proceed ahead in faith and this faith is your protection as you venture out and discover new realities and unknown truths. If you remain in alliance with your divine parents, your universal Father and those who are entrusted with your ministry then you will remain protected and sheltered from harm as you explore new territories and venture out into areas unknown. Such is the scenario we observe at this juncture that we find ourselves together.

There are many paths that are leading from this place that we find ourselves and they are at once interesting and intriguing and as well intimidating and uncertain. But you who have come this far have grown to know of a certainty of the protection and the love that surrounds you as you proceed forward in faith. You may venture out upon these paths and trust that you will be safe in your journeys. It is only by being willing to press yourselves beyond your comfort zones that you may discover new realms of understanding, new arenas of awareness that you are currently unaware of but that very well may exist beyond your awareness.

You have been led to believe in your culture that you are aware by virtue of your scientific explanations and observations. You think you know how things are, based upon what you have been told by those who declare that they have figured it out. But you are, as you also know, a developing planet in its infancy and there is much more that you do not know than what you do know and many of your observations are partial and incomplete and do not encompass the greater dimensions of reality that exist. And such it is with your most basic observations of where you are in your galaxy, your solar system, your universe, even on your own world. There is much that you do not know but if you remain open to potentials and possibilities you may be made aware of realities that exist beyond your current limits of understanding.

These may be brought to you by your inner Voice, they may come to you by virtue of communications with those from another realm. They may find their way to you as you are enjoying this communication in this moment and if you are willing, if you are open, you may in fact grow in your awareness beyond the scope of what you or your culture have observed. Such is true about planetary events that surround you. Everything is alive and in a state of flux and change. Your very body, your very planet, universe, solar system, sun, stars and all that you perceive are in a state of change and flux. Nothing remains static in this living, breathing system that you are a part of.

And so you may expect change in all dimensions from the very atomic structure of your being to the atomic structure of your planet and your neighboring spheres as well. If you had the benefit of the lifespan of a billion years this observation would be commonplace to you as you would see great changes occur in every aspect of reality but your perspective is minute and you judge all things as relatively stable and predictable because in your snapshots of life there has not been such radical change as would rearrange your definition. But even in such a short life as you live as mortals of the realm, you will see change. You notice change in your own vehicle, you notice change in your planetary environment, you perceive changes even in your weather and likewise there are changes that you do not perceive but nevertheless there are changes.

You happen to be living in a time where you will be exposed to changes of enormous magnitude that will be undeniable and your perspective of stability will most certainly be shaken. But it is no different whether it is the observation of the healing and ageing of your individual vehicle or your observation of the healing and ascension of your planet or your observation of your universe and its relative relationship; they are simply different examples of the same nature of change that exists throughout all living forms. I will remind you that this is where you have a role to play. If all things are in flux and all things change as you are becoming aware and if, as you are becoming aware you are powerful creators that can bring form and matter into existence and manifestation, then you are influential in this process of change, you are not victims of this change as much as you are participants in this process.

If you are participants and if you have awareness that this is so then I implore you to use your abilities and skills to focus your desires and intentions and to exercise your creative prerogatives to influence the change into the ideal that is now thought, that may become word and can become deed in your lives. The plans of a vast universe rest with you and although there is design and pattern and projection there is as well your will and desires and intentions to manifest your highest ideals and your greatest potentials. So be not afraid of any changes that are before you, rather see them as opportunities, as energy in flux that may be guided and directed and you are the directors, you are the choosers, you are the creators of the new way. The new reality will be yours and you will work in partnership with your divine fragments so that you are assured that you are in alliance with your highest ideals and the grandest version of yourselves.


And that is the prophesy to spread abroad. Yes, things will change and yes, you will help in this process of change to direct them to change in ways that are good and beautiful and true and you need fear not that all this is true because you will choose it to be so. I hope I have addressed your concerns about impending events which are in flux. As well I hope I have inspired you to rise to the occasion. I perceive that the hour grows long and so I would withdraw but I would remind you that I and the others are always with you in this project. We are on the same team and as members of the same team we have the same objective. We are enlisted in service to The Father, the great First Source and Center and so we are assured of our success. Thank you and farewell.